Wednesday, December 21

I hope you break your leg

What have you done Johnny?

Johnny Damon is flat out greedy. So much for being devoted to a team. Is the extra 2 million a year when your already making 10 million a year really going to make your life that much better? Now you get to buy that 4th house you've always wanted and maybe a 10th car. All so you can go play for what used to be your biggest rival who within minutes of signing the deal you have warmly embraced.
The Sox of the last two years are quickly running away to other teams as fast as they can. I am sure that Manny will be gone within a month. Poor Papi is going to be our only source of offense.
Things are not going well for the Sox in this off-season and this is just another example of that.
My hopes for this next season are not very high at the moment. We don't really have a third baseman, shortstop, first baseman, center fielder, and soon a right fielder. Thank god Foulke will be back to close. I'm sure he'll do great against this Yankee lineup.
There is one player in the Yankee's starting lineup who makes under 10million a year. That's sad.
What have you done Damon? I hope you get booed out of Fenway in May.

Tuesday, November 1


We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!
We lost Theo....THAT AIN'T GOOD!

Monday, October 24

Not Baseball

How did I manage to make such a miserable mess of my life? I sure have.

Wednesday, October 19


Unless you love under a rock you know the Sox are done now.
It was a series of missed chances. Blew a 4 run lead in Game 2 after a huge error by Tony G led to a three run homerun.
Then in game three we were down by one run in the 6th when we loaded the bases with no outs. We couldn't get that one run across the plate and in my mind that was when the season ended.
Thankfully the Yankess also lost in the first round. Ha Ha.
The White Sox are now in the world Series which makes me feel better.
Not having baseball to wathc every night is a little wierd.

Wednesday, October 5

The Playoff's Begin!!!

Clement should never have started yesterday. But that's just my opinion.

After Saturday's disappointing afternoon the Sox came back and beat the tar out of the Yankees on Sunday and claimed the Wild Card. The exciting part about the whole thing was because of us beating the Spankees and the Angels beating the Rangers the Yankees lost home field advantage in the first round. That sounds like a good plan to me. Yeee Haa.
Schilling looked pretty good on Sunday. He had some help from his defense but all and all I would call it a pretty damn good outing.
We ended up with the same record as the Yankees in the regular season. The Yankees beat us in head to head (10-9) so they ended up being the "Division Champs". I would call that a crock of shit. We should have played a playoff or something like that. Ohh well. Too bad I don't make the rules.
So our first round series is with the White Sox and it started in Chicago. The Yankees play the Angels with the series starting in LA.
A very interesting note, many of the experts on ESPN are picking the Astros to win it all this year, I thought that was pretty wild.
Yesterday afternoon was our first game with the White Sox. Clement was our starter. I was never really sure about that, and he justified my doubts when he gave up 5 runs in the first inning. I thought the game was pretty much over from there. I really thought that Tito should have given up on Matt earlier and gone to Bronson in the pen. I kinda feel like that was the whole point of putting him there. Wells is pitching tonight and Wake on Friday. You can look to those guys to usually have pretty strong and solid outings. So hopefully those two games won't really need a guy like Bronson.
But anyway, the game yesterday was all kinds of ugly. The final score ended up at 14-2. Yikes. Not much went right for the Sox, not much at all.
Fortunately it was only one game. Tonight we go back out and go for the split in Chicago. That was what I was hoping for. I think a win tonight will put us in a good place going back to Fenway. Let's hope Wells can make magic on the mound.
Sadly the Yankees won. Their dilapidated bullpen seems to come through when they really need to.
I wish we could do that.
I have to tell you, while I would like to jump around and say we are going to win it all this year I am just not really seeing it. Our biggest problem is that you have no idea what you are going to get out of a staring pitcher. Schilling might look like dog shit in game 4 after he pitched well last Sunday. Who knows? I think that is really going to hurt us.
Fortunately there are good Sox fans out there like JERE who have all the optimism in the world. It is pretty impressive.
2 hours till game 2.
Go Sox.

Saturday, October 1


Sox Lose. Wakefiled got roughed up.
Indians Lose.
the fucking yankees win the divsion again.
Need to win tomorrow to secure the wild card. If the Indians lose we would still be in as well.
Second place again. Bummer.

2 to Go!

Great win last night. Great effort by Wells and the bullpen shut them down. Clutch hitting and patient at bats at the right time.
All tied up with 2 games to go.
We're gonna sweep.
Go Sox.

Friday, September 30

Big Win Last Night...let's get three more

Great photo

So it comes down to this. Three games at Fenway with the Yankees. If we sweep we win the division and leave the Yankees in the hunt for the wild card with the Indians (more on that later). If we win 2 out of 3 we end up tied and hopefully head to a one game playoff.
The hardest part about this weekend is going to be who to root for in the White Sox-Cleveland series. I would like the Indians to win so the White Sox don't end up with the best AL record. At the same time I would kinda like them to lose so if we happen to not win the division we have a shot at the wild car. Tough Call.
I have a good feeling about this weekend though. Tonight it Wells and Chang. I think Wells dominate and we take the game easily. I think tomorrow we win 1-0. Last time Wake and Randy pitched we lost 1-0 even though Wake pitched amazing. I think it's our turn. That leaves us with all the momentum going into Sunday and Schilling pitching. It's close but I think we win.
We get the sweep and win the division. That's my call.

Thursday, September 29


Big Pappi...
That's all I have to say.

So Close

Manny was 90' away with no outs and the game tied.
We couldn't get him in.
Please don't let that come back to haunt us.


Bronson threw a crappy game last night. We lost. The Yankees won.
I would call tonight a must win. We don't want to go into the weekend series needing a sweep.
We are down 4-1 at the moment.
Whay can't we beat the Blue Jays?

Wednesday, September 28

Could this race be any tighter?

Wow. What a last five days of the season it is going to be. All I can say is wow.
After stumbling against the D-Rays the boys enjoyed their first day off in 30 days. Hopefully they had a nice time in Baltimore and went to some nice restaurants or something like that. The day off seems to have helped.
We swept the O's which was much needed. After having trouble with them all year we finally seem to have mastered them over the weekend. I'm sure the fact that the O's pretty much suck right now helped out the cause. Friday night Bronson pitched a decent game and got the win. Saturday was a much more dramatic game and Clement got the win.
I got to witness the Sunday game in person. It was great. I know this has been mentioned all over the place but playing in Baltimore is really like a home game for the Sox. There are Sox fans everywhere. It is great. I went with Trisha and we had seats up in the roof. I stopped at the ticket booth and asked if they had any better seats available, man am I glad I did. We ended up with 2 seats just behind home plate. They are the seats that are used for people who accompany handicap folks. So the seats were very spacious not to mention an amazing view. I'll put some pictures up later. In one of my last posts I talked about Hansen and his pink back pack. It appears the O's play that game as well. After BP and right before the game got started I look in the outfield and you see a bullpen pitcher headed out to the pen all by himself, toting a little pink roll along suitcase. Very funny stuff. A couple minutes later Hansen made his way out to the pen with his little pink backpack. Funny stuff.
I had a feeling this was not going to be a close game. Some guy named Maine was pitching for them and we were hungry. We got 5 runs in the first to confirm that. It was a great game to watch, lot's of offense. Older Dude had a big double and Damon had a nice homerun. The funny thing was right before his Johnny's HR I turned to Trisha and said "he really hasn't hit many home runs this year". It was a lovely day at the ballpark.
Then it was back home to finish off the season. Monday's night game got rained out which meant a double header yesterday. That would be god not really helping us out. Damn him. I thought JC was our homeboy!
Wakefiled continues to pitch like a mad man and he won the afternoon game for us. Tito was faced with some hard choices. It would have been nice to have Wake finish off the game and leave the bullpen for the night cap but at the same time Wake is slated to pitch one of the key games with the Yankees this weekend so he didn't want to over extend him. So Paperboy pitched the 8th and Timlin the 9th. That came back to haunt us in the night cap.
Things were looking pretty good in the night game. We had some decent offense going and shaky Schilling on the mound. I thought our 5-2 lead was going to hold up but I was wrong. Schilling stayed in the game a little to long and the game got tied up at 5. It would have been a great time to bring in Paperboy but he was out of action from the afternoon. So we went with Bradford, Myers, Hansen, Gonzalez, and the guy from the Astros and none of them could hold of the Jays.
The good news is that both the Yankees and the Indians lost last night so the division and the wild card. The yankess got spanked by the O's and had to use almost their whole bullpen. That could end up hurting them tonight.
The sad news is that last night was a very winable game and that would have put us in the lead by a game. That little cushion would have been nice.
2 more with the Jays then the showdown with the Yankess which is going to decide it all. We could win our last two with the Jays and they could lose their last two with the 0's. I wouldn't mind that. Then we would just need one win over the weekend to take the division.
I just hope it doesn't come down to Schilling on Sunday. I don't have a ton of confidence in that.

Wednesday, September 21


After 64 games in first the Red Sox have lost first place to the damn Yankees.
We gave up 5 runs in the 8th to lost the game.
We lost the series to the Devil Rays.

What's the deal?

With these random Spammers posting comments?
I get so few comments I get excited when I see I have one. What a let down to find out it is only some guy telling me about his Ukraine bride website.
go Sox.

Bat's Come Alive-Sox Romp

Can you say MVP?

15-2 over the D-Ray's.
Now that's more like it.
What a night the middle of the lineup had. Ortiz was 4-5 with 2 2 run HR's and 4RBI's. Manny was 4 for 4 with 2 HR's and 3 RBI's. Trot was 4-6 with 3 RBI's, and Tek was 4 for 5 with 2 RBI's. Not bad at all. One of Papi's homerun's was a monster shot that apparently ended up in some children's playing area. Older-Dude had a great line from that one: "They need to put out a public address [announcement] to tell those children out there to be careful". Older-Dude is funny! How bout that!
Schilling wasn't looking so hot in the beginning but he pulled it together and pitched a solid game. One of the runs that was scored the runner tagged up from 2nd on a sac fly and scored. I didn't know that was possible. I guess Damon was a little lazy on the play.
I was at a bar with a buddy and it was nice to be able to watch the game on a TV and see the NESN guys. The whole computer thing just get's a little old, especially in our current cramped computer quarters.
I like winning.
It is very funny to see rookie pitcher phenom Craig Hansen carrying around his pink backup. That is a rookie hazing thing. It is a good one. Having been on the both sides of hazing I like the people who make it fun. Back in the day when I was in a fraternity I used to make pledges wander the house like they were superheros. One of them had to be Mr Invisible and he was pretty damn good at it. The other one had to be spider man and he couldn't touch the floor. Now that's humor. So is this guy carrying his pink back pack with him everywhere and having it at his feet in the bullpen. He also seems to be taking it with a good sense of humor as well. That's funny.
Hopefully Wake can keep up his great pitching again tonight and lead us to another win. I wouldn't mind if the Yankees could lose too. This series in Baltimore this weekend is huge. I was supposed to go to 2 damn games but now I only get to go to 1 due to some family stuff. Ohh well.

Tuesday, September 20


1/2 game back. That's where the Yankee's tand right now. 1/2 of a game. Oyyy.
We manged to split the seried with Oakland thanks the David Ortiz. He had two crucial home runs in the two games that we won. He really is an amazing clutch hitter. He's the man in my book. Friday and Saturday's games were played in miserable weather. Friday night it was raining something fierce. I was worried that Wakefiled wouldn't be able to make his knuckle ball move aorund like he'd like it too. Thankfully he was on the ball again. He's also the man at the moment. In general we're having real problems with the basics of playing baseball. Lot's of errors, not the greatest hitting, mediocre pitching, and other things like that.
Sunday afternoon we just stunk up the place big time. Clement didn't make it through three innings and he gave up a pile of runs. We looked pretty sad.
Last night we continued the theme of looking pretty sad by losing to the damn Devil Rays. The Devil Rays. They are 20 something games out of first place! We should be able ot beat them with Pawtucket. Wells continued the theme of crappy pitching by not making it through three innings and giving up a pile of runs. We couldn't get runners in when we needed to and we had some more errors. In general we just lookedl ike crap.
The yankees on the other hand can't seem to be beat and are winnings all the games they are suppoused to. We should sweep the D-Rays and the O's and then the D-Rays again while the Yankess lose a game here and there. Instead we are playing like carp and the next thing we know we are going to be looking up at the division title and up at the wild card. The Indians are smoking hot right now and no one can seem to beat them. If they don't catch up with the White Sox and win the division they will defintely get the wild card.
That leaves us or the Yankees high and dry. I sure hope it's not us.
Hopefully Schilling will bring his A game tonight and we'll get back on track. Hopefully.

Friday, September 16


Schilling and the boys are having a bit of a tough time at the moment.

Holy crap this is going to be a stressful two weeks.
Every night is like another stress event. Watching the Sox and keeping track of the Spankees and the Indians. Good thing my heart is not old and tired, then we might have a real problem.
After the series with the Yankees we headed up north to play the Blue Jays. We sure have had a heck of a time with them this year, who knows why.
We got the win in the first game thanks to Big Pappi. At times it feels like he really is carrying this team right now. He hit a HR in the 10th to win it. The bullpen managed to blow a 5-0 lead. Oyyy.
Tuesday night Clement got rocked and we all around didn't look so good. We lost 9-3.
Wednesday night was another so so night but it was topped off by another game winning HR by Papi. Thank god.
Meanwhile the Yankees finally figured out the D-Rays and swept them. They have won 4 in a row and seem to be peaking at the right time.
Last night we started a four game set with the A's. Schilling got roughed up for 2 runs in the first inning and we never seemed to get back in it. We lost 6-2. So much for Schilling being back in control of his game.
This whole thing is getting very nerve-wracking. The Yankees are winning the games they need to and we aren't. They are now within a game and a half. This weekend they are playing the Blue Jays while we play the A's. I would say they have the momentum at the moment that is for sure. If we fall out of first we also fall out of the wild card. That is not an exciting thought, not at all. The Indians are on fire and at this rate they may catch the White Sox.
It's gonna be a tricky couple weeks.
I sure would like to win the next three against the A's.

Monday, September 12

Time is growing short

There is only a little under three weeks left in this years season and I have a feeling it is going to be one great ending.
The Sox and the spankees played a great series last week in the Bronx. There was some sloppy play by both teams but all and all it was a damn good series. I just wish we could have won 2 out of 3. I think that would have pretty much sealed the deal as far as the division title goes.
Friday night we played sloppy baseball. Wells pitched good enough to get the win but didn't get much help from his friends. the first run of the night was scored on an error after Tony G threw the ball to the invisible first baseman. Then we went ahead 3-1 then they pulled ahead 4-3. The game really went to hell in the 5th (I think). Millar went to throw to Wells covering first but mishandled the ball. A couple of plays later on what should have been a single Damon mis-plays the ball and boots it far away. He finally gets it back and throws in to Renteria who proceeds to throw the ball into the ground. That was pretty much the end of the night. We did have a chance at one point with the bases loaded. We hit into a double play though and that was the end of that.
Saturday we the Yankees turn to play sloppy baseball. It was an even game until the 4th when we blew it open. We had Chancon on the ropes when Pappi hit a fly ball to left. Hiedki lost it in the sun or something but he plain old dropped the ball and we loaded the bases with no outs. We played batting practice for a while and knocked in 5 runs to make 8-0.
Schilling pitched a great game. He was in fine form and it was great to see. He was in total control and took care of the Spankees.
Yesterday's game was a total pitchers duel. Wakefield gave up a solo home run in the first then struck out 12 but lost the game 1-0. We couldn't do anything against Randy Johnson. The D-rays don't seem to have that problem but I don't think he has pitched that well all year. There was 6 hits total in the game. It was a true pitchers duel.
Wakefield must have been bummed out when we went into the clubhouse. He was probably like "come on guys, I struck out 12 and you can't score 1? When fatty Wells pitches you give him like 6 runs at least. What's the deal!"
Before the Yankees series we took 2 our of 3 from the Angels and 2 out of three from the 0's. I would have like a sweep in one of those series but beggars can't be choosers. Really I just want to put a big a gap between us and the Yankees as possible.
The biggest concern for the Yankees right now is actually the Indian's. They are on fire and have won like 9 in a row. The lead the wild card by a game and a half. So the Yankees are looking up at us and at the Indians. Ha Ha.
It would be so great is the Spankees didn't make the playoffs. But I'm not going to get my hopes up yet.
We have a three game set with the Toronto this week. We have had some trouble with them so I would really like to buck it up and get a sweep. More distance between us and the yankees is good.
Then we go home for a four game set with the A's.
Meanwhile the Yankees are at Tampa Bay. Then they only play Baltimore, Toronto, and us to end the season. They have a little bit easier of a schedule. the big bonus is we finish the season with 7 games at home while they are on the road for 7.
The Indians have a big series with the A's that could really help them make some distance. They have 9 games against the Royals and D-Rays.
We must hold on to first.

Time is growing short

There is only a little under three weeks left in this years season and I have a feeling it is going to be one great ending.
The Sox and the spankees played a great series last week in the Bronx. There was some sloppy play by both teams but all and all it was a damn good series. I just wish we could have won 2 out of 3. I think that would have pretty much sealed the deal as far as the division title goes.
Friday night we played sloppy baseball. Wells pitched good enough to get the win but didn't get much help from his friends. the first run of the night was scored on an error after Tony G threw the ball to the invisible first baseman. Then we went ahead 3-1 then they pulled ahead 4-3. The game really went to hell in the 5th (I think). Millar went to throw to Wells covering first but mishandled the ball. A couple of plays later on what should have been a single Damon mis-plays the ball and boots it far away. He finally gets it back and throws in to Renteria who proceeds to throw the ball into the ground. That was pretty much the end of the night. We did have a chance at one point with the bases loaded. We hit into a double play though and that was the end of that.
Saturday we the Yankees turn to play sloppy baseball. It was an even game until the 4th when we blew it open. We had Chancon on the ropes when Pappi hit a fly ball to left. Hiedki lost it in the sun or something but he plain old dropped the ball and we loaded the bases with no outs. We played batting practice for a while and knocked in 5 runs to make 8-0.
Schilling pitched a great game. He was in fine form and it was great to see. He was in total control and took care of the Spankees.
Yesterday's game was a total pitchers duel. Wakefield gave up a solo home run in the first then struck out 12 but lost the game 1-0. We couldn't do anything against Randy Johnson. The D-rays don't seem to have that problem but I don't think he has pitched that well all year. There was 6 hits total in the game. It was a true pitchers duel.
Wakefield must have been bummed out when we went into the clubhouse. He was probably like "come on guys, I struck out 12 and you can't score 1? When fatty Wells pithces you give him like 6 runs at least. What's the deal!"
Before the Yankees series we toke 2 our of 3 from the Angels and 2 out of three from the 0's. I would have like a sweep in one of those series but beggars can't be choosers. Really I just want to put a big a gap between us and the Yankees as possible.
The biggest concern for the Yankees right now is actually the Indian's. They are on fire and have won like 9 in a row. the lead the wild card by a game and a half. So the Yankees are looking up at us and at the Indians. Ha Ha.
It would be so great is the Spankees didn't make the playoffs. But I'm not going to get my hopes up yet.
We have a three game set with the Toronto this week. We have had some trouble with them so I would really like to buck it up and get a sweep. More distance between us and the yankees is good.
Then we go home for a four game set with the A's.
Meanwhile the Yankees are at Tampa Bay. Then they only play Baltimore, Toronto, and us to end the season. They have a little bit easier of a schedule. the big bonus is we finish the season with 7 games at home while they are on the road for 7.
The Indians have a big series with the A's that could really help them make some distance. They have 9 games against the Royals and D-Rays.
We must hold on to first.

Thursday, September 1

Sometimes Baseball Just Doesn't Matter

So the Sox are doing ok these days. They are still struggling mightily in the pitching department but the bats seem to bail them out on a nightly basis. Two nights in a row they have come back from pretty big deficits (5 runs) and won the game. That is a good thing. Schilling still looks pretty mediocre and the bullpen is still suspect. We are keeping the yankees at bay which is a good thing.
But really that doesn't even matter these days. What is going on in New Orleans and the Gulf Goast is just so devastating that every thing else that is going on right now just seems insignificant. The tragedy that is unfolding in the south is something that I'm not sure that any of us can even really understand.
New Orleans is probably the saddest situation of them all. The city did ok with the actual hurricane but shortly afterwards the levees that protect the city gave way and water came flodding into the city. NO is basically a big bowl that sits below sea level. Once those levees are broken and water starts flowing into the city there is no way to stop it without plugging the levee. That ain't so easy to do. There is also no way of getting the water out without pumping it out. You can't pump it out without electricity.
So all of the people that didn't evacuate before the hurricane are now pretty much trapped in the city with no water, food, electricity, phones, or bathrooms. 30,000 of them are trapped in the Super Dome where they have been for days in pretty much the sam condition. The water raised so fast that many people had to climb up into their attics and chop holes in the roof to get out. Then they had to wait on the roof to get rescued. I'm sure some of them are still waiting there.
You also have a select group of individuals who have decided that this would be a good time to act like thugs and go loot. The first instance of this was in Alabama at a Wal-Mart. First off the conditions in Alabama aren't nearly as bad as in other places second of all what the fuck good in a PS2 going to do you now? I can kinda understand people in NO who are breaking into places to get food and water and other basic necessities but that is about it. You hear stories of armed thugs wandering the streets of NO after stealing guns. I think the National Guard should be able to shoot them if they have to. People have been stealing stuff from hospitals and this morning then even shot at a helicopter that was trying to rescue people. How stupid and selfish can you be?
The thing that is kinda mind boggling to me about the whole deal is the basic lack of any kind of plan for an event like this. How can you have a city that is situated like this and not have a plan for when the levees break? Did they really think that for all of eternity these things were never gonna give way? The people there are literally abandoned with no way of getting out and many not having seen help for days. HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN?
Bush is all about getting the government involved-four days after the event. They are sending the big hospital ship from Baltimore but it won't be there until next week. At that point the only thing it will be good for is storing the 1,000's of dead bodies. The wheels for all of this should have been put in motion on Monday when the first levee gave way. Then they would have been seeing help now instead of next week. How come the only way to save these people is one at a time on a helicopter? What if they got boats like the cruise ship life boats and used those? How come they can't at least drop supplies into these people? Where is the rest of the world who we help at the drop of a hat?
The whole thing just makes me so sad. I just want to drive down there with a big ass truck full of water and food and help but that won't work. There's no gas and I probably couldn't get there.
Speaking of gas...over 3 a gallon? You got to be kidding me.
Ok, I have to try and focus and do some work.
It is just astonishing to me that something like this could happen in the US. I just can't believe that we can't help these poor people at all.

Thursday, August 25

Yeah Yeah, I'm a slacker

This is Marcus Vick. He's gonna lead my Hokies to the College Football Promise land. But that has nothing to do with the Red Sox.

This working hard all the time stuff takes some re-adjusting to. I used to do it, but life at LCT spoiled me!
So we won a few games and lost a few games since we last spoke. We won 2 against Chicago at home. We were losing the 3rd game but it got called because of rain. Then we went to Detroit where we lost 2 of 3. That's not cool.
Then it was off to play that team kinda called the Angels from LA. They're doing pretty well in the AL West. We split the series with them, wining 2 of 4. I was ok with that.
At the moment we are in residence at Kanasa City playing the not very good Royals. They are really not good and anything but sweeping the series is unacceptable to me. We won the first game 5-2. Timlin made in interesting the the ninth but managed to hang on for the win. I still think we have some serious bullpen issues that could end up causing some problems in the post season. But that's just my two cents.
Last night we lost 4-3. I was annoyed. We should have won the game, plain and simple. We left 13 MOB. That sucks donkey balls. We left the bases loaded three innings in a row and didn't score a single run out of the deal. We should have won the game.
We seem to have this problem. Every time the Spankees lose and give us a change to build on our lead we seem to waste the opportunity with a silly loss. The Spankess and all their evilness are still hanging around and that is making me nervous. We should be taking every chance we have to distance ourselves as far from them as we can. But we aren't.
I hate the Spnakees, they annoy me.
By the way, what is the deal with them being on ESPN like every week now? That is wack. Why aren't we on ESPN more. I sure do miss having extra innings. It was fun.
Schilling returns to the starting lineup tonight. I am a little nervous about it. I want to say that he is going to have some amazing performance but I am not so sure of that. I don't want to lose the series to the Royals, that's for sure.
Tomorrow nights game at Fenway has been moved back so the crew can have more time to work on the field after the Stones concert. I was wondering how the hell the field wasn't going to get trashed but putting a big ass heavy stage on top of it. That doesn't really seem like it was the smartest move.
I sure would like to build a bigger lead on the Spankees.

Wednesday, August 10

Thank God

Bronson went back to Cornrows. Thank God.

Good god did Manny hit that ball a long way


It took extra innings but we managed to win the game last night. Schilling did some nice work in the 9th and 10th only allowing one hit. With Wade Miller on the DL it wouldn't surprise me if we see a return to the starting line up for Mr Schilling soon. I feel like he might be ready for it to. I know he has stumbled a little bit here and there but for the most part he has done some good work out of the bullpen. I think he has piled up 8 or 9 saves an a couple wins.
In very good news the Yankees lost another game to Chicago today. If we can win again tonight we could build our lead up to 5 1/2 games. I like that.
Last night was another fine event at Yankee Stadium. Some rocket since teenager was sitting with his buddies in the upper deck and said "I bet if I jump into that net it will hold me!" So he jumped off the upper deck into the netting. How dumb can you be. He wasn't hurt but he did get arrested and charged with 4 various things. What an idiot.
Hopefully Cornrow boy can have a good outing tonight.

Tuesday, August 9

53 pitches in one inning!

Well we won the last game of the Twins series 11-7. Wakefiled came through with another clutch performance. Our bullpen tried to give it away despite all of our offense.
Last night was the first game of a series at Fenway with Texas. Wade Miller pitched. He is not so good. He had troubles once again and left with the game tied. After the game he would leave all the way to the DL. Can't say that makes me too sad. Jermi Gonzalez game in to save the day while the offense gave us enough runs to get the win. Our lineup gets a little bit wackier every day. Tonight it was Petagine at first, Graffanio at 2nd, Renteria at SS, and Youk at third. Later in the game Cora even got in on the infield action. 2 out of those 5 weren't with the Sox for most of the season. But hey, they got the job done. Graffanio was the man of the night going 3 for 3 with 4 RBI's. He won the game.
There was a bunch of crap at the Spankees game last night. Fag Rod had a stupid ass play where he got in the way of Roidfield getting picked off at first. Fag Rod is an idiot.
There was also a picture on Dirt Dogs of a fan punching a White Sox player. Funny how that doesn't make the news. Of course maybe it is just a Dirt Dogs photoshop wonder.
Tony Cruz Jr was our "big" pickup at the trade deadline. So today we let him go. It is like magical chairs in the Fenway clubhouse.
We picked up a bullpen pitcher (Remlinger) from the Cubs. More on him later.
Tonight is another game with the Rangers. Clement pitched a nice game leaving after 6 with a 7-2 lead. We had a 5 run fifth that blew the game open.
But then the bullpen got involved. Remlinger loaded the bases without getting and out then left the game. One of our other bullpen pickups, the sideslinging Bradford, game in and next thing you know the game was 7-7. I think I've gone on enough rants about our bullpen. Clement should beat the shit out of those two. It took three pitchers 53 pitches to get out of the inning. Not ok.
Our infield pickups recently seem pretty good. Our bullpen pickups are not so good.
Hopefully we can pull out a win. Looks like the Spankees are going to lose so I would like to get another game on them.
Have I ever mention that Jere ( is one funny dude? I like reading his blog everyday. His hijinx make me laugh. Check it out.
How come I can't make a link using a Mac? That's a bummer.

Sunday, August 7

The Long and Short of the last week and a half

Manny made lot's of hub-bub in the last week. Thank God he's still here.

So I tried to do this once. I somehow screwed up and deleted it.
So let's try this again.
In the 10-9 win on Tuesday night Trot hurt his side or something a long that lines. That put a bit of a hurt on the outfield lineup for Wednesday. jay Payton is long gone and our other outfield type guy is recently brought up from Pawtucket Adam Stern. Manny had also asked to have Wednesday off the week before. So that means we were looking at Millar in LF, Damon in CF, and Stern in RF. Tito went to Manny and asked him to play to help the team and Manny refused. At least that's what the original reports said. Later on it will come out that might not have been entirely accurate about what was said. This begin what I like to call Manny-Gate.
The boys won the game on Wednesday 4-1. Wakefield looked great and the D-Rays looks confused. Random people helped make the win happen with their offense.
During the off-day Manny-Gate exploded.
The whole thing about Manny refusing to play hit the Boston papers like hair-spray on the Jersey shore, it was wicked heavy. Then is came out that Manny had asked to be traded. People were tired of "Manny being Manny" and had made up there minds that it was time to move on.
That's pretty dumb if you ask me.
So with the Manny business swirling all over Fenway the Twins came to town. Manny got booed. It was bad.
We won Friday nights game after Older-Dude hit a nice grand slam. It was exciting.
Manny sat out Saturday's game while rumors flew all over the place. The press was saying that a three way deal was being discussed between the Sox, Mets, and D-Rays. The Mets would have gotten Manny and we would have gotten Cliff Floyd and Audrey Huff. I was scratching my head some kinda fierce. We desperately need help in the bullpen and maybe another starting pitcher but we are going after two outfielders? Why would we do that? Why would we break up the double threat of Pappi and Manny? I feel like if we had traded Manny we would have given up our shot at the World Series this year, I really do.
Oh by the way, we won Saturday's game. Older-Dude had three more RBI's and Wells was great. The team is playing good baseball.
The Manny deal did not come through. THANK GOD. Our "big" move was to pick up Jose Cruz Jr. Why we didn't get more bullpen help is a little confusing to me.
Sunday rolls around and love is back in the air at Fenway. Manny doesn't start but he comes in later to pinch hit. Standing O. He also hit's in the game winning run. In an interview on NESN after the game he refers to himself in the third person, very good stuff.
Kansas City is not a good baseball team. Thank god we swept them. We gave them some chances to beat us though. Monday night we came back from down 4-0. At the end we had won 8 straight games including 6 in a row at Fenway.
I think the Sox missed the flight to Minnesota. On Friday night we got killed 12-0. Arroyo was useless and we had no offense what so ever. We managed 4 hits. We also had 2 errors. Oyyy.
Saturday night didn't get any better. We went up 3-0 then let them back in it to tie the game at 3. In the bottom of the ninth we let there lead off man get on with a throwing error. He advanced to 2nd. Then they put down a bunt. Timlin threw the ball into the roof and the runner scored from second. Game over. Two errors decide the game. Oyyy.
We're still three and a half games ahead of the Yankess though. That's a good thing.
Hopefully we'll get a win this afternoon, then it's off to Texas.


I just wrote a nice long post and somehow deleted it.
I'll try again tomorrow.
Sorry for the slacker-ness.

Tuesday, July 26

Pulled it out

The Sox pulled out tonight's game in Extra Innings. It was a wild one though.
Damon made a GREAT catch at the wall in the bottom of the ninth that saved the day. Schilling owes him some beer.
Then Damon came up to bat and hit a nice homerun to give us the 9-8 lead. Tek knocked in another to make it 10-8.
Schilling gave up one run in the bottom of the 10th to make it 10-9. I got a little nervous. He managed to get out of the inning and get the save, or maybe he'll get the win.
Clement seems like he might be ok. Gonna spend the night in the hospital.
Our new young guy from Boston looked pretty good.
4:15 game tomorrow, what's up with that?


Well The Sox keep on looking like a pretty mediocre baseball team. They seem to be lacking one big thing, the ability to play consistent baseball.
Here's what the dictionary has to say about the word consistent:

Main Entry: con·sis·tent
Pronunciation: k&n-'sis-t&nt
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin consistent-consistentns, present participle of consistere
1 archaic : possessing firmness or coherence
2 a : marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction b : COMPATIBLE -- usually used with with c : showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or custom
3 : tending to be arbitrarily close to the true value of the parameter estimated as the sample becomes large

- con·sis·tent·ly /-lE/ adverb

I would like to point out my biggest point: marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity. At the moment that would not really describe the Red Sox. One night we're good, one night we're not. I wish we could stick with the being good part.
I'm not going to go into my normal game by game run down. I'll just hit the high, or maybe low, lights of the last week or so.

After losing the first game and looking pretty sad we managed to win the next two games. Don't remember what happened Tuesday night but Wednesday we scored six runs before the D-Rays could get an out. We won that won 9-4. The NESN guys were making me laugh during that one. They're pretty damn funny.

I was not optomistic about this one. The White Sox are one of the best teams in baseball and have won something like 10 more games then we have this year. We managed to get a split though, we won Thursday and Saturday and they won Friday and Sunday. Sunday was a game we could have had. We just seem to lack any sort of passion this year.

Back to Tampa Bay, scene of the big time brawls earlier in the season. I was hoping for three nice wins to get us some confidence back. That doesn't seem to be what the Sox were thinking about.
Monday night we lost 4-3. Like Sunday's game with the White Sox we squandered quite a few chances to win the game, including having the bases loaded in the ninth. It also turned into our first extra inning game of the year. Sadly it turned into a loss for Schilling on a ball that was mis-played by Trot Nixon. How we can't beat the crap out of Tampa bay is beyond me.

The Yankess continue to play good baseball and lurk pretty close behind us. Befor tonight's game they were a game back and have already won there game tonight. If we lose tonight it will be a tie a top the AL East again. The O's are fading, in fact they got swept by the Rays over the weekend.

Tonights game seemed to be going well as we got out to a 5-0 lead. Then Clement got rocked in the back of the head by a line drive in the third. Anytime we have to go to our not so good bullpen in the third inning is not good. Bradford came in and did hs funny little side arm thing and loaded the bases up. Guess what happened next? Come on, I bet you can guess! That's right. Tampa Bay Grand Slam. Tie game at 5-5. Oyy. The game has gone back and forth and we just got two in the top of the ninth to tie the game at 8. Dale Sveum sent Older Dude around from third after he started at first. That's a bit of a head scratcher.
D-Rays are up in the bottom of the ninth, here comes Schilling.

Monday, July 18


A few weeks ago I put a nice little picture in of a fire and talked about how the Red Sox were hot like a fire.
I now post this instead:

This person is very cold, SO ARE THE DAMN SOX.

It was a lovely All Star game. The AL won and were pretty much in control the whole game. Big Pappi had another good game. Yeah for the AL. If only I was still feeling so positve about the Sox's chances of enjoying that home field advantage.
Ya see, the Sox aren't playing so well these days. Not so good at all.
Everyone was calling the four game set with the Yankees at Fenway right after the break to set the tone for the rest of the season. Well I for one don't like the tone.

EVIL EMPIRE 8 (47-40)
RED SOX 6 (49-39) LOST 3

When I turned this game on the first inning was still going on and the Sox were up 4-0. After that the boys seemed to fall asleep as the Yankees crawled there way back into the game. It was tied at 6 when we hit the ninth. Everyone knew what was coming next, here comes Schilling from the pen. The place was rocking, flash bulbs were going off all over the place, you could sense good things were about to happen. But they didn't. Roid boy Schfield got a double and then "Could I look any gayer with my highlights" A-Rod hit a bomb to make t 8-6. The iar was let out of Fenway. The botton half of the ninth went by faster then you could say Mariano.

EVIL EMPIRE 1 (47-41)
RED SOX 17 (50-39) WON 1

For the second time this season we beat the Spankees 17-1. This game was highlighted by Trot's inside the park HR. There was lot's of scoring. The spankees called up someone from Triple A to pitch which probablly helped. I wish I could be more excited about this win.

EVIL EMPIRE 7 (48-41)
RED SOX 4 (50-40) LOST 1

All the sudden our starting pitching just ain't looking so good. Clement has been solid all year long but on this day he gave up 6 runs in three innings. The boys tried to battle back but it just wasn't happening. The Yankess haven really gotten it all together. For the most part their pitching has come around (last nights game really doesn't count), they have been hitting the ball all over the place with an insanse amount of homerun's. They are playing like they should be. They have also creeped right back into the race.

EVIL EMPIRE 5 (49-41)
RED SOX 3 (50-41) LOST 2

This game was a pretty good example of how the tides have shifted in the last few weeks. Al Leiter pitched for the Yankess after being picked up from the Marlins. He had been pretty mediocre most of the year. His first day as a Yankee he got to pitch against the Sox at Fenway, and he smoked us. He had lot's of strike outs and only gave up one run and a couple of hits. This game had a lot of similarity to the game I saw last Sunday in Baltimore. Wake pitched well but gave up two long balls. The Damn empire got 5 runs off 5 hits. After the 4th Wake shut them down until the 8th when Fag Rod went yard yet again. I had pretty much given up on this one when the 9th rolled around. Manny hit a HR then there was a huge error by Cano and a couple of key hits we had the bases loaded with no outs and were down by 2. I thought for the first time since the first week of the season Rivera was going to blow it. Up steps Alex Cora with his first chance to make a splash as a Sox. Instead he grounds into a double play (out at home and out at first) although the play at first was questionable. We still had a chance though when Mr Hit Streak Damon came up with runners at 2nd and 3rd. A single would have tied the game. Instead he grounds out to first, game over.
My frustration with the Sox is building. I keep expecting to see some major moves but it ain't happening.
The Emprie is 1/2 game out.

Now the Evil Empire might in first once again.

DEVIL RAYS 3 (32-62)
RED SOX 1 (50-42) LOST 3

FYI-WE ARE NO LONGER IN FIRST, THE YANKESS (WHO JUST KEEP ON HITTING LOT'S OF HOMERUNS) ARE. Hold please. I just checked in and the Rangers have taken the lead. Maybe there is still hope.
Did anyone else notice that we play four games at the VERY GOOD White Sox this weekend. Oyyy.

Tito needs to light some series fires under some asses. NOW!

Sunday, July 17

Some Photo's from Baltimore

So I never got around to putting in some photo's of my cool trip to Baltimore. So here they are.
I went with standing room tickets but ended up getting a single on the club level. It was VERY sweet. I was looking right down the first base line. Great seats. The waitress service wasn't half bad either.

I was really hoping to get close and get some autographs or something. Fenway south was in full effect and that proved a little hard. So I just watched.

It really was a beautiful day. Pretty damn hot though. Camden is a great stadium.

Wake had an ok day. Gave up 4 runs but had no support from the offense.

I sure wish we had some more offense in this game.

I am going back to Camden for two games in September. Hopefully we'll win

Thursday, July 14

Moving makes blogging hard

So it's been a little while. Sue me.
I no longer live in Yankee lover Town USA. I have to say that I am not to sad about that. Moved to Alexandria VA last Tuesday. Last week was all about moving in, getting settled, taking care of a sick cat and a little bit of work. This week I have been starting the new job which has been fun. It is also the All Star break so there haven't been any games. There was also a little CPU snafu that left me computer less for quite a while.
After the series with the Indians the boys lost two out of three to Toronto at home. Not very cool at all. I was sad by that. We ended up going 2-4 on the homestand after winning 7 games in a row. For some reason we are having a very hard time playing with the Jays this weekend. I got to see the one win at a very cool Sox bar in NYC., It's funny how I found the place two days before I moved. Ohh well. It's called Pat O'Brians and it is very cool. Lot's of sox fans and a beer pong room in the back. Classic.
Then it was off the Texas for a three game set. We managed to win two out of three. I felt a little better about myself. The down side was that the one loss was another blown save by Foulke.
Next stop was a four game series in Baltimore. The first game was Thursday night and I was supposed to go. There was lot's of trauma going on in life so I couldn't make it. There was also the remains of a hurricane bearing down on Baltimore so it didn't really seem like the best idea anyway. It turned out to be the right call. The Sox lost 2-1 in a game that was only 6 innings. Trot Nixon was the bonehead of the day. It was the fourth inning and the rain had begun. It was obvious the game wasn't gonna be finished. The bases were loaded with two outs and Older-Dude was at bat. Trot got picked off at second base to end the inning. That is very sad. There was about two innings of good weather then it poured. It would have been nice to go but I'm glad I didn't.
The Sox won on Friday night then lost on Saturday. The whole game turned Saturday when Matos robbed Pappi of a 3 run shot. It was a pretty amazing catch. In general the O's played really great defense all week and made some pretty amazing plays. There defense got them some wins almost as much as the offense did.
I made up for my missed game on Thursday by going to the game on Sunday. I was supposed to go with Trisha and her sister but they both didn't want to go. So I went by myself. I was fine with that. I sold my three standing room tickets and ended up with some very cool club level seats. They were great. I was looking right down the first base line. It was very nice. As Dirt Dogs said Camden Yards really is Fenway south. I would say that the very full stadium was half sox fans and half o's fans.
It was a pretty ho-hum game sadly. In general over the last week and a half I feel like the Sox forgot how to play winning baseball. It is kinda a small miracle we are still in first. If the O's had won a few more games they would have passed us again. Trot had a solo shot in the second to make it 1-0. They went up 2-1. We had Manny and Pappi on in the third then nothing really happened until the 9th. We ain't gonna beat anyone with three singles (including a bad bunt by Damon) and a solo HR. We missed a couple defensive plays that the O's would have made that lead to runs. But it didn't really matter cause we had no offense what so ever.
After being really hot in June we have started July by winning 4 out of 10 and in general not playing very good baseball.
I don't think that both the Sox and the Yankees (who are surging again) are going to make the playoffs this year. I hope it's us.
A few mid-season thoughts, then I got to so some work.
Our starting pitching is pretty good. Arroyo and Clement have been pretty strong all year. Wells and Wakefield have been ok with some not so great moments. I am not really impressed by Wade Miller.
Our bullpen is our weakness. Schilling was activated today and is going to pitch out of the pen for a while. I'm ok with that. Foulke had knee surgery and will be out for a while.
We could be a bit better at defense.
Our offense is good most of the time.
The Sox are definitely capable of winning the AL East. They just need to play consistent and show up to play every day. Last year after the break was when we got really hot. We also play a lot of games at home for the rest of the year. I'm ok with that.
It all starts with a four game set with the Yankess. God how I would like us to sweep.

Friday, July 1

Day's off are boring

I'll be moving soon. What fun.

When the boys play an afternoon game on Wednesday then don't play another game until Friday evening it is kinda a bummer. I guess it's good for them though. All that rest and what not.
There's a funny article in the Globe today about how there are lot's of babies being born in Boston this month because it is nine months after the Sox beat the Yankess in the ALCS and then won the series. It's funny. Read it here.
Today is my last day working in NYC. On Tuesday my lovely fiance and I will be moving to Arlington VA. I am very excited about the whole thing and excited about my new job. I will miss the good friends that I have made in NYC but hopefully we will all keep in touch.
Forgive me if the Blog goes a little un-updated for a while. Gotta get the new internet set up and all that. One of the exciting things is that shortly after I get there I will be getting a fancy new I-Mac which will be very exciting. New toys are fun.
Next Thursday I'm going to see the Sox and the O's. Looks like next weekend will see the return of Schill. That is great. I think when that happens Wade Miller should move into the bullpen. He has been our weakest starting pitcher so far.
We've had a tough time with the Blue Jays this year, I hope we can get over that this weekend.
Until next time.

Thursday, June 30

That's more like it

Schilling Will be Back soon...very soon (AP Photo)

CLEVELAND 2 (41-35)
BOSTON 5 (45-32) WON 1

The boys got back into the groove yesterday afternoon with a nice win. The offense was highlighted by back to back homeruns in the 6th. Mirabelli had a two run shot and Bellhorn had a solo shot. That was all the boys needed to wrap up the win.
Wakefield has definitely gotten back into his grove and had another nice outing yesterday. My nerves, as I am sure was the rest of Red Sox nation, were a little edgey when he left the game and the pen took over. Manatei was a little rocky but got through a whole inning without any trouble. Timlin came in as the closer. The Tribe managed to get the game-tieing run to the plate in the 9th but couldn't do anything about it.
Foulke made some comments about how he wasn't worried about what the random fan who works at Burger King felt after he blew the loss. He was more worried about his teammates. Dirt Dogs had a field day with that which was quite funny.
Schilling had a rehab start in some tiny stadium in Charlotte and had a great day. The NESN guys were preparing everyone for him to give up a homer or two because of the park but he only gave up one run. He looked great and everyone was very excited. If his next Rehab start goes well sounds like he might pitch in Baltimore against the O's next weekend.
A week from today I get to see the Sox play the O's. Hooorrray.
Off day today then tomorrow night soon-to-be-allstar Clement pitches against the Blue Bird People.
Zach has a great blog. Today was at least the second time that he has made me laugh out loud with his made up conversations between various Sox players and managers. Today there is a great conversation between Theo and Foulke. Funny stuff.

Tuesday, June 28


CLEVELAND 12 (41-34)
BOSTON 8 (44-32) LOST 2


The boys looked like they were going to get back to their winning form. After falling behing 4-1 the boys got two runs in the 5th to make it 4-3. The Tribe got another run in the top of the 6th to make it 5-3. In the bottom of the 6th the Sox exploded for 5 runs to take and 8-5 lead. Lot's of people did good things. Damon had a big hit as did Manny and Pappi. It was a nice inning and it felt like we had gotten the grove back. Wade Miller did not pitch great but he kept it close.

Day game tomorrow. So I'll be able to watch at work. Yeah for that.
Hopefully it's not close and we won't need the bullpen. Most likely they'll give it up for us.
Time to make some changes Theo.

The Real Team was still in Philly

CLEVELAND-7 (40-34)
BOSTON-0 (44-31) LOST 1

If anyone out there lives in Philadelphia and sees the Red Sox wandering around let me know. I think they all missed the flight back to Boston and the game last night was played by people who just looked like the Red Sox. The fact that the person who was playing the role of Johnny Damon had no beard was a dead give away.
I packed while I watched last nights game and it was not pretty. After knocking the crap out of the ball for a while we managed three hits and no runs last night. Not so good.
The defense was what really let us down though. It all started when the actor playing Mark Bellhorn missed dropped the beginning of a double play ball and let it role into the outfield. Two runs scored on that play. Instead of ending the inning with no runs the Tribe scored three runs that inning. Later in the game the actor playing Trot Nixon (kudos to the wardrobe department for even giving that man the right sweat-stained hat) had a fly ball in deep right bounce off the tip of his glove and over the wall for a two run homerun. That actor should have caught the ball.
The actor playing cornrow boy didn't pitch a bad game, he just got no help what so ever. His command was also not nearly as good as the real cornrow boy and he gave up a few walks.
According to the Globe the real Sox team has been located in Philly and will be flown back this morning for tonight's game.
Thanks to the actors who played last nights game. It was a nice effort.

Monday, June 27

The Sox are in First and are SMOKIN' hot!

Manny goes Grandy! SOX WIN! (Widman/AP)

This is a fire. Fire's are hot. SO ARE THE SOX!

Was away for a while (I've been doing that a lot lately) so I missed a few more games. It's gonna be a hectic couple of weeks with this whole moving thing so that might happen again.
So here's what I missed.

BOSTON 12 (44-30) WON 7
PHILLIES 8 (39-37)

I actually got home from a little trip in time to watch some of this game. I heard some score updates on the radio and the Sox were up 8-1. I figured another easy win was on the way. Then I get home and turn the thing on and it is 8-5 with the bases loaded. Embree and Timlin seemed to be doing there best to give the thing away. Do I sense a bit of a repeating pattern? The Phillies tie it up at 8 and I figure oh no, another game blown by the pen. But the offense got back to work and after a nice bunt by Damon, a long shot by Bellhorn, a infield single by Ortiz, some great hustle by Trot and a two run shot by Tek the sox were back on top 12-8. I was thrilled. I love the fact that the boys shook off blowing the big lead and came back and just took it back. That is great. The Sox have now won 7 in a row and 12 of the last 13. That is damn good. Damn good.
Manny had a grand slam earlier in the day to bring his career total to 19. That ties him for second all time. That's pretty cool. Love them dreads.
While I spent quite a bit of time stuck in traffic on the GW yesterday I listened to Yankee's talk radio. I love hearing Yankee fans so mad about their team. Many people have all but given up hope on them making the playoffs this year. I think it might be a little early for that but it is a nice thought. I like that the Yankees are such a disaster at the moment. The D-Rays won 3 or 4 at the stadium last week and the Mets won 2 of 3 in the Bronx as well. Now that's cool.
We moved into first over the weekend as the O's have lost 5 in a row. We're now 2.5 games ahead of the O's and 6.5 in front of the Yanks. That's very cool.

BOSTON 7 (43-30) WON 6
PHILLIES 1 (39-36)

Matt Clement is the man. That's really all there is too say.
Another great pitching performance and another day of hot bats.

BOSTON 8 (42-30) WON 5
PHILLIES 0 (39-35)

Maybe that whole thing about Wakefield really needing Mirrabelli to pitch well was the truth. He was rocking in this game and the Phillies only got three hits all night. Homers by Manny, Pappi, and Mirrabelli made it even better.

BOSTON 5 (41-30) WON 4
CLEVELAND 4 (37-33)

The Sox got some spunk. They fell behind late in the game but put together a nice rally to come back for the win. Payton started it all off in the ninth and scored the winning run
Older-Dude (great nickname from Jere) was 3-4 with his first homer as a Red Sox.
Hooray. Ain't winning fun?

Wednesday, June 22

On a roll

BOSTON 9 (40-30) WON 2
CLEVELAND 2 (37-32)

The boys from Boston are definitely in a bit of a groove at the moment. That is a good thing, a very good thing. Like I have said before, winning is your friend.
The game last night was never really in doubt. When I turned it on the boys were up 3-0 in part because of a Big Pappi 2 run homer. He added another solo shot later in the game and his good buddy Manny also added some insurance runs later in the game. Cornrow Boy looked good last night and the only run he gave up was on a wild pitch.
I am still holding my judgment on the bullpen. Halama came in for an inning of work and managed to load the bases and give up a run. I still feel that Theo needs to think about making some changes in the bullpen and bringing in some new folks.
But that's just my two cents.
On the Yankee front the damn Devil Rays lived up to their status as the worst team in baseball last night. The Rays were up 10-2 in the 4th after roughing up Randy "good god I'm tall" Johnson for lot's of runs. Final score 20-11 YANKESS. How could you lose that lead? How could you lose that lead and get BLOWN out. Ohh wait, the Devil Rays suck. The damn yankees scored 12 runs in the 8th inning including four homers. That's not so good.
It has to be pretty tough to play for a team like the Devil Rays when you suck that bad. The players must want to win but they just keep losing. That's got to be pretty frustrating. I kinda doubt that being a Devil Ray fan is that fun.
Being a Sox fan is fun though!

Tuesday, June 21

Missed a few games

Damon was key last night (AP Photo)

Lot's of stuff going on in life these days so I have let the poor blog go by the wayside a bit. Sorry about that.
In very exciting news I am leaving Yankee Lover town and moving to the DC area! I got a new job at a theater in Arlington VA and will be moving on July 5. Even more exciting then that is that on July 7 I am going to see a Orioles/Red Sox game. YEAH!
So the games I missed

BOSTON 10 (39-30) WON 2
CLEVELAND 9 (37-31)

Theo needs to kick some SERIOUS ass when it comes to the bullpen. I (the man of not a ton of baseball experience) thinks that the stupid bullpen needs some serious help. The lame commentators from FSH Ohio gave a pretty good stat last night. In games when the starting pitcher has a "quality" start we have a record of like 31-5. When they don't have a quality record we are like 6-25. That basically says our bullpen SUCKS.
Yes we won last night, but it felt like a loss. We blew a 9-4 lead but that's to Johnny Damon and his hair we were able to pull it out. Manny and Tek both had three run homers. Damon got the tenth and winning run with a solo shot.
Embree and Foulke made pitching look really hard as they let the Indian's right back into the game. I was yelling very loud. I was pissed. The Bullpen needs to get it together.
Wells pitched ok. He got the W but was definitely not as in control as we was last week.
We are now 9 games over .500 and only 2 games behind the O's.
In Yankee news they ended their latest win streak by losing at home to the crappy Devil Rays. Now that's funny.
They say that Schillin is improving and might be a few weeks away from his return. That would be pretty nice.

PITTSBURGH 0 (31-36)
BOSTON 8 (38-30) WON 1

A wacky lineup won a game with a decent amount of offense. Matt Clement pitched another great game. He has been a great pickup to say the least. Ortiz and Payton provided some good offense.
Missed this one, I was at the museum. I haven't watched enough Sox ball lately.

PITTSBURGH 2 (31-35)
BOSTON 0 (37-30) LOST 1

For the first time this season the Sox were shut out. It was the night of the men-left-on-base. We left 11. I watched parts of the game. At one point Payton lead off with a double and then got to third with somebody else on second. No outs. He didn't score. That ain't so good.

PITTSBURGH 5 (31-34)
BOSTON 6 (37-29) WON 5

Tek won this game with a great block at the plate. It was great.
I like 5 game win streaks.


Thursday, June 16


CINCY 1 (26-39)
BOSTON 6 (36-29) WON 4

This week the Red Sox pitching is looking very good. Cornrow Boy (who is now Cornrow less) pitched a very nice game striking out 8 guys from Cincy. Some good hitting to go a long with it.
I like winning.
The Pirates come to town this weekend after getting swept by the Yankees. Hopefully we can do that same thing.
Today is an off day. Maybe tomorrow I will write about something random and fun.

Wednesday, June 15

What if the Red Sox were Crab Fisherman?

Crab Fishing Looks Like FUN!
CINCY 0 (26-38)
BOSTON 7 (35-29) WON 3

David Wells looked frickin great last night. He threw a one hit game. The Reds had no answer for him what-so-ever. He was in complete control of his game. It was great. I wish he would do that every week. The bats defitnely like being back at Fenway. Manny hit a HR, Damon had a couple RBI's as did Bill Mueller.
I saw parts of the game but not all. I did happen to tune in when they were converting scoring opportunities. It was fun. I like winning three in a row, they should do that more often.
I missed parts of the game because I was watching The Deadliest Catch on Discovery. Crab fishing is pretty cool. I wish I could go do that. Nothing like freezing your ass off and catching thousands of tons of crab in Alaska. I would like to go to Alaska although I bet it would pretty hard to keep up with the Sox there. I bet you get pretty damn wet being a crab fisherman.
What if Manny or Big Pappi were crab fisherman? Now that would be funny. Manny would probably have to lose the dreads, they would get covered in ice and what not. I bet Wakefield and Millar would fit right in, probably Trot too. Wells probably wouldn't make it too long, he would get fired for eating the crab. Damon would probably get his hair caught in all the machinery. That could get ugly.
I bet Wally and the NESN guys would do a stellar job being the captains. They could sit up there and pretend they are calling a game. "Big Pappi steps up to the loader, he is 3-10 this week on good crab pots. Not his best Average. "
I'm funny.


Tuesday, June 14

Home Sweet Home.....Unless Your in a Sleep Study

happy Manny and his cool Dreads (JIM DAVIS/Boston Globe)

CINCINNATI 3 (26-37)
BOSTON 10 (34-29) WON 2

A great return to Fenway for the Sox and they kicked the crap out of the Reds. I need to learn not to get so worried about the Sox. It is still very early in the season and even after the troubles that we have had we are only three games back in the division. We have also played more road games then anyone else in the league. We could easily be in first by the time the All Star break comes around. Hopefully by then we'll get Schill back and he'll be in prime form. Other then a few bumpy parts the pitching this season really hasn't been that bad. Clement has been a great pick up and Miller is holding his own as well.
We had 16 hits last night and the game was only close for the first two innings. Manny hit a three run shot that broke it open. Clement pitched well to get back in the win column.

I missed the game though, I was getting a sleep study. Let me tell you how much fun that is. You go to this clinic and sleep in a room that is kinda like a hotel room. The only difference that you have something like 25 sensors attached to you with wires coming off of all of them. Plus you got a little oxygen thing shoved up your nose. They told me I could move around but I could just picture rolling on my side and getting all caught up in the wires. Needless to say I didn't get a ton of sleep. My wonderful fiance was nice enough to call me with updates.
If they say I have sleep apnea I am supposed to sleep in one of these. You got to be kidding me.
It has been almost a week since I actually got to watch a Sox game. Hopefully that will change tonight.

Monday, June 13

Been Away...Sorry about that

So I went out of town for a few days. Back up to my old summer stomping ground of Williamstown Mass to help them get the season up and running. Little sad i won't be there this summer but it should give me more time to follow the Sox. That's for sure. If you ever in the Berkshires and want to see some good theater go to WTF.

I have a lot of things to be done today so I don't really have the time to go into my normal detail. I'll get back to that tomorrow.
A quick summary of what I've missed.
The boys won the last game at St. Louis as David Wells pitched a great game. They won 4-o. There was a three hour rain delay and the game didn't actually start till wicked late.
Thursday was a day off.
Friday was an afternoon game in Chicago where the boys got rocked. It was not pretty. I was moving big heavy things all over the place so I missed this one as well.
Saturday we lost a close one 7-6.
Last night we won the series finale as Wakefield returned to his normal self and pitched a great game. Youk got a nice home run (his first of the year). Wakefield did great at the plate. I think he had two singles and scored a run with a sliding play at home. Very nice.
This week it's more interleauge play with the Reds and Pirates coming to Fenway.
Tonight I am having a sleep study. That should provide for some serious entertainment tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 8


Pedro Rocked Last Night

BOSTON 2 (31-27) LOST 2
ST. LOUIS 9 (38-20)

See yesterdays post, repeat that and you have last nights game. Clement got his first loss of the season in another ass-kicking at the hands of the cardinals. They are definitely trying to get there revenge from their Series sweep. Sadly I don't have any bright comments to say about the game. I need to learn to be more positve. Jere is much better at that. He's a pretty happy go lucky guy.
Went to the Mets game last night and saw Pedro pitch a hell of a game. The Met fans sure have grown to love Pedro, that's for sure. It was a nice night at the ball park. Trisha got us great tickets and we sat next to some nice Mets fans. Trisha was cheering loudly for the Astros and no one even gave her a hard time, that would never happen at that place in the Bronx. Kept a scorecard for the first time in my life. It was pretty fun. Pedro even got a hit, the smile on his face when he got to first was HUGE. He even ended up scoring. I was saying that I bet Pedro had no clue what is was like to be on Third base. He had a nice game last night. I know he had his diva moments but I wouldn't mind if he was still playing for the Sox.
Yanks lost again. Someone is gonna get canned in the Bronx real soon.
Sox look to avoid the sweep tonight then get a day off.

Tuesday, June 7

Flat out Beat

RED SOX 1 (31-26) LOST 1
ST. LOUIS 7 (37-20)

The played better defense, they hit the ball, they ran the bases well, and they had great pitching. We just plain got beat last night. 4 hits against the Cardinals ain't gonna win you any games.
Renteria had a pretty awful night in his return to St Louis. 0-4 hitting into tow double plays and he had an error in the 8th that ended up costing two runs.
Wakefield lost again. He didn't pitch terribly but he didn't pitch great. He also had no run support at all.
Stat of the day. The Sox are 17-18 against teams with winning records. I don't think that is very good.
The Yankess lost again and are back below .500

Monday, June 6

A Lovely Weekend at Fenway-Except for a little Bullpen stumble

A good weekend at Fenway. 2 out for 3 against the Angels. Not so Bad.

LA Angels 3 (32-24)

Red Sox 6 (31-25) WON 1

A good all around game. I saw parts of it, but not all of it. Have I ever told you how cool DVR picture in picutre is. I had NASCAR (yes I like to watch the cars drive around really fast)in one window and the Sox game in another. Switching back and forth was easy and I was able to keep track of both. Yeah for me. Miller pitched a good game. Got through almost seven innings and gave up three hits. He left with the game tied at three. After the horrible afternoon the bullpen had the day before I think everyone was a little nervous about this one. Our worries were for not though as Myers, Timlin, and Foulke finished off the game nicely allowing only 1 hit and no walks. The offense sealed the game with a three run seventh capped off by a Big Pappi double that drove in two. The Queer Eye guys threw out the first pitch and that seems to have bothered some folks. Get over it is what I have to say about that. One girl was complaining in the Globe that some Yankee fans were making fun of her about it. First off that sounds like the typical meat head Yankee fan and secondly I think the Yankee fans should be worrying about their team winning some games. They seem to be having a hard time with that these days. HA HA. They suck.


LA Angels 13 (32-23)

Red Sox 6 (30-25) LOST 1

Various bullpen pitchers gave up 11 runs including 6 in the bottom of the ninth. That pretty much sums it up. Kevin Millar had a lovely day though hitting two homeruns. Didn't get to see the game though. I live in NYC, I got to watch the Mets. Bummer.

LA Angels 4 (31-23)

Red Sox 7 (30-24) WON 2

I missed this game so I could drink some booze. A pretty valid excuse if you ask me. I saw the score at one point and the boys were down 4-1 so I figured we were going to continue our win one lose one process. But then later I saw the winning score. It was very nice. Damon had the clutch hit that sealed the deal. Winning is fun. Losing is not. The Yankees keep losing though and that is VERY fun.

Friday, June 3

Big Pappi Goes Yard

A GREAT photo of from the Boston Gobe (Jim Davis) after Ortiz hit his walk off HR border='0'

BALTIMORE 4 (32-21)
BOSTON 6 (29-24) WON 1

Why is it that all of these exciting afternoon games that end in game ending walk off HR's by the Sox are the one's I don't get to watch? I have watched a lot of the games this year but I have missed all three afternoon games that have ended in Fenway Mayhem and Man Love for various reasons. That kinda makes me a little sad. I guess my time will come.
Anyway, it was another great battle between the Sox and the O's yesterday. When I got back from Softball the Sox were up 3-1 in the 7th and Clement was still pitching. After the 7th it was 3-3. Foulke game in late in the 8th and pitched in the ninth. He loaded the bases with one out but only gave up one run. Bottom of the ninth Sox down 4-3.
Damon flew to center for the first out. Mark "sometimes I really can't hit but often in the clutch I get a hit" Bellhorn got a single up the middle. Youk (who started the game and batted first) struck out swinging. Rentereia comes to the plate with two down. Every expects him to be swinging for the roof. First ptich comes in...he bunts. No one is expecting that at all and he makes it to first base easily. Two on, Ortiz comes to the plate. The count goes full, Fenway is hopping (at least I imagine it was. The game was not on MLBTV yesterday so I had to settle for gameday). There is a pause, run scoring play appears on gameday. Please let it be a homerun, I mutter under my breath. There it is, the little box flips from pictures of Ortiz and Ryan to HOMERUN and flashes yellow. He did it again. What I wouldn't do to be at one of those games.
A few side notes:
From the pictures of the post game celebration it looks like Arroyo has gone back to the cornrow look. I think I mentioned that idea a few posts ago.
LCT lost to The Lion King in softball yesterday 16-1. It was not pretty.
The Yankess got swept by the Royals, THE WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL. I think I read it was there first sweep since like 1983. OUCH. I laugh at the Yankees.
That is all.

Thursday, June 2

Knuckle Ball Goes South

BALTIMORE 9 (32-20)
BOSTON 3 (28-24) LOST 1

My thought of the day to Theo and the Sox. This Win One Lose One crap is not going to cut it. That's my thought.
Tim Wakefield is struggling as of late. That makes me sad. The old knuckle ball just doesn't seem to have the dance that it used to have. He has now lost his last four starts and his ERA in that span is 8.74. That's ugly. Last night was no exception as he got rocked for three homruns and left the game with the Sox down 7-0. Arroyo came in for a brief relief stint and didn't do so bad. Mantei gave up the two other runs.
Even though we were down 7-0 we still had our chances. In the 7th we had the bases loaded with no outs. Damon hit a long shot that looked like it was going to hit the wall but a great catch was made my some bird. One run scored. Renteria made an out then Big Pappi walked to load the bases again. Manny "I love my dread" Rameriz hit a single to center that scored two runs and made it 7-3. Jay Payton came in to pinch hit and walked to load the bases yet again. The tieing run was at the plate. The only glitch was rookie catcher Kelly Shoppach was coming to the plate. You see Doug Mirrabelli is on the DL so Tek has been catching almost every game of late. Shoppach is this hot stuff rookie who came up from the PawSox to be the back up. With the score 7-0 and the Sox playing an afternoon game today Tito decided to give Tek as rest. So here we are with the bases loaded and Shoppach at the plate to tie the game. The only problem is that he has never had a hit in the majors. Everyone wishes Tek was batting. He had to of known that.
So he hits a puny dribbler to the 2nd basemen for the third out. Rally over.
The boys had a chance again in the 8th with men on 1st and 2nd with one out. But the inning cam to an end with a Damon pop up and a Renteria ground out.
The O's lead in first place has grown to 4 games.
On a brighter note the Yanks have lost two in a row to the Royals. The Royals really suck.
After a four game break the boys were back on NESN last night. Those guys are funnnnyyyy. They make me laugh. They showed a funny little clip about how Timlin had gone out to where Damon ran into the wall the night before and taped out a little body outline on the fence. Very funny stuff.
Afternoon game with the O's today and LCT softball.

Wednesday, June 1

The Rockstar runs into a wall

BALTIMORE 1 (31-20)
BOSTON 5 (28-23) WON 1

A good basebal game last night in many ways. Things were not looking good in the early going. Wade Miller was struggling and a lot of O's were getting on base. The good thing is that not many of them were making it to home plate. Miller kept getting into jams but kept finding a way out of them. They managed to get one run but that was it.
Johnny Damon had to leave the game after the third inning. He went to make a play in the deep corner of center field and ran into the wall near the Sox bullpen very hard. He stayed in the game for the rest of that inning and seemed to be doing ok but he left the game when he went back to the dugout. I guess he had to get sticthes.
Meanwhile the Sox where getting No Hit at the plate by a very tall chap named Cabrera. The fifth inning changed all that. Bill Mueller got on base after a long at bat with a walk. Mark "I don't seem to be very good at batting" Bellhorn had a rare clutch hit as he hit a nice single up the middle. This was also the first hit allowed by Cabrera. John "I don't like to wear baseball caps" Olerud came up and had a nice little RBI single to deep center to drive in Mueller. He's been a good pick up, more on that later. Edgar "I guess I really don't suck balls" Renteria got another RBI. Ortiz and Nixon also got RBI's and all the sudden it was 4-1.
After that great inning Miller was in control of the game and the O's would score no more. Timlin and Myers finished off the game and it was another win for the Sox. We are hanging out in second by ourselves and are three games back of the O's.
The Olerud/Millar battle at 1st base might get interesting here soon. Millar was the spokesperson for the team last year and the guy who really made the Sox personality. This year he is struggling a little bit at the plate to say the least. Olerud has come in and done very well at the plate and has made some really nice plays at first. He turned a double play last night that I'm not sure Millar would have made the play. We'll see what happens. Should be interesting.

Tuesday, May 31

A lovely Weekend in NYC for the Sox...The trip home gets off to a rocky start

Weekends mean that I don't really get into the blogging news. So here's the run down of the last few games.
Although we had a good weekend in NYC I am still having mixed feelings about where the boys are headed this year. Sometimes I think we are unbeatable, sometimes I think I could hit a homerun off our pitchers. That would be quite a feat. I guess I just really need to adjust to the fact that we aren't gonna win them all and that it is going to be an up and down season.
Damn emotions.
Monday Game
BALTIMORE 8 (31-19)

BOSTON 1 (27-23) LOST 1

After two days of sizzling bats in the Bronx everything went pretty quiet last night as the boys finally got back to Fenway for a while. Pitching once again proved to be our downfall as Arroyo-Acornrow got rocked. He said later in the press that he felt like he was pitching in batting practice and that the O's seemed to know what was coming. Hmmm. That's not so good. After his little suspension things have gone a little downhill and he hast lost his last two starts. That after he hadn't lost in lie 17 starts. Maybe he should go back to the silly white boy with cornrows looks. The game was really over when he gave up a grand slam to one of the O's worst hitters. Oyyyy.
We didn't do too much of that whole hitting thing. I guess we used up all our hits for a few days. It was never really a game as the O's lead from the first inning and the Sox could not get anything going.

BOSTON 7 (27-22) WON 2
YANKEES 2 (27-23)

Two wins in a row in the Bronx taste very sweet. It does make me very sad when the Sox play within walking distance of my house and I can't go. Ahh if only I was rich and connected. Maybe I'll try and find my way into one of the other Sox games in the Bronx this summer. That would be grand.
This was a good game. We went up 2-0 in the first inning after a MONSTER HR by Big Pappi. It landed in the middle of the upper deck. That is quite a shot. Then big old David Wells strolled out to the mound for his part of the first inning. Jeter gets a lead off homerun and then Sheffield gets another one. All the sudden it is 2-2. I think a large portion of Red Sox nation was grumbling and saying that Wells might be past his prime. I was thinking if there was anyone good we could trade him for. Then he turned it all around. He pitched a hell of a game after that including several innings with pitch counts of less then ten.
The offense continued to look great. At one point Renteria, Ortiz, and Manny were 8-8 with a bunch of RBI's. Pappi hit another very long homerun and Edgar "ok maybe I don't really suck balls" Renteria hit one as well. It was a lovely game and it is always nice to hear the "LET's GO RED SOX" chants drowning out the Yankees fans.

BOSTON 17 (26-22) WON 1
YANKEES 1 (27-22)

A Saturday afternoon romp in the Bronx. 27 hits the boys had in the day. Renteria had a grand slam, there were Red Sox rounding the bases on a regular basis, most Yankee fans had left by the 7th inning. It was great.
Clement pitched another great game. He is really doing well. He needs to shave the bush that he has growing on his chin. It is UGGGGLLLLY.

BOSTON 3 (25-22) LOST 4
YANKEES 6 (27-21)

Remember how I had been keeping track of the left on base thing for the Sox. Last night was a classic example: LOB-13. 13 damn guys in grey jerseys that say Boston on the front hopelessly left wandering around a dirt path in the Bronx. Bummer.
This was definitely a game we should have won. Missed opportunities all around. The boys were up 3-1 in the sixth when they had two men tagged out at home for back to back outs. Instead of extending the lead and putting it out of reach for the Bombers we let them stick around. IN the next inning Gary "could I be anymore annoying when I stand at the plate moving my bat all around?" Sheffield hit a big time 3 run homer that basically put and end to this game.
I missed most of this game and that is probably a good thing. I would have ended up throwing things all over the place.
I hate leaving men on base like the Sox do. It sucks. I wonder if there is a stat line for that and if we would be leading the majors if there was?