Thursday, June 2

Knuckle Ball Goes South

BALTIMORE 9 (32-20)
BOSTON 3 (28-24) LOST 1

My thought of the day to Theo and the Sox. This Win One Lose One crap is not going to cut it. That's my thought.
Tim Wakefield is struggling as of late. That makes me sad. The old knuckle ball just doesn't seem to have the dance that it used to have. He has now lost his last four starts and his ERA in that span is 8.74. That's ugly. Last night was no exception as he got rocked for three homruns and left the game with the Sox down 7-0. Arroyo came in for a brief relief stint and didn't do so bad. Mantei gave up the two other runs.
Even though we were down 7-0 we still had our chances. In the 7th we had the bases loaded with no outs. Damon hit a long shot that looked like it was going to hit the wall but a great catch was made my some bird. One run scored. Renteria made an out then Big Pappi walked to load the bases again. Manny "I love my dread" Rameriz hit a single to center that scored two runs and made it 7-3. Jay Payton came in to pinch hit and walked to load the bases yet again. The tieing run was at the plate. The only glitch was rookie catcher Kelly Shoppach was coming to the plate. You see Doug Mirrabelli is on the DL so Tek has been catching almost every game of late. Shoppach is this hot stuff rookie who came up from the PawSox to be the back up. With the score 7-0 and the Sox playing an afternoon game today Tito decided to give Tek as rest. So here we are with the bases loaded and Shoppach at the plate to tie the game. The only problem is that he has never had a hit in the majors. Everyone wishes Tek was batting. He had to of known that.
So he hits a puny dribbler to the 2nd basemen for the third out. Rally over.
The boys had a chance again in the 8th with men on 1st and 2nd with one out. But the inning cam to an end with a Damon pop up and a Renteria ground out.
The O's lead in first place has grown to 4 games.
On a brighter note the Yanks have lost two in a row to the Royals. The Royals really suck.
After a four game break the boys were back on NESN last night. Those guys are funnnnyyyy. They make me laugh. They showed a funny little clip about how Timlin had gone out to where Damon ran into the wall the night before and taped out a little body outline on the fence. Very funny stuff.
Afternoon game with the O's today and LCT softball.

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