Wednesday, December 21

I hope you break your leg

What have you done Johnny?

Johnny Damon is flat out greedy. So much for being devoted to a team. Is the extra 2 million a year when your already making 10 million a year really going to make your life that much better? Now you get to buy that 4th house you've always wanted and maybe a 10th car. All so you can go play for what used to be your biggest rival who within minutes of signing the deal you have warmly embraced.
The Sox of the last two years are quickly running away to other teams as fast as they can. I am sure that Manny will be gone within a month. Poor Papi is going to be our only source of offense.
Things are not going well for the Sox in this off-season and this is just another example of that.
My hopes for this next season are not very high at the moment. We don't really have a third baseman, shortstop, first baseman, center fielder, and soon a right fielder. Thank god Foulke will be back to close. I'm sure he'll do great against this Yankee lineup.
There is one player in the Yankee's starting lineup who makes under 10million a year. That's sad.
What have you done Damon? I hope you get booed out of Fenway in May.