Tuesday, August 9

53 pitches in one inning!

Well we won the last game of the Twins series 11-7. Wakefiled came through with another clutch performance. Our bullpen tried to give it away despite all of our offense.
Last night was the first game of a series at Fenway with Texas. Wade Miller pitched. He is not so good. He had troubles once again and left with the game tied. After the game he would leave all the way to the DL. Can't say that makes me too sad. Jermi Gonzalez game in to save the day while the offense gave us enough runs to get the win. Our lineup gets a little bit wackier every day. Tonight it was Petagine at first, Graffanio at 2nd, Renteria at SS, and Youk at third. Later in the game Cora even got in on the infield action. 2 out of those 5 weren't with the Sox for most of the season. But hey, they got the job done. Graffanio was the man of the night going 3 for 3 with 4 RBI's. He won the game.
There was a bunch of crap at the Spankees game last night. Fag Rod had a stupid ass play where he got in the way of Roidfield getting picked off at first. Fag Rod is an idiot.
There was also a picture on Dirt Dogs of a fan punching a White Sox player. Funny how that doesn't make the news. Of course maybe it is just a Dirt Dogs photoshop wonder.
Tony Cruz Jr was our "big" pickup at the trade deadline. So today we let him go. It is like magical chairs in the Fenway clubhouse.
We picked up a bullpen pitcher (Remlinger) from the Cubs. More on him later.
Tonight is another game with the Rangers. Clement pitched a nice game leaving after 6 with a 7-2 lead. We had a 5 run fifth that blew the game open.
But then the bullpen got involved. Remlinger loaded the bases without getting and out then left the game. One of our other bullpen pickups, the sideslinging Bradford, game in and next thing you know the game was 7-7. I think I've gone on enough rants about our bullpen. Clement should beat the shit out of those two. It took three pitchers 53 pitches to get out of the inning. Not ok.
Our infield pickups recently seem pretty good. Our bullpen pickups are not so good.
Hopefully we can pull out a win. Looks like the Spankees are going to lose so I would like to get another game on them.
Have I ever mention that Jere (http://letsgosox.blogspot.com) is one funny dude? I like reading his blog everyday. His hijinx make me laugh. Check it out.
How come I can't make a link using a Mac? That's a bummer.

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