Wednesday, April 11


I guess we used up all our offense last night. Holy Jeez. Through 6 innings we have no hits. That is no so exciting.
Dice-K hasn't done awful but he has given up three runs. The other pitcher is stealing the show though.
Hopefully we can pull together some offense here.

Been a while

Working kinda sucks. I'm over it. I'm ready for a nice big pot of money to drop out of the sky and take care of me. Wouldn't that be nice. Then I would have to work every waking hour of every damn day. But I'm not bitter.
So after a disappointing opening day the Sox have done pretty ok in the last week plus. After dropping game one to the Royals the boys took the next two. The highlight was the debut of Dice-K. He pitched a pretty amazing game in his debut. He went 7 innings, threw 104 pitches, and had 10k's. He was pretty much un-touchable. Very nice. Beckett got the other win and has looked pretty damn good himseld at the start of this season.
The series at Texas was not the Sox finest moment but I have this feeling the were jonesing to get back to Boston. Wake pitched lights out in game one but got no run suppourt what so never. That never helps. Game 2 was Julian Tavarez, our most suspect starter in my mind. It was not pretty. If I remeber right we got crushed. Ick. On Easter Sunday Mr Schilling got his first win after a dreadful start on opening day. In other exciting news from that day Papi got HR #1 and #2 of the season back to back. #2 was also a 2 run shot. That was all the boys needed. Even better was Paperboy's lights out 5 out performance. He came in with 2 on in the 8th and was untouchable. I love that guy.
Yesterday was the season opener at Fenway. It was a great day. I knew we were going to score a lot when we had the bases loaded in the bottom of the first with no outs. The final score was 14-3 and it included a 8th inning bench clearing almost brawl. Something about one of our new bullpen dudes and histroy he had with some guy on the M's.
Tonight is a big night. Dice-K is pithcing his first game at Fenway and it should be great. Things sound pretty hoping in Beantown. I'm hoping he is as kick ass as he was in KC. I am thinking that the Mariners may want to come out and play a ltitle bit more like a decent baseball team this time around. Should be a good game. The really exciting fact is that I am sitting at home and am able to actually watch the game. I haven't been able to really see any games yet because of work and nows I'm sitting at home watching the game. Even better is the fact that I am watching in on EXTRA INNINGS! Thank god that got worked out. I love the NESN guys. They rock.
Almost game time. Let's go Sox.

Monday, April 2

Opening Day

Opening Day is finally here. I had high hopes that I might actually get to go home and watch the game to day but that turned out to be a big fat lie. God damn theater really sucks some times. It really does. I would love to make the whole mlb tb thing work but it doesn't seem to like me. In general the world seems to not like me very much anymore. God damn it.
Seems to be a tough game so far. Schilling is sturggling mlike a mofo through 2 innings. His pithc count is up around 60 in the third inning. Not so good..
He also managed to walk in a run. Also not so good.
We'll see how the rest of the game goes. Hopefully well.
My computer is being slow.