Wednesday, June 8


Pedro Rocked Last Night

BOSTON 2 (31-27) LOST 2
ST. LOUIS 9 (38-20)

See yesterdays post, repeat that and you have last nights game. Clement got his first loss of the season in another ass-kicking at the hands of the cardinals. They are definitely trying to get there revenge from their Series sweep. Sadly I don't have any bright comments to say about the game. I need to learn to be more positve. Jere is much better at that. He's a pretty happy go lucky guy.
Went to the Mets game last night and saw Pedro pitch a hell of a game. The Met fans sure have grown to love Pedro, that's for sure. It was a nice night at the ball park. Trisha got us great tickets and we sat next to some nice Mets fans. Trisha was cheering loudly for the Astros and no one even gave her a hard time, that would never happen at that place in the Bronx. Kept a scorecard for the first time in my life. It was pretty fun. Pedro even got a hit, the smile on his face when he got to first was HUGE. He even ended up scoring. I was saying that I bet Pedro had no clue what is was like to be on Third base. He had a nice game last night. I know he had his diva moments but I wouldn't mind if he was still playing for the Sox.
Yanks lost again. Someone is gonna get canned in the Bronx real soon.
Sox look to avoid the sweep tonight then get a day off.

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Anonymous said...

Chris - I'm sure you're feeling better about things now (even if the Yankees won last night too). Glad you got to see Pedro pitch a great game - but I wouldn't assume he'd be doing as well if he were still with the Sox. He has to feel like he's got something to prove this season, and if he stayed in Boston he'd probably be feeling resentful. - Melanie