Friday, September 30

Big Win Last Night...let's get three more

Great photo

So it comes down to this. Three games at Fenway with the Yankees. If we sweep we win the division and leave the Yankees in the hunt for the wild card with the Indians (more on that later). If we win 2 out of 3 we end up tied and hopefully head to a one game playoff.
The hardest part about this weekend is going to be who to root for in the White Sox-Cleveland series. I would like the Indians to win so the White Sox don't end up with the best AL record. At the same time I would kinda like them to lose so if we happen to not win the division we have a shot at the wild car. Tough Call.
I have a good feeling about this weekend though. Tonight it Wells and Chang. I think Wells dominate and we take the game easily. I think tomorrow we win 1-0. Last time Wake and Randy pitched we lost 1-0 even though Wake pitched amazing. I think it's our turn. That leaves us with all the momentum going into Sunday and Schilling pitching. It's close but I think we win.
We get the sweep and win the division. That's my call.


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