Thursday, August 25

Yeah Yeah, I'm a slacker

This is Marcus Vick. He's gonna lead my Hokies to the College Football Promise land. But that has nothing to do with the Red Sox.

This working hard all the time stuff takes some re-adjusting to. I used to do it, but life at LCT spoiled me!
So we won a few games and lost a few games since we last spoke. We won 2 against Chicago at home. We were losing the 3rd game but it got called because of rain. Then we went to Detroit where we lost 2 of 3. That's not cool.
Then it was off to play that team kinda called the Angels from LA. They're doing pretty well in the AL West. We split the series with them, wining 2 of 4. I was ok with that.
At the moment we are in residence at Kanasa City playing the not very good Royals. They are really not good and anything but sweeping the series is unacceptable to me. We won the first game 5-2. Timlin made in interesting the the ninth but managed to hang on for the win. I still think we have some serious bullpen issues that could end up causing some problems in the post season. But that's just my two cents.
Last night we lost 4-3. I was annoyed. We should have won the game, plain and simple. We left 13 MOB. That sucks donkey balls. We left the bases loaded three innings in a row and didn't score a single run out of the deal. We should have won the game.
We seem to have this problem. Every time the Spankees lose and give us a change to build on our lead we seem to waste the opportunity with a silly loss. The Spankess and all their evilness are still hanging around and that is making me nervous. We should be taking every chance we have to distance ourselves as far from them as we can. But we aren't.
I hate the Spnakees, they annoy me.
By the way, what is the deal with them being on ESPN like every week now? That is wack. Why aren't we on ESPN more. I sure do miss having extra innings. It was fun.
Schilling returns to the starting lineup tonight. I am a little nervous about it. I want to say that he is going to have some amazing performance but I am not so sure of that. I don't want to lose the series to the Royals, that's for sure.
Tomorrow nights game at Fenway has been moved back so the crew can have more time to work on the field after the Stones concert. I was wondering how the hell the field wasn't going to get trashed but putting a big ass heavy stage on top of it. That doesn't really seem like it was the smartest move.
I sure would like to build a bigger lead on the Spankees.

Wednesday, August 10

Thank God

Bronson went back to Cornrows. Thank God.

Good god did Manny hit that ball a long way


It took extra innings but we managed to win the game last night. Schilling did some nice work in the 9th and 10th only allowing one hit. With Wade Miller on the DL it wouldn't surprise me if we see a return to the starting line up for Mr Schilling soon. I feel like he might be ready for it to. I know he has stumbled a little bit here and there but for the most part he has done some good work out of the bullpen. I think he has piled up 8 or 9 saves an a couple wins.
In very good news the Yankees lost another game to Chicago today. If we can win again tonight we could build our lead up to 5 1/2 games. I like that.
Last night was another fine event at Yankee Stadium. Some rocket since teenager was sitting with his buddies in the upper deck and said "I bet if I jump into that net it will hold me!" So he jumped off the upper deck into the netting. How dumb can you be. He wasn't hurt but he did get arrested and charged with 4 various things. What an idiot.
Hopefully Cornrow boy can have a good outing tonight.

Tuesday, August 9

53 pitches in one inning!

Well we won the last game of the Twins series 11-7. Wakefiled came through with another clutch performance. Our bullpen tried to give it away despite all of our offense.
Last night was the first game of a series at Fenway with Texas. Wade Miller pitched. He is not so good. He had troubles once again and left with the game tied. After the game he would leave all the way to the DL. Can't say that makes me too sad. Jermi Gonzalez game in to save the day while the offense gave us enough runs to get the win. Our lineup gets a little bit wackier every day. Tonight it was Petagine at first, Graffanio at 2nd, Renteria at SS, and Youk at third. Later in the game Cora even got in on the infield action. 2 out of those 5 weren't with the Sox for most of the season. But hey, they got the job done. Graffanio was the man of the night going 3 for 3 with 4 RBI's. He won the game.
There was a bunch of crap at the Spankees game last night. Fag Rod had a stupid ass play where he got in the way of Roidfield getting picked off at first. Fag Rod is an idiot.
There was also a picture on Dirt Dogs of a fan punching a White Sox player. Funny how that doesn't make the news. Of course maybe it is just a Dirt Dogs photoshop wonder.
Tony Cruz Jr was our "big" pickup at the trade deadline. So today we let him go. It is like magical chairs in the Fenway clubhouse.
We picked up a bullpen pitcher (Remlinger) from the Cubs. More on him later.
Tonight is another game with the Rangers. Clement pitched a nice game leaving after 6 with a 7-2 lead. We had a 5 run fifth that blew the game open.
But then the bullpen got involved. Remlinger loaded the bases without getting and out then left the game. One of our other bullpen pickups, the sideslinging Bradford, game in and next thing you know the game was 7-7. I think I've gone on enough rants about our bullpen. Clement should beat the shit out of those two. It took three pitchers 53 pitches to get out of the inning. Not ok.
Our infield pickups recently seem pretty good. Our bullpen pickups are not so good.
Hopefully we can pull out a win. Looks like the Spankees are going to lose so I would like to get another game on them.
Have I ever mention that Jere ( is one funny dude? I like reading his blog everyday. His hijinx make me laugh. Check it out.
How come I can't make a link using a Mac? That's a bummer.

Sunday, August 7

The Long and Short of the last week and a half

Manny made lot's of hub-bub in the last week. Thank God he's still here.

So I tried to do this once. I somehow screwed up and deleted it.
So let's try this again.
In the 10-9 win on Tuesday night Trot hurt his side or something a long that lines. That put a bit of a hurt on the outfield lineup for Wednesday. jay Payton is long gone and our other outfield type guy is recently brought up from Pawtucket Adam Stern. Manny had also asked to have Wednesday off the week before. So that means we were looking at Millar in LF, Damon in CF, and Stern in RF. Tito went to Manny and asked him to play to help the team and Manny refused. At least that's what the original reports said. Later on it will come out that might not have been entirely accurate about what was said. This begin what I like to call Manny-Gate.
The boys won the game on Wednesday 4-1. Wakefield looked great and the D-Rays looks confused. Random people helped make the win happen with their offense.
During the off-day Manny-Gate exploded.
The whole thing about Manny refusing to play hit the Boston papers like hair-spray on the Jersey shore, it was wicked heavy. Then is came out that Manny had asked to be traded. People were tired of "Manny being Manny" and had made up there minds that it was time to move on.
That's pretty dumb if you ask me.
So with the Manny business swirling all over Fenway the Twins came to town. Manny got booed. It was bad.
We won Friday nights game after Older-Dude hit a nice grand slam. It was exciting.
Manny sat out Saturday's game while rumors flew all over the place. The press was saying that a three way deal was being discussed between the Sox, Mets, and D-Rays. The Mets would have gotten Manny and we would have gotten Cliff Floyd and Audrey Huff. I was scratching my head some kinda fierce. We desperately need help in the bullpen and maybe another starting pitcher but we are going after two outfielders? Why would we do that? Why would we break up the double threat of Pappi and Manny? I feel like if we had traded Manny we would have given up our shot at the World Series this year, I really do.
Oh by the way, we won Saturday's game. Older-Dude had three more RBI's and Wells was great. The team is playing good baseball.
The Manny deal did not come through. THANK GOD. Our "big" move was to pick up Jose Cruz Jr. Why we didn't get more bullpen help is a little confusing to me.
Sunday rolls around and love is back in the air at Fenway. Manny doesn't start but he comes in later to pinch hit. Standing O. He also hit's in the game winning run. In an interview on NESN after the game he refers to himself in the third person, very good stuff.
Kansas City is not a good baseball team. Thank god we swept them. We gave them some chances to beat us though. Monday night we came back from down 4-0. At the end we had won 8 straight games including 6 in a row at Fenway.
I think the Sox missed the flight to Minnesota. On Friday night we got killed 12-0. Arroyo was useless and we had no offense what so ever. We managed 4 hits. We also had 2 errors. Oyyy.
Saturday night didn't get any better. We went up 3-0 then let them back in it to tie the game at 3. In the bottom of the ninth we let there lead off man get on with a throwing error. He advanced to 2nd. Then they put down a bunt. Timlin threw the ball into the roof and the runner scored from second. Game over. Two errors decide the game. Oyyy.
We're still three and a half games ahead of the Yankess though. That's a good thing.
Hopefully we'll get a win this afternoon, then it's off to Texas.


I just wrote a nice long post and somehow deleted it.
I'll try again tomorrow.
Sorry for the slacker-ness.