Friday, July 1

Day's off are boring

I'll be moving soon. What fun.

When the boys play an afternoon game on Wednesday then don't play another game until Friday evening it is kinda a bummer. I guess it's good for them though. All that rest and what not.
There's a funny article in the Globe today about how there are lot's of babies being born in Boston this month because it is nine months after the Sox beat the Yankess in the ALCS and then won the series. It's funny. Read it here.
Today is my last day working in NYC. On Tuesday my lovely fiance and I will be moving to Arlington VA. I am very excited about the whole thing and excited about my new job. I will miss the good friends that I have made in NYC but hopefully we will all keep in touch.
Forgive me if the Blog goes a little un-updated for a while. Gotta get the new internet set up and all that. One of the exciting things is that shortly after I get there I will be getting a fancy new I-Mac which will be very exciting. New toys are fun.
Next Thursday I'm going to see the Sox and the O's. Looks like next weekend will see the return of Schill. That is great. I think when that happens Wade Miller should move into the bullpen. He has been our weakest starting pitcher so far.
We've had a tough time with the Blue Jays this year, I hope we can get over that this weekend.
Until next time.

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