Tuesday, June 7

Flat out Beat

RED SOX 1 (31-26) LOST 1
ST. LOUIS 7 (37-20)

The played better defense, they hit the ball, they ran the bases well, and they had great pitching. We just plain got beat last night. 4 hits against the Cardinals ain't gonna win you any games.
Renteria had a pretty awful night in his return to St Louis. 0-4 hitting into tow double plays and he had an error in the 8th that ended up costing two runs.
Wakefield lost again. He didn't pitch terribly but he didn't pitch great. He also had no run support at all.
Stat of the day. The Sox are 17-18 against teams with winning records. I don't think that is very good.
The Yankess lost again and are back below .500

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