Wednesday, April 11


I guess we used up all our offense last night. Holy Jeez. Through 6 innings we have no hits. That is no so exciting.
Dice-K hasn't done awful but he has given up three runs. The other pitcher is stealing the show though.
Hopefully we can pull together some offense here.

Been a while

Working kinda sucks. I'm over it. I'm ready for a nice big pot of money to drop out of the sky and take care of me. Wouldn't that be nice. Then I would have to work every waking hour of every damn day. But I'm not bitter.
So after a disappointing opening day the Sox have done pretty ok in the last week plus. After dropping game one to the Royals the boys took the next two. The highlight was the debut of Dice-K. He pitched a pretty amazing game in his debut. He went 7 innings, threw 104 pitches, and had 10k's. He was pretty much un-touchable. Very nice. Beckett got the other win and has looked pretty damn good himseld at the start of this season.
The series at Texas was not the Sox finest moment but I have this feeling the were jonesing to get back to Boston. Wake pitched lights out in game one but got no run suppourt what so never. That never helps. Game 2 was Julian Tavarez, our most suspect starter in my mind. It was not pretty. If I remeber right we got crushed. Ick. On Easter Sunday Mr Schilling got his first win after a dreadful start on opening day. In other exciting news from that day Papi got HR #1 and #2 of the season back to back. #2 was also a 2 run shot. That was all the boys needed. Even better was Paperboy's lights out 5 out performance. He came in with 2 on in the 8th and was untouchable. I love that guy.
Yesterday was the season opener at Fenway. It was a great day. I knew we were going to score a lot when we had the bases loaded in the bottom of the first with no outs. The final score was 14-3 and it included a 8th inning bench clearing almost brawl. Something about one of our new bullpen dudes and histroy he had with some guy on the M's.
Tonight is a big night. Dice-K is pithcing his first game at Fenway and it should be great. Things sound pretty hoping in Beantown. I'm hoping he is as kick ass as he was in KC. I am thinking that the Mariners may want to come out and play a ltitle bit more like a decent baseball team this time around. Should be a good game. The really exciting fact is that I am sitting at home and am able to actually watch the game. I haven't been able to really see any games yet because of work and nows I'm sitting at home watching the game. Even better is the fact that I am watching in on EXTRA INNINGS! Thank god that got worked out. I love the NESN guys. They rock.
Almost game time. Let's go Sox.

Monday, April 2

Opening Day

Opening Day is finally here. I had high hopes that I might actually get to go home and watch the game to day but that turned out to be a big fat lie. God damn theater really sucks some times. It really does. I would love to make the whole mlb tb thing work but it doesn't seem to like me. In general the world seems to not like me very much anymore. God damn it.
Seems to be a tough game so far. Schilling is sturggling mlike a mofo through 2 innings. His pithc count is up around 60 in the third inning. Not so good..
He also managed to walk in a run. Also not so good.
We'll see how the rest of the game goes. Hopefully well.
My computer is being slow.

Saturday, March 24

Paperboy Returns to the Closer Role

After a spring of questions about who was going to be the closer for the season Mr Paperboy has returned to the role he did so well with last season. I'm sure he would have liked to have been in that starting rotation but I am pretty happy he is going to be back in that role. He was pretty damn lights out last year and hopefully he will continue doing the same this year. I'd be into that. I feel like we got a pretty kicking starting roation anyway. I keep having flashbacks to last year though. Going into the season I thought we had a rotaiton that was un-stopable. Then people got hurt and such and it all went to hell. With Schilling, Dice-K, Beckett, and Wakefield I think we'll be allright. Looks like Julian Tavarez might take the other rotation spot. Not so sure how I feel about that but I'll get over it. Anything will be better then Rudy Seanez from last year. Oyyy.
I've been trying to pay closer attention to the spring games but it's kind of hard. They play during the day, people appear in the line-up that you've never heard of and all kinds of things like that. The regualr season is knocking on the door though and soon it will be here. Yeah for that.
There was great story about Papi a week or so ago. Last season he met a kid who was going off to Iraq. What a stupid war that is, when will GW ever figure that out. Geez. I digress. So Papi spent a day with this guy and had a good old time. THe guy died at the begining of this month and when Papi found out about it he was devestated. He sent the family a bunch of stuff including an autographed baseball to put in the coffin. Papi is an all around solid guy. He rocks. I think it's a littl odd that he has a little punt dog but I'll get over it.
In other exciting news the Ramrods will be returning for another fun filled season of kickball next week. Stay tuned for updates as we try and win a few games but more importantlly have a lot of fun.

Monday, February 26

Manny in the House

Ladies and Gentleman.....Mannnnyyyy Rammmmmirrreeeezzz
A scruffy looking Manny reported to camp today. 2 days early. Cool.
His agent got grilled by some reporters with a bunch of dumb ass questions. Maybe if people didn't pester him with so much annoying shit he wouldn't be bothered by the Boston Media. There is some big flap about Manny agreeing to do a car show instead of going to camp. He didn't go to the car show so who cares. Let's move on. Enough of the badgering.
He stepped right into some BP against Dice-K. In a 75 pitch session with some good hitters the only hit off Dice-K was a little single up the middle by Big Papi. I think this guy is going to be the shit.
It's exciting to see scruffy Manny swinging the bat.
First Spring game is day after tomorrow. That's cool.

Sunday, February 25

Time for new excitement

Well the new season is fast approcahing and I am finding myself very excited about the upcoming season. There was a lot of madness in the off season. The biggest being the talking to (for 50 million) and the signing of Dice-K Matusakawaka, or however you spell his name. The crazy pitching phenom from Japan seems sure to really help us out this year. To say that he has brought insane amounts of press to spring training would be an understatement. He ptiched a BP session last Friday and apparenttly was pretty damn impressive. I am looking forward to him unleashing this Gyro Ball thing on some dumb yankees.
We signed some other good talent. The one I am liking the most is Julio Lugo. I like good short-stops. I am hoping this JD Drew character will live up to the hype. I think we paid him more then we were willing to pay Damon which is a little sad but ohh well. We move on. We got another Japanesse dude working out of the bullpen which should be nice. It seems like we have done some good work shoring up the bullpen.
In sad news Trot Nixon was not re-signed by the club. Bummer.
Manny is starting the season off by providing some drama. Nice. Well at least he'll report to camp on the absolute last minute possible. Nice.
Papi has a new little puppy that seems to be every where. I'm not sure why such a big man has such a little dog. Seems odd. Maybe he has been chatting with Paris Hilton a few too many times.
First spring game is on Wednesday. Nice.
I better sign up for Extra Innings soon.
I have a nice feeling about this season.

Monday, September 4

Holy Awful August Batman

9-21 for the month of August. Ouch.
As the Sox hit the bottom of the barrel I lost my heart to do much of the blogging thing. It was all just to painful.
Everything that could go wrong for the Sox in the month of August did. Our very limited pitching staff got even thinner. Many of the names from the past got hurt. Varitek, Nixon, Manny, Papi, and many others got hit with various injuries. Some of them were much worse then just baseball. Ortiz had to go to the hospital to be test for heart problems. It appears that he will be back in the line up for the Sox tomorrow night which will be great to see. Jon Lester is out for the rest of the season with lymphoma (I'm sure I spelled that wrong). Those two things kind of put the whole playoff chase into perspective. It was just one thing after another. Now Paperboy is out for a bit and Schilling is going to miss a start.
Needless to say the Sox that played in August was a hodge podge team that cam from the minors and what not all over the place. They tried to hold there own but it just wasn't happening. We couldn't get any breaks. We couldn't get much hitting. We couldn't get much pitching. Really, not much good happened in August. We did manage to keep up our great defense though which is good, especially seeing as SS and 2B were always changing with the injury's.
Tonight Tek, Trot, Manny, and Gonzo are all back in the lineup. It's the first time we have seen this "regular" lineup in a long time. The bad part is that J Tavarez is pitching. Oyyy. We sent Wells to San Diego last week so now Beckett is the only remaining starter who isn't hurt. We seem to find pitchers in all kinds of random places to fill out the rotatation.
Another positive is that Dirty Sanchez was released. Thank God for that.
Manny got a double in his first at bat back. Too bad Mr. Lowell couldn't do anything with the bases loaded.
At the moment we are 9 behind the Yankees for the division and 6.5 back for the wild card. I think even if we went un-defeated for the rest of the season we would have a hard time making the playoffs. What a bummer. I think it has been a long time since the Sox were pretty much out of it at the start of September. I'm sure they'll come out and play well anyway. Maybe they could sweep the Yankees in the Bronx. That would be nice. It's just a big bummer to pretty much have no chance at the playoffs.
At least College Football has started to keep me distracted.
On a side note NAKID kickball is a lot of fun. I am working on my flip-cup skills.
Please pause for a moment of silence for Steve Irwin, the croc hunter. He was a man who had no fear. I remember watching one of his episodes where he was walking along a creek and in mid sentence he jumped in the water and came up with a crocodile. What a cool guy.
Our defense still kicks butt.

Monday, August 28

Trying to hold out hope

I'm trying very hard to hold out hope for this years Sox but it just ain't going so well.
We got swept by the Mariners. Everybody who wasn't already hurt is now hurt.
More on my Sox sadness later.
FYI-Kickball is fun.