Tuesday, June 28

The Real Team was still in Philly

CLEVELAND-7 (40-34)
BOSTON-0 (44-31) LOST 1

If anyone out there lives in Philadelphia and sees the Red Sox wandering around let me know. I think they all missed the flight back to Boston and the game last night was played by people who just looked like the Red Sox. The fact that the person who was playing the role of Johnny Damon had no beard was a dead give away.
I packed while I watched last nights game and it was not pretty. After knocking the crap out of the ball for a while we managed three hits and no runs last night. Not so good.
The defense was what really let us down though. It all started when the actor playing Mark Bellhorn missed dropped the beginning of a double play ball and let it role into the outfield. Two runs scored on that play. Instead of ending the inning with no runs the Tribe scored three runs that inning. Later in the game the actor playing Trot Nixon (kudos to the wardrobe department for even giving that man the right sweat-stained hat) had a fly ball in deep right bounce off the tip of his glove and over the wall for a two run homerun. That actor should have caught the ball.
The actor playing cornrow boy didn't pitch a bad game, he just got no help what so ever. His command was also not nearly as good as the real cornrow boy and he gave up a few walks.
According to the Globe the real Sox team has been located in Philly and will be flown back this morning for tonight's game.
Thanks to the actors who played last nights game. It was a nice effort.