Wednesday, June 28

More Winning and More Winning


I hate to sound like a broken record but that winning thing sure is fun!
After looking pretty awful about two weeks back the Sox have now won 10 games in a row.
First it was a three game sweep of the Braves. It looks like for the first time in centuries the Braves are not gonna make the playoffs this year. They are way behind the Mets in the NL East. All the games were kindaa close. Varitek helped win the first one and Papi and Youk helped win the second one. The third game was a pitching duel until it was handed over to the bullpen and then things got ugly. The offense just kept coming back and got the win.
Next on the chopping block was a three game sweep of the Nationals. None of these games were ever in doubt. The great thing about all the wins is that we are winning with a bunch of different pitchers. The first game of the Nats series was won by some guy we got from the Royals. John Lester has come in and now won three games. He's got some fire in him too.
Next up was the Phillies. The first game was a blowout that we won 10-2. Beckett looked the best he has all season including the fact that he retired the first 16 without a hitch. Manny had some home runs and we won yet again. Saturday and what ended up being Monday were both great extra innings games. Big Pappi proved on both occasions why he is the best clutch hitter there is right now. Saturday he won the game with a walk off HR and Monday he won the game with a walk off RBI. He is just the man.
Last night was the first game with the Mets and we took that one as well. Tonight Pedro returns to pitch at Fenway against Beckett. It's sure to be a pitchers duel to say the least. I'm sure we'll get some offense going to. The offense is clicking at every end of the lineup right now. It's just grand.
My only minor sadness about the whole thing is that even after winning 10 in a row we are only 3.5 games ahead of the Yankees. They have also been playing NL teams which neither of us seem to be having any problems with. The NL just doesn't seem very good this year at all.
The AL All Star team has 2 players who aren't from the Sox or the Yankees in the starting lineup. That's wacky.

Wednesday, June 21

Thanks to the coast guard

For fixing the sinking Sox ship. We have now one 5 in a row.
Nose surgery is no fun.

Thursday, June 15



Well things are not going well in the Red Sox camp, not well at all. Our once potent pitching rotation has turned into a one man show. Schilling is still doing well and pretty reliable. Beckett has taken a dive that began with a complete implosion at Yankess Stadium. Wells seems destined to be on the DL all year long. Clement can't get a win and is now getting an MRI. Wakefield is spotty and still gets no run support. Our fifth starter changes from Random Rookie #1 to Random Rookie #2 on a daily basis. Things are not good. The bullpen is also like a mash unit. Timlin is out, Foulke is out, and that leaves us with shitty bulpen guy #1 and dirty sanchez.
Ohh yeah, the offense seems to have gone MIA as well.
The Yanks took 2 out 0f 3 in the bronx. One of which was a complete shellacking.
We split a 4 game series with the Rangers. Really Texas should have won 3 out of 4 but Papi had some more late inning heroics to save the day. There was lots of rain. Texas in Boston seems to equal rain this year.
Now we have lost the first two too the twins and seem well on our way to losing a third. Tuesday night we lost the game in the 12th when Tavarez gave up a grand slam in the 12th. In general our bullpen pretty much blows right now.
Last night another stellar bullpen guy Manny Delcarmen gave up yet another grand slam and the offense was once again MIA. In the last game and 4/9 we have scored 2 runs. For what was once the most potent offense going that ain't good.
Today we traded David Riske (if I was a pitcher I would change that name) for minor leauge pitcher Javier Lopez. MINOR LEAGUE? How bout we get someone from the majors.
I am becoming convinced that the Jays are going to win the AL east as the Yankees are all over the place as well.
Watching the Sox is a lot more fun when there winning.