Monday, June 13

Been Away...Sorry about that

So I went out of town for a few days. Back up to my old summer stomping ground of Williamstown Mass to help them get the season up and running. Little sad i won't be there this summer but it should give me more time to follow the Sox. That's for sure. If you ever in the Berkshires and want to see some good theater go to WTF.

I have a lot of things to be done today so I don't really have the time to go into my normal detail. I'll get back to that tomorrow.
A quick summary of what I've missed.
The boys won the last game at St. Louis as David Wells pitched a great game. They won 4-o. There was a three hour rain delay and the game didn't actually start till wicked late.
Thursday was a day off.
Friday was an afternoon game in Chicago where the boys got rocked. It was not pretty. I was moving big heavy things all over the place so I missed this one as well.
Saturday we lost a close one 7-6.
Last night we won the series finale as Wakefield returned to his normal self and pitched a great game. Youk got a nice home run (his first of the year). Wakefield did great at the plate. I think he had two singles and scored a run with a sliding play at home. Very nice.
This week it's more interleauge play with the Reds and Pirates coming to Fenway.
Tonight I am having a sleep study. That should provide for some serious entertainment tomorrow.

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