Friday, June 3

Big Pappi Goes Yard

A GREAT photo of from the Boston Gobe (Jim Davis) after Ortiz hit his walk off HR border='0'

BALTIMORE 4 (32-21)
BOSTON 6 (29-24) WON 1

Why is it that all of these exciting afternoon games that end in game ending walk off HR's by the Sox are the one's I don't get to watch? I have watched a lot of the games this year but I have missed all three afternoon games that have ended in Fenway Mayhem and Man Love for various reasons. That kinda makes me a little sad. I guess my time will come.
Anyway, it was another great battle between the Sox and the O's yesterday. When I got back from Softball the Sox were up 3-1 in the 7th and Clement was still pitching. After the 7th it was 3-3. Foulke game in late in the 8th and pitched in the ninth. He loaded the bases with one out but only gave up one run. Bottom of the ninth Sox down 4-3.
Damon flew to center for the first out. Mark "sometimes I really can't hit but often in the clutch I get a hit" Bellhorn got a single up the middle. Youk (who started the game and batted first) struck out swinging. Rentereia comes to the plate with two down. Every expects him to be swinging for the roof. First ptich comes in...he bunts. No one is expecting that at all and he makes it to first base easily. Two on, Ortiz comes to the plate. The count goes full, Fenway is hopping (at least I imagine it was. The game was not on MLBTV yesterday so I had to settle for gameday). There is a pause, run scoring play appears on gameday. Please let it be a homerun, I mutter under my breath. There it is, the little box flips from pictures of Ortiz and Ryan to HOMERUN and flashes yellow. He did it again. What I wouldn't do to be at one of those games.
A few side notes:
From the pictures of the post game celebration it looks like Arroyo has gone back to the cornrow look. I think I mentioned that idea a few posts ago.
LCT lost to The Lion King in softball yesterday 16-1. It was not pretty.
The Yankess got swept by the Royals, THE WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL. I think I read it was there first sweep since like 1983. OUCH. I laugh at the Yankees.
That is all.