Monday, September 12

Time is growing short

There is only a little under three weeks left in this years season and I have a feeling it is going to be one great ending.
The Sox and the spankees played a great series last week in the Bronx. There was some sloppy play by both teams but all and all it was a damn good series. I just wish we could have won 2 out of 3. I think that would have pretty much sealed the deal as far as the division title goes.
Friday night we played sloppy baseball. Wells pitched good enough to get the win but didn't get much help from his friends. the first run of the night was scored on an error after Tony G threw the ball to the invisible first baseman. Then we went ahead 3-1 then they pulled ahead 4-3. The game really went to hell in the 5th (I think). Millar went to throw to Wells covering first but mishandled the ball. A couple of plays later on what should have been a single Damon mis-plays the ball and boots it far away. He finally gets it back and throws in to Renteria who proceeds to throw the ball into the ground. That was pretty much the end of the night. We did have a chance at one point with the bases loaded. We hit into a double play though and that was the end of that.
Saturday we the Yankees turn to play sloppy baseball. It was an even game until the 4th when we blew it open. We had Chancon on the ropes when Pappi hit a fly ball to left. Hiedki lost it in the sun or something but he plain old dropped the ball and we loaded the bases with no outs. We played batting practice for a while and knocked in 5 runs to make 8-0.
Schilling pitched a great game. He was in fine form and it was great to see. He was in total control and took care of the Spankees.
Yesterday's game was a total pitchers duel. Wakefield gave up a solo home run in the first then struck out 12 but lost the game 1-0. We couldn't do anything against Randy Johnson. The D-rays don't seem to have that problem but I don't think he has pitched that well all year. There was 6 hits total in the game. It was a true pitchers duel.
Wakefield must have been bummed out when we went into the clubhouse. He was probably like "come on guys, I struck out 12 and you can't score 1? When fatty Wells pithces you give him like 6 runs at least. What's the deal!"
Before the Yankees series we toke 2 our of 3 from the Angels and 2 out of three from the 0's. I would have like a sweep in one of those series but beggars can't be choosers. Really I just want to put a big a gap between us and the Yankees as possible.
The biggest concern for the Yankees right now is actually the Indian's. They are on fire and have won like 9 in a row. the lead the wild card by a game and a half. So the Yankees are looking up at us and at the Indians. Ha Ha.
It would be so great is the Spankees didn't make the playoffs. But I'm not going to get my hopes up yet.
We have a three game set with the Toronto this week. We have had some trouble with them so I would really like to buck it up and get a sweep. More distance between us and the yankees is good.
Then we go home for a four game set with the A's.
Meanwhile the Yankees are at Tampa Bay. Then they only play Baltimore, Toronto, and us to end the season. They have a little bit easier of a schedule. the big bonus is we finish the season with 7 games at home while they are on the road for 7.
The Indians have a big series with the A's that could really help them make some distance. They have 9 games against the Royals and D-Rays.
We must hold on to first.

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