Monday, September 4

Holy Awful August Batman

9-21 for the month of August. Ouch.
As the Sox hit the bottom of the barrel I lost my heart to do much of the blogging thing. It was all just to painful.
Everything that could go wrong for the Sox in the month of August did. Our very limited pitching staff got even thinner. Many of the names from the past got hurt. Varitek, Nixon, Manny, Papi, and many others got hit with various injuries. Some of them were much worse then just baseball. Ortiz had to go to the hospital to be test for heart problems. It appears that he will be back in the line up for the Sox tomorrow night which will be great to see. Jon Lester is out for the rest of the season with lymphoma (I'm sure I spelled that wrong). Those two things kind of put the whole playoff chase into perspective. It was just one thing after another. Now Paperboy is out for a bit and Schilling is going to miss a start.
Needless to say the Sox that played in August was a hodge podge team that cam from the minors and what not all over the place. They tried to hold there own but it just wasn't happening. We couldn't get any breaks. We couldn't get much hitting. We couldn't get much pitching. Really, not much good happened in August. We did manage to keep up our great defense though which is good, especially seeing as SS and 2B were always changing with the injury's.
Tonight Tek, Trot, Manny, and Gonzo are all back in the lineup. It's the first time we have seen this "regular" lineup in a long time. The bad part is that J Tavarez is pitching. Oyyy. We sent Wells to San Diego last week so now Beckett is the only remaining starter who isn't hurt. We seem to find pitchers in all kinds of random places to fill out the rotatation.
Another positive is that Dirty Sanchez was released. Thank God for that.
Manny got a double in his first at bat back. Too bad Mr. Lowell couldn't do anything with the bases loaded.
At the moment we are 9 behind the Yankees for the division and 6.5 back for the wild card. I think even if we went un-defeated for the rest of the season we would have a hard time making the playoffs. What a bummer. I think it has been a long time since the Sox were pretty much out of it at the start of September. I'm sure they'll come out and play well anyway. Maybe they could sweep the Yankees in the Bronx. That would be nice. It's just a big bummer to pretty much have no chance at the playoffs.
At least College Football has started to keep me distracted.
On a side note NAKID kickball is a lot of fun. I am working on my flip-cup skills.
Please pause for a moment of silence for Steve Irwin, the croc hunter. He was a man who had no fear. I remember watching one of his episodes where he was walking along a creek and in mid sentence he jumped in the water and came up with a crocodile. What a cool guy.
Our defense still kicks butt.

Monday, August 28

Trying to hold out hope

I'm trying very hard to hold out hope for this years Sox but it just ain't going so well.
We got swept by the Mariners. Everybody who wasn't already hurt is now hurt.
More on my Sox sadness later.
FYI-Kickball is fun.

Tuesday, August 22

Hat's off to the stupid Yankees

I have been having all kinds of trouble with Blogger. Sorry about that.
Hat's off to the Yankees for kicking the shit out of us. They have made all the right moves and we haven't.
Stick a fork in the Sox. With 36 games left we are 6.5 behind the spankees for the division and 4.5 back in the wild card.
We have no pitching and sporadic offense.
Without Tek we are 6-15.
There's always next year.

Friday, August 11


We got swept by the Royals after losing 2 out of 3 to the D-Rays.
It's hard not to be a little worried about what is going to happen with this season that held such promise.

Wednesday, August 9


My boss really likes that saying. It stands for For Fucks Sake. That's kind of what I am thinking about the sox these day.
We did manage to win that last game I was talking about in a walk off fashion. The poor bird was eaten by a hawk. I guess it was really sick.
We lost to the Indians the next day as Beckett was giving out homeruns like they were crack on the corner in Roxbury. Bummer
Then it was off to Tampa Bay and there cool new tank in the outfield with big rays in it. Do you think they empty it during the off season? I would hope so. We won the first game but after that it was all down hill. Saturday night we tried to come back in the ninth but ended up losing 8-5. Sunday our crappy bullpen gave up a lead and we lost in extra innings when Tavarez gave up a homerun.
I have said this before and I will say it again. Why is Tavarez and Seanez pitching for this team? Why I ask?
At Tampa Bay this season we lost 7 out of 10. You can't do that and expect to win.
Now we're on our first trip to KC of the season. Guess what? We lost the first game? That's right. Thankfully the White Sox beat the Yanks so we didn't lose any ground. Would have been an awfully nice chance to gain some ground though.
We are 12-13 since the All Star break. We ain't going to win a world series with that kind of action going on.
Hopefully we can get our act in gear before the Yankees pull far away.

Wednesday, August 2

The Bird

I forgot to mention the poor black bird that was wondering arounf the infield last night. It was very funny. The NESN guys were having a really good time with it. It was obvioulsy very confused but seemed very intent on running the bases in the right order. Nothing like a nice little comic relief of a bird. Still up 4-3.

Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O

Trouble at Fenway! Trouble at Fenway!
Problem #1-The Sox did not make any moves at the trade deadline. Nothing what so ever. There was so many things that could have been done, but nothing happened. I really hope that doesn't come back to haunt us.
Problem #2-Wells returned to pitch on Monday night. He looked like an old man who had no business on the mound. He might get some more chances since his next start would be against the D-Rays and the Royals. Really he should just hang it up.
Problem #3-Trot Nixon on the DL
Problem #4-Tek having knee surgery, out 4-6 weeks.

That is 4 big problems.
Thanks for super papi we were able to pull out the win on the game on Monday. Wells pitched pretty awful and gave up 6 runs before he got booted. Snyder came in and did a nice job keeping things in check. The man of steel, Big Papi, came up in the bottom of the 9th with 2 men on. What do you think he did? He hit a game winning 3 run shot. Damn he is the man. Sadly I missed the end of the game because I was out playing soccer. Ohh well.
Last night was just ugly. The offense was MIA and didn't give the guy they called up from triple A (johnson) much help. I was wicked wiped out and managed to sleep through most of the game. Oops.
Tonight Lester is on the mound. He had a rough first inning but the Sox have pulled back into it and it is now 4-3 in the top of the 7th. Hopefully we can hold on.
While we lost last night the Spankees won and pulled into a tie for first place. We have been in possession of first place by ourselves since mid june. It is not fun to see the Yankees back up there. They seem to be peaking and we seem to be going down.
There is still a lot of season left, even better there are lot's of games with the Yanks. I hope we can hang in there. The latest injuries and the lack of picking anyone up at the trade deadline make me a little scared though.

Monday, July 31

Trade Deadline Approaches

As expected the Yankees made a nice deal heading into the trade deadline. They managed to pick up Abreau and a pitcher from the Phillies for 4 minor league players? How do they do that? How did they get two quality players from the majors in exchange for 4 guys who have never played in the majors? How does that work? Ohh well. The deadline is at 4pm today so hopefully between know and then the Sox will make some kind of move. Another good starting pitcher wouldn't be bad and neither would some bullpen help. Ship Tavarez and Seanez away for the love of god.
In game action the team took two out of three from the A's in Oakland. I wish I could tell you more about these games but they were on past my bed time (yes I'm an old man). We did put up 13 runs in the Tuesday game. That's always nice.
Over the weekend the boys were back in Fenway. Friday night was a tough loss 8-3. Things were close until the 6th inning and then it got out of hand. The highlight of the game was definitely Papi scoring from 1st base on a Manny double. His slide into home plate was more like a complete collapse. It was funny stuff. He's a funny dude. Saturday was a great win. Sadly it was not on TV here in the DC area. They elected for the 4:05 nats and dodgers game on the west coast. Ick. We we're down 6-3 going into the 8th. With the help of Manny and Papi we tied it up and sent it to extra innings. Papi came up in the 11th with 2 on. The Angels had the Papi shift on with most of the team in right field. Papi sent a little shot into left field and the game was over. Well done.
Last night was not pretty. It was the first game I actually had a chance to sit down and watch in quite a while. If only it had been a better game to watch. Schilling was not himself and things got ugly. He gave up three HR's in the 3rd and was just plain getting shelled. We managed to have a little rally to bring the score to 6-4 but then the tag team of Van Buren and Tavarez gave them 4 more runs to make it 10-4. I gave up at that point. Bummer.
On a total side note I would like to say what a crime I think the price of gas is these days. How can they charge us the highest gas prices ever and make a 10 billion dollar profit in three months? How does that work? Exxon makes $1300 something dollars a second. That is profit! How can they justify gas at $3+ a gallon when they are making that kind of money. Ohh wait, I know. Since GW is sucking all their dicks it is A-ok. Fucking cock sucker.
That is all. Hopefully we'll make a nice pick up today. The next three days are suppoused to be like living on the surface of the sun. what fun.

Sunday, July 23

Life is a roller coaster, and I'm gonna ride it all night long

I have to learn not to get some upset by a loss here and a loss there. There is a lot of baseball left in this here season and I have to understand that one loss, while sad, will not be the end of us.
After a crappy series with the A's we were blessed with a visit by the Royals. For a while it looked like we were going to have a hard time with them. When it looked like we were about to lose the first game of the series good old Tek walked up and hit a grand slam that sealed the deal on that game. Way to go Tek. The next two games ended up being real thrillers that we one 1-0 and 1-0. Thank god our pitchers showed up that day since our offense seemed to miss the bus. Beckett was one of those who did a fine job. He and paperboy combined for a one hitter on Tuesday.
After our nice sweep of the Royals we had a one game make up series with the Rangers. Schilling got the W in a nice victory.
After that it was off to the west coast. If any of you were reading this blog last year, which I kinda doubt, you will remember that I really don't like it when the Sox go out west. It makes it really fricking hard to watch the games when they don't start until 10 local time. I'm an old man who works pretty hard and I just can't stay up that late. The west coast is a bummer. There is also the fact that when they go out there they tend to play a couple of series out there. Bummer.
Anyway. At the moment we are hanging out in Seattle. I really would like to live there. I think that and Boston are highest on the list of places I would like to live one day. Our three game set with the M's featured our dream pitching line up: Synder, some guy from Pawtucket, and Lester. Oyy. Lester really doesn't deserve my grief though, he has been playing well.
Synder got the win night one, night two did not go so hot, and night three was really interesting. I missed all of game 1 and 2 but did get to see parts of game three. The game was tied in the bottom of the 8th when the M's managed to take the lead on a in the park HR, yes, an inside the park HR. Bummer. Coco miss played the ball, Manny had a tough time handling it, and next thing you know the M's were up 8-7. Tek came up in the top of the ninth and cranked a very big HR to tie the game. Sadly Timlin could not hold on and the M's got a homer in the bottom of the ninth for the win. Thankfully the Yankees have been having a hard time in Toronto so we're still holding a 2.5 game lead on them. The Jay's are lurking not to far behind.
Next up is another series on the silly west coast. More games late at night, this time with the A's.

Sunday, July 16

Don't Look Now...

But after we drop the game with A's today we will be tied with the Yankees for first. Damn that was fast.
Our poor performance against the A's over the last 4 days hasn't helped our cuase. The first game was lost in extra innings. Loretta made a big error in the 7th which let the A's tie the game. Mr Tavarez gave up 2 runs in the 11th and we couldn't make up the difference. Not the best way to start things off after the break.
Friday night it got much worse. We lost 15-3. The score pretty much says it all. Plain and simple-UGLY. Beckett gave up 7 runs before he got booted and the bullpen did the rest of the work.
IN the funny sport that baseball is we came back on Saturday night and won 7-0. How can a team score 15 one night and turn around the next and score none? That's wacky.
Today we are losing 8-1 in the bottom of the ninth. It will take a really big inning by Papi to save this one.
We've got to do something about the 4 and 5 pitching slots. Lester looked OK on Friday but he throws a lot of pitches and can't seem to make it late in the game. Our big pick up from the Royals, Synder, is looking like he is going to get the loss today. No good.
Meanwhile the Yankees swept the White Sox and pretty much beat the crap out of them all weekend.
Thank god the Royals are coming to town tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 11

At the Break and a damn fine DMB show

Well the Sox have hit the All Star break with a nice record of 53-33 and 3 games up on the Yanks. We have definitely had our moments in the first half of the season but we played pretty damn well for the last 2 months. I like the 20 games over .500 part but I sure wish that number between us and the Yankees was higher. Ohh well. I think we have to keep doing what we are doing for the rest of the season. We need to shore up the starting lineup and get more consistency there. We need a solid #4 and #5 pitcher. Hopefully Clement will come back and play well but I've lost hope in Wells for the year. The bullpen could use some help in the middle. For god's sake, send Seanez down the single A, he sucks. We have to keep up the great D and keep scoring those runs. I think we'll win the AL East as long as we don't choke.
We managed to avoid the sweep against the D-Rays by scoring a pile of runs in the top of the ninth including a Papi grand slam. Then we went to Chicago and won two out of three. It looked like we were going to get the sweep in game 3 but it turned into a 19 inning loss with a few blown chances. Guess who got the loss? You guesssseeed it...Seanez. Oyyy.
Papi couldn't make it out of the second round in the HR derby. Tonight is the All Star game. I hope we win but other then that I am not that interested.
On a unrelated front last week was my journey to fenway to see Dave Matthews. It was an awful shame I couldn't see a baseball game but the concert was AMAZING! I've seen quite a few shows over the last 12 years but this was one of the best. It made it even better that I was standing in center field watching it all. Here's a few photo's:

Looking towards home from CF

DMB on the scoreboard

Damn do I not take good pictures. Me near the Monster.


Dave and the Boys rock out

Did I mention that jamming out in CF of Fenway and enjoying some damn good music was pretty amazing?

Me right near third base. Mr Lowell has made a few damn good plays right where I was standing. Nice.

Thursday, July 6

Up and Down..Up and Down

Well the Sox finished off their tour through the NL is a very nice fashion. We swept the Mets at Fenway including Pedro getting rocked. He is a wacky dude that Pedro. For some reason I don't feel nearly the resentment towards him that I do towards Damon. He actually got rocked in the game and went out in something like the third inning. That's not so cool. It would have been nice to see him pitch a good game but still lose.
We finished off inter-leauge action by takine 2 out of 3 from the Marlins. For some reason I couldn't get any of these games on Extra Innings not to mention it was a crazy birthday weekend so I'm not really sure what happened. I'm an old man at 30 now.
So we are now back into AL action and have managed to drop 3 in a row to the D-Rays to get it going. Baseball is such a wacky sport in that way. We were unbeatable for two weeks and now we can't be the D-Rays. Look at how the yankees lost by 18 one night then won by 12 or something the next. It's just wacky that way.
Hopefully we can pull the game out tonight so we don't get swept. Then it's off to Chicago for a tough weekend series before the break.
I'm headed to Fenway this weekend to see DMB. Should be fun.

Wednesday, June 28

More Winning and More Winning


I hate to sound like a broken record but that winning thing sure is fun!
After looking pretty awful about two weeks back the Sox have now won 10 games in a row.
First it was a three game sweep of the Braves. It looks like for the first time in centuries the Braves are not gonna make the playoffs this year. They are way behind the Mets in the NL East. All the games were kindaa close. Varitek helped win the first one and Papi and Youk helped win the second one. The third game was a pitching duel until it was handed over to the bullpen and then things got ugly. The offense just kept coming back and got the win.
Next on the chopping block was a three game sweep of the Nationals. None of these games were ever in doubt. The great thing about all the wins is that we are winning with a bunch of different pitchers. The first game of the Nats series was won by some guy we got from the Royals. John Lester has come in and now won three games. He's got some fire in him too.
Next up was the Phillies. The first game was a blowout that we won 10-2. Beckett looked the best he has all season including the fact that he retired the first 16 without a hitch. Manny had some home runs and we won yet again. Saturday and what ended up being Monday were both great extra innings games. Big Pappi proved on both occasions why he is the best clutch hitter there is right now. Saturday he won the game with a walk off HR and Monday he won the game with a walk off RBI. He is just the man.
Last night was the first game with the Mets and we took that one as well. Tonight Pedro returns to pitch at Fenway against Beckett. It's sure to be a pitchers duel to say the least. I'm sure we'll get some offense going to. The offense is clicking at every end of the lineup right now. It's just grand.
My only minor sadness about the whole thing is that even after winning 10 in a row we are only 3.5 games ahead of the Yankees. They have also been playing NL teams which neither of us seem to be having any problems with. The NL just doesn't seem very good this year at all.
The AL All Star team has 2 players who aren't from the Sox or the Yankees in the starting lineup. That's wacky.

Wednesday, June 21

Thanks to the coast guard

For fixing the sinking Sox ship. We have now one 5 in a row.
Nose surgery is no fun.

Thursday, June 15



Well things are not going well in the Red Sox camp, not well at all. Our once potent pitching rotation has turned into a one man show. Schilling is still doing well and pretty reliable. Beckett has taken a dive that began with a complete implosion at Yankess Stadium. Wells seems destined to be on the DL all year long. Clement can't get a win and is now getting an MRI. Wakefield is spotty and still gets no run support. Our fifth starter changes from Random Rookie #1 to Random Rookie #2 on a daily basis. Things are not good. The bullpen is also like a mash unit. Timlin is out, Foulke is out, and that leaves us with shitty bulpen guy #1 and dirty sanchez.
Ohh yeah, the offense seems to have gone MIA as well.
The Yanks took 2 out 0f 3 in the bronx. One of which was a complete shellacking.
We split a 4 game series with the Rangers. Really Texas should have won 3 out of 4 but Papi had some more late inning heroics to save the day. There was lots of rain. Texas in Boston seems to equal rain this year.
Now we have lost the first two too the twins and seem well on our way to losing a third. Tuesday night we lost the game in the 12th when Tavarez gave up a grand slam in the 12th. In general our bullpen pretty much blows right now.
Last night another stellar bullpen guy Manny Delcarmen gave up yet another grand slam and the offense was once again MIA. In the last game and 4/9 we have scored 2 runs. For what was once the most potent offense going that ain't good.
Today we traded David Riske (if I was a pitcher I would change that name) for minor leauge pitcher Javier Lopez. MINOR LEAGUE? How bout we get someone from the majors.
I am becoming convinced that the Jays are going to win the AL east as the Yankees are all over the place as well.
Watching the Sox is a lot more fun when there winning.

Tuesday, May 30

Trouble on the mound

The boys had a nice weekend 4 game sweep of the D-Rays. Once again I didn't get to watch any of the games except for a crappy wireless connection wathing the gamecast. It was the D-Rays though. Schilling got his 200th win out of the deal which was nice. There was alot of leaving people on base during the whole thing though. We seem to have a little problem with that. Coco even made it back to play on Sunday. Willy Mo is on the DL for a while and it looks like Wells will return to that as well. He game back Friday after being on the DL for quite a while only to get beaned in the knee. He pitched a very solid game up to getting pegged. Bummer.
What seemed like a plethora of starting pitchers has now turned into a real problem. Wells is probably going to miss a few more starts. That leaves us searching for that 5th starter again. Lenny D is also hanging out on the DL. At the moment there is not starting pitcher for tomorrow nights game. Clement also took a ball in the ankle last week. He pitched again last night and got roughed up again. That makes two outing in a row that he has looked less then great. In fact he looked pretty crappy and looked like he has no confidence. It also looks like he might be heading to the DL as well. Oyy Vey. Even though Clement left us big time in the hole we were able to come back and almost get the win. Final score was 7-6.
Tonight was another hit for the pitching morale. Beckett got roughed up giving up a pile (5?) of homeruns. He didn't make it out of the 5th. We could still come back and win but at the moment we are down 7-2 with the game in the hands of the bullpen.
Ohh and Timlin is also on the DL, putting more weight on the shoulders of Dirty Sanchez.
So that leaves Schilling pitching pretty well and Wake pitching some good games and some bad games.
We got to plug the pitching problems. There was also a good story in the BG about how a large portion of our wins are against the D-Rays and the O's but not a lot of wins against big time teams.
Come on boys.

Thursday, May 25

Grrr Squared

Well I didn't get my wish. We ended up losing the game last night. And we lost the game because of missed opportunities...again. All time Mr Clutch was up in the eighth with the bases loaded and he struck out, struck out looking. I think that they had a chance to tie things up in the seventh as well but weren't able to seal the deal. If these two loses against the Yankee JV game come back to haunt us that would be bad. With the sweep we would have been up in the season series 6-1, instead it's 4-3. Schilling and Beckett are both doing well on a pretty consistent basis on the pitching front. Clement, Wake, and DiNardo/Wells aren't doing so hot. Wells returns to action tomorrow night.
It's got to be frustrating for the players to know they really should have won those games and didn't. It's a long season though so I'm sure they don't dwell on things for too long.
Looks like Cucko for Coco Puffs wil be back next week. Hopefully he'll get red hot in the process.
I am still working late so it's been far to long since I have watched a good baseball game. Maybe next week, oh wait, I'll be working late then too.
My stupid TIVO didn't record Lost last night. Very sad.
Up 2-0 on the Rays. 2 runs on 7 hits. Beckett looks good through 3.

Wednesday, May 24


It bums me out when the Sox waste good oppurtunites. It just bums me out. Last year we ended up tied with the stupid Yankess and we lost the tie breaker by one game. So when we waste these chances I get bummed out.
Final score last night was 7-5. We left 13 people on base. That's no good. Of course I didn't get to see any of it because I was sitting in silly theater with a bad wireless connection. Damn theater. Every time I looked it seemed like we had someone in a postion to score, often someone in a postion to score with no outs. No one could come through with a clutch hit. Bummer.
Tonight we took a nice 2-0 lead in the first only to have Clement give up 4 in the second. Youk came back in the 2nd with another homer to tie the game up. I sure would like to win this game tonight. Randy J is sucking it up big time so it would be nice to take advantage of that.
More to come

Tuesday, May 23

More Winning

Winning is so much fun.
Saturday we had our way with the Phillies once again. The coolest thing about it all is that Mr Beckett pitched a hell of a game AND hit a homerun. I love it when pitchers hit a homer, it's just so out of place. That's got to make the other pitcher feel really odd. The offense is getting spread all around these days. Beckett with him homer and another RBI, Trot had a key RBI, and Gonzalez hit a two run shot.
Sunday was Lenny D pitching, I had my money on a loss and I was right. He is not so good. He didn't make it through 4 innings. Abe "I look very goofy" Alvarez, Dirty Sanchez, and Tavarez didn't really help. I continue to ask, what is the point of Dirty Sanchez and Tavarez?
Last night we played to Yankess, or at least the team calming to be the Yankees. I had a late meeting so I was listening to the game on the way home (god I love XM). They kept saying people's names that came up to bat and I was like who???? I ain't complaining about that though. They are a very injury riddled team at the moment. We really have to take advantage of that and build up as many games of seperation as we can. You know it won't be long until they go out and bring in someone else for a nice pile of money. So last night we kicked to crap out of the Spankee's. Hooray for us. The final score made the game look a lot closer then it really was. Papi and Manny both had 3 RBI's to aid in the scoring affair. The hitting was spread all around, lot's of people got key hits. Schilling had a very nice evening. I like him much better this year. Foulke came in and tried to give the Yankess the game like the Mets did last Saturday. It was 9-1 in the ninth until Foulke gave up 4 runs just like that. He was able to get out of it eventually.
Tonight Wake takes the mound as we look to build on our 2.5 game lead. The only time that lead will ever be big enough is when we are up by 15 games with 16 to go.
I laugh at the Yanks and there current problems. Ha Ha.
Well except for Hedeki. I feel bad for him. He actually wrote a letter apologizing for getting hurt.
Speaking of getting hurt how about that whole Barbero deal? I think it's pretty cool how he seems to be doing a couple days after he almost got sent to horse heaven.
Hooray for him.
I really don't get to watch any of this Yankee beating, I mean series because of work. Silly Theater.

Saturday, May 20

I'm a slacker.

I've said it before and I'll say it again-winning is much more fun then losing

Sorry about the little break in the action. It's been a tough week at work.
So after we beat the crap out of the yankees we lost to them once and beat them once. I don't remember much more then that.
Randy Johnson is pretty much awful. The Yanks are having a tough go of things at the moment. The injury bug has bitten them badly. Matsui is out for a long time, Roids poster boy Shefield is on the DL, half there pitchers are hurt, Posada is hurt and so is Matsui's back up..bubba. Ohh well. I'm really sad for them.
After the Yanks we were supposed to play the Rangers. God apparently had other ideas. Out of the three games one kinda got played. That one was in the rain and only last 6 innings. We lost though. The other two were cancelled because New England turned into a lake.
Then it was off to Baltimore for a three game stint. I went to the game on Monday night. I have not been to ton's of baseball stadiums around the country but I have to say that Camden Yards really is a great place to watch a game. This is especially true when you get seats on the club level. There is great food everywhere, the seats are great, and if you are really feeling lazy you can even get waitress service. Even though I was in Baltimore I was surrounded by Sox fans and a huge group of Japanesee tourists. Beckett pitched a gem. He gave up 2 hits in seven innings and at one point retired like 13 in a row. The offense was kicking and we won 11-1 or something like that. Willy Mo went yard. Hooray for offense.
We won on Tuesday night although I slept through half the game. I sure am tired lately. We finally lost to the O's on Wednesday night. It was there first time beating us in 14 games or so. Ohh well.
Now we are doing that whole inter-league thing with a visit to Philly. We won last night 5-3 on a homer fest. Loretta hit a 2 run shot, Tek had a solo shot, and Papi had a 2 run shot to give us the win. Clement pitched solid which was nice to see. Foulke, Timlin, and Paperboy did the job for the pen.
Things are definitely looking up for the Sox. We are leading the Yanks by a game and a half. Our defense is the best in the majors which is really great. Loretta and Lowell were great pickups. Other then Dirty Sanchez and Willy "I like to hit people with baseballs" Tavarez our pitching staff is doing great. Willy Mo is coming around and I hear the equipment manger is doing hs best work ever. Let's hope we can keep it up!
The Yanks lost to the Mets last night in the bottom of the ninth and are losing right now. Mariano ain't doing much for em this year. Excuse me while I go cry big tears.

Monday, May 15

1 Ticket for Tonight

I have one ticket for tonights game with the O's.
E-mail me and maybe you can hanve it.

Wednesday, May 10

A lovely stomping in the Bronx

Last night the Red Sox looked un-beatable and the Spankees looked like a last place team. It was a lot of fun.
The Big Unit didn't even last four inning and gave up 6ish runs. Can you tell that I am not as good at the details as some other folks are? I could go back and find all the right info on some web page somewhere but really I just like to give a vague summary. Anyway. Unit got rocked as did the rest of the pitching staff. Beckett started off slow but finished hot. He retired 11 in a row at one point. We got a lot of offense from all kinds of people. Gonzalez hit a 3 run shot that was a rocket. Loretta broke the game open. He was at 3-0 against the unit with Papi on deck. Everyone thought he would be watching the pitch go by for the chance to get Papi up. Instead of that he swung away and ripped a shot by fag rod that scored 2. Manny hit a monster shot in the 6 or the 7th and we added on some more runs in the 8th to really seal the deal. The Spankees had 3 errors on the night, they had the same number of runs. Fag-Rod had 2 and some new guy in right totally dropped a ball with two outs that led to 2 runs. Ha Ha Ha. Brokeback Jeter was striking out all over the place. Final score was 14-3, it was very nice.
I think it is so funny to watch Yankee stadium empty if the Spankees are losing. In the 6th it looked like half the fans had left. By the 7th that was up to 3/4 and I think the 8th and 9th were just the Red Sox fans. That is kinda of sad. I don't think you would ever see that at Fenway. Tells you how fair weather a lot of their fans are.
Tonight is Schilling vs Mussina. Something tells me we won't see as many runs as we did last night.
Next time I'll look back at my trip to Yankee Stadium last night which was truly awful.

Monday, May 8

Hooray for the Sweep!

Well after that Yankee fest I have been slacking a bit in blog land. Life has been crazy, but hey, what's new.
The 2nd game of the series with the Yankees got called because of rain. So now they will play a day night double header sometime in August.
the Jays came to town and we spilt a two game set with them. The first game was a big back and forth battle that ended in Paperboy giving up his first run of the season and getting his first loss of the season. Ohh well. We took game 2 off a solid performance by Clement.
Then the O's came to town for the weekend. Millar got a nice hand which is really great. Friday night was more good work from Schill and Papi sealed the deal with a bases loaded double. Hooray for winning. Saturday Wakefield finally got some help from the offense. 5 runs in the second inning pretty much sealed the deal and Wake finally got a win. Sunday was another route fest that began with Tek hitting a grand slam in the first. Final score was 10-3. The good thing to me about the whole weekend was that we put up 25 runs in three games. I like offense. Willy Mo is getting so good clutch hits as are Loretta and Lowell. Our defense continues to be very solid. Lenny Dinardo got his first win on Sunday. Good for him.
Now it's off to the Bronx for a three game series. The rotation got all turned around. Beckett is pitching tomorrow night, then Schilling and Wake on Thursday.
Another sweep would be just grand.

Monday, May 1

We got the one hit

Well I guess it was two. Loretta put us ahead with a single up the middle and then Papi sealed the deal. He hit a nice three run HR on a night when it didn't look like anyone was going to hit a HR. The wind was wicked and knocking balls down all over the place. Papi got just enough to hit the ball into the glove of Paperboy warming up. Yeah Papi.
wake looked much more comfortable with Mirabelli back. Timlin and Paperboy did another stellar job of finishing things off.
We got the one hit we needed to get a big one on May 1.
Yeah for winning.

3-3 Middle of the 8th

Once again we are stranding people on base left and right but as the ESPN guys keep saying as the guys on XM were saying today, were only one hit away. We left the bases loaded in the bottom of th 7th. We'll get there.
Our defense is top notch though. Loretta just made a great stop to get Giambi at first and then Youk got Brokeback Jeter at 2nd after he took too big a turn. There have been quite a few good defensive plays by the boys tonight.
Mirabelli is looking just grand catching. Nice work.

Traitor Johnny comes to town

Well the second coming of Johnny is here. The traitor has returned.
He actually got a pretty cordial welcome from the fans at Fenway. He tipped his hat to the fans and then popped out to right. Good god does he look like a idiot with his new spikey haircut. What a wacko. When he got to the outfield there was lot's of heckling and the crowd chanted Traitor. I liked that.
It's cold in Boston tonight, I like that as well.
In really good news we have re-acquired Doug Mirabelli from San Diego. THANK GOD. He arrived at the ball park at like 7:00, got dressed in the car, and came out to the dugout at about 7:05. He waved to his buddies then went to warm up with Wake. Now that's cool. He was smiling like a drunk in a liquor store. He was very happy. Good for him. The funniest thing about it is the Yanks knew we were going after him so they put in an offer as well just to try and keep him away from us. Silly gooses.
We left the bases the first. We did manage to get one run and we lead 1-0 after 1 1/2. We didn't give up a bunch of runs in the first which is better then we have been doing lately.
I miss Boston.

Stung by the Rays

So that was not a good weekend in the Trop. What a bizarre stadium by the way. Why do you have a dome in Florida?
We dropped 2 out of 3 to the Rays and dropped 7 out of 10 on the road trip all together.
Friday night tasted like vomit. We sucked. Clement looked very average. Of course there is the fact that the last time he played in the Trop he got beaned in the head. That could have something to do with it. Or maybe it was the fact that we left 14 people on base including twice with the bases loaded. Bleck. Let's move on.
Saturday we got the win with a nice come back in the ninth. I had turned the game off to watch a movie since the beginning of the game we looked just as crappy as we did Friday night. I guess that was good. I guess I should watch more movies when the Sox are playing crappy. When I turned the game back on we were winning. Good deal. We were helped a lot by there not so good bullpen. We actually tied the game on a walk. Tek got the winning run in for us. Winning is so much more fun then losing. But you can't have it all right?
Sunday afternoon was more dreck baseball for the Sox. Kazmir looked like a three time Cy young winner as he struck out Red Sox after Red Sox. I think he ended up with ten overall. Good for him. Schilling had a pretty going outing that went for nothing. He struck out nine on his own. Once again he got no help from the offense.
Then Tito pulled another head scratcher. In the 7th he replaced Schill with my favorite pitcher. That's right, he gave the Rays the old Dirty Sanchez. I was in my car listening to the XM at that point and I just started screaming. WHY TITO! WHY! With the windows down I got some funny looks. As predicted Seanez pitched like garbage and, you many want to sit down for this, he gave up some runs. He did strike out three but what counted was the one guy he walked and the other who hit the home run. He should be shipped to Single -AAA. He sucks. He's awful. He brings nothing good to the table. Grrrr.
We did manage to make it really close in the ninth and we really should have pulled ahead. We had the bases loaded with two outs. Ohh well.
Next post-The Yankees come to town.

Friday, April 28


Not a good three days in Cleveland. Not at all.
Game 1 we came out with the W after some late inning heroics by Manny. His three run shot in the 7th or 8th ended up being the game winner. That bad part of that day was that Schilling threw something like 133 pitches and was not quite as sharp as had had been in the earlier part of the season. Final score was 8-6.
Wednesday night was another rough one for Wake. He is definitely off to a slow start this season. I'm sure it has something to do with the cold. The biggest blunder was a three run homer he gave up in the first inning. Mr Bard had some more trouble catching the ball and once again the offense didn't help him at all. I think every game that wake has lost this year we have only scored one or two runs. Bard's passed balls lead to a run or two. Final Score was 7-1.
Then there was last night. Double Ouch. Final Score 15-3. Basically nothing went right at all. Beckett gave up a grand slam in the first inning then two more home-runs before he was yanked in the 4th inning. We couldn't get any calls to go our way and had at least 2 errors. Then there is the fact that 6 of the runs were runners that got on base by walking. We gave up 9 walks total on the night. Not so good.
I think the last three days have really highlighted some problems. Our offense is very iffy. Of course Manny, Papi, Tek, and Nixon will provide but what about the rest of the gang? Willie Harris is batting below .100, Cora is around .150, and so is Gonzalez. There is not a lot of production in the bottom of the line up. Youk is doing a fine job as the lead off guy but we really need Coco back. Last year I used to think we could come back from any deficit, now we get down by three and I start worrying.
When our starting pitchers don't kick butt for 6 or 7 innings we get in trouble. Dirty Sanchez the bullpen man is useless and should be sent to single A. He sucks. Tavarez seems ok but not great. Foulke, Timlin, and Paperboy are holding there own but there is only so much they can do when the starting pitcher get's roughed up.
It's early so I'm sure things will turn around. I can see a lot of mid-season trading action this year.
the Yankees are creeping up on us.
Hopefully a weekend series at Tampa Bay will help us get our spirits up.
Can't wait to see what happens to Damon.

Monday, April 24

A week from tonight

One week from tonight our old friend Johnny Damon returns to Fenway in what I'm sure will be a fun evening for him. I'm actually curious how he is going to be treated. I'm pretty sure he is going to get booed beyond all belief but part of me thinks it might be a mixed bag. Some booing and some cheering. Who knows. If I was there I would definitely be booing.
We lost the last game of the series with the D-Rays.
We lost two out of three to Toronto who seems to be our nemesis this year. We were up 6-2 on Friday but the pen blew the lead. With 2 outs in the 11th Tito pulled Foulke for Dirty-Sanchez guy which I knew meant we were going to lose. That guy ain't done jack for us all year. He sucks. Send him to single A.
Following the long game on Friday night no one showed up for the Saturday afternoon game. Lenny D got rocked in the first inning and we only managed to get one run in. Bahh. If only we still had Bronson.
We got the W on Sunday with a nice pitching outing by Clement, Foulke, Timlin, and Paperboy. Speaking of Paperboy he made some silly bet with someone and now has the Mohawk that Ricky Vaughn had in Major league. It's pretty damn silly. Papi had a 2 run HR as well as his first ever bunt for a base hit. It's pretty smart really when you think about the big ass shift everyone is always putting on him.
Now it's off to Cleveland for what is sure to be a tough series. They are playing well at the moment.

Wednesday, April 19

Stern Saves the Day

A Fine Snow Cone Catch Saves The Day

Thank god for Rule 5 guy Adam Stern. Total side note-What the hell is a rule 5 player anyway? What a weird concept that seems like.
Anyway I did not get to see last nights game because our stupid cable was out. Thanks a lot to the top notch work by the cox cable guy who unplugged my cable while putting some one else's in. As Jere would say..Terrible Job.
From what I can tell the opener with the Rays was a back and forth game. They would take the lead and then we would come right back. Youk put us up for good in the 8th but then Paperboy had his first tough outing of the year. He loaded the bases off one hit and two walks. Then there was a line drive to center that Mr Stern took a chance on and he made this great catch that is shown above. Defense is definitely something that we seem to be doing better with this year.
Mr Schilling is in the process of getting another win tonight as the Sox are taking care of the D-Rays at the moment 9-1. The D-rays have 4 errors. Oucch.

Tuesday, April 18

Some good pitching, some bad pitching, and some offense

This whole having to work really hard all the time thing makes keeping up with the blog very hard. It was much easier last year when I only kinda had to work. Oyy.
The home opening series with the Blue Jays didn't turn out so well for the Sox. Beckett got the start on opening day and turned in another fine game. I love his emotion. It's cool. The game also featured and amazing double play. Loretta slapped the ball out of the air to Gonzalez who completed the double play to Youk. It realy was a thing of beauty. The two other two games of the series were not so hot on the pitching front. Wells got rocked in his first start. It was over after the 1st inning. Clement had an off night the next night as he gave up a pile of runs. Both losses ended up being closer then they really were.
The Mariners came to town for a four game weekend set including the Patriots day game. We won 3 out of 4 which ain't bad at all. Schilling and Beckett both gave solid pitching performance's again. They both improved to 3-0. Wakefield pitched a complete game on Saturday but got no help from the offense so he got the L. Sad for him. Monday was supposed to be Mr Donut Eater Wells but he is back on the DL so Lenny DiNardo got his second start ever. He did pretty well. He was helped by the offense though. Every time he fell behind he boys came back in the next inning to make things even again. We fell behind by 1 in the 8th on an unearned run and I thought the game was over with the bottom of the lineup batting in the 9th. Things seemed to be going as I thought when we got two quick strikeouts. Then youk scrapped out a single and I got some hope. I was hoping loretta would walk or get a nice single so we could get Papi to the plate. He did better then that. He sent a two run game winning shot over the green monster to seal the deal. Nice work.
So after two weeks of the season we're 9-4 on top of the AL East. Can't really complain about that. Also can't complain about the Yankees in last place.
I'm very jealous of Mr Jere. He gets to go to lot's of cool baseball games. For Patriots day he went to the Sox game and to see Pedro at Shea. Must be nice.
Tonight the Devil Rays come to town. Hopefully we can go the whole series without getting into a fight with them

Tuesday, April 11

Weekend Sweep

The Sox are looking just fine here in the very part of the season. I had my doubts going into it but I am pretty impressed so far.
Friday night in Baltimore should have been sponsored by some sort of charity. They would have made a lot of money off of all the walking that was going on. The O's had 6 walks in the first inning alone and there was lot's of runs that scored due to walks for the whole night. The final score was 14-8. The only bad part of the game was the 8 runs that we gave up late. Clement pitched a very solid game into the 7th and then he gave up 4 runs. Some new reliever guy came in for the 8th and also gave up 4 runs. That was not exciting. We did win though, that's nice.
Saturday was an interesting event. It was crappy and rainy to say the least. Trisha and I had great seats on the right field line. The game was supposed to start at 4:30 but was delayed until 6pm. Trisha had a bad reaction to something and we had to leave after the first inning. Schilling pitched another great game and we won a 2-1 pitching duel. Paperboy did another fine job closing the game out.
Sunday was Wake's chance at redemption from last week and he did very well. He gave up a run in the first then was rock solid. He even go out of some pretty tight jams including one where the O's had runners on 1st and 3rd with no out. He struck out the next three. Foulke pitched a solid 8th inning and Paperboy closed it out again.
The 5-1 Sox open the Fenway season today with Beckett pitching. Should be a lovely Tuesday in Boston.

Friday, April 7

Paperboy Delivers

Great game on Wednesday night with the Rangers. After Wake's sad pitching performance on Tuesday I was hoping to see some good stuff from Beckett. He sure did that. He gave up a run early but after that he was pretty dominating. I think the thing I liked the best was that he was showing a lot of emotions. There were several innings that he ended with a lot of fist pumping and screaming. That was good. Timlin was a little shakey but got through it. Manny helped make a nice play at home that saved the Rangers from tying the game. Paperboy came is as the closer and was solid as a rock. He struck out two (I think) and got the other one out on a fly ball. He looked very good as the closer. He also showed some nice emotional outbursts which I liked seeing.
The offense was provided by a 2-run HR by Trot.
The Rangers had some good pitching Tuesday and Wednesday. The 6-6 tall guy that was pitching on Wednesday did very well.
Manny has definitely not hit his stride yet. I think it's the hair and the goatee.
Two Side notes today: I got DMB tickets at Fenway. Hooray. I got the VIP package so we get a nice area with food and a bar. Should be fun. Looking forward to going back to Boston. It would be nice to see the Sox but you can't have everything.
I'm wearing my new Damon He Sold His Soul T-Shirt that I got from Chowdaheadz. Very nice.
Tomorrow it's off to Baltimore to see Schilling pitch against the Orioles. It's looking like a pretty crappy day weather wise but it will still be a fun day. I hope Miller gets some nice cheers.
The Yankees lost an error-filled game on Wednesday. Ohh darn.

Wednesday, April 5

A good one and a bad one

Well two games are over for the 2006 season.
Game 1 went very very well. Schilling pitched great and left the Rangers scratching their heads. That was good to see. Much of the offense was provided by Papi and Tek so that was also good to see. I forgot how great it is when Papi hit's a homerun. It is very fun.
Game 2 didn't go so well. Wake got rocked in the first inning and that was pretty much the end of that. The very angry looking Rangers pitcher was all over the Sox batters. Manny looked pretty clueless and I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of the new look. The dyed dreads and the goatee is an interesting combo.
I pretty much gave up on the game in the 6th.
It is great to have baseball back and even better to hear Rem Dog and Jerry on NESN.
Tonight we get our first look at Beckett. Hopefully it goes better then last night.
Schiling is pitching on Saturday. That should be cool.

Monday, April 3


Tek doubles in Papi and Trot. Hoo-ya.

And Away we go

The sox and their new lineup start the season today at 2:05 against the Rangers. Schilling takes the mound.
Good luck to us.
Here's today's lineup.
1. Coco Crisp CF
2. Mark Loretta 2B
3. David Ortiz DH
4. Manny Ramírez LF
5. Trot Nixon RF
6. Jason Varitek C
7. Mike Lowell 3B
8. Kevin Youkilis 1B
9. Alex Gonzalez SS
P—Curt Schilling


Friday, March 31


So it seems like the Sox have made their depth chart for the start of the season. Holy Wow what a difference a year makes. I think I call the infield "The infield of Strangers", or at least I will for a little while. It will be very interesting to see how this team develops it's chemistry and how they all interact with each other. I sure hope they can find some of the same spark/wildness that the team has had in the last few years.
I don't care if it's pre-season, our 8-19 mark is depressing.
Bronson stuck it to us yesterday, good for him.
Finally ordered Extra Innings. Hoorary for Extra Innings.
As far as I can tell I'm either going to see Wells or Schilling pitch next Saturday. It will be cool to see how all the Sox fans at Fenway South treat Millar. I'm sure he will get lot's of cheers.

Tuesday, March 28

The Sox Take to the Ring

I would just like to say that I am very scared of the first Sox/Spankees series that Tavarez pitches in might be a scary one. I would like to go on the record with that right now.
So two days in a row the Sox got involved with bench clearing brawls. The first against the Phillies and the 2nd against the D-Rays. The Phillies one seemed like it might have actually been waranted. From what I read about Mr Tavarez and the punches that he threw that one seems like it might have been a little out of line. I can only imagine what might happen with him in a heated game in the Bronx. Oyyyy.
Graffanio is now back with the Royals. Another solid player who enjoyed his time in Boston bites the dust. Is there going to be anyone starting in the infield that was with the team last year?
We are still doing a lovley job of losing in the pre-season. Hopefully that tide will change.
A week from yesterday is opening day. Even better then that is a week from Saturday I am seeing the Sox in Baltimore (aka Fenway south). I got to get my Damon devil t-shirt from chowdaheadz before that.
On a random side note Dave Matthews has been my fave band since 1994. It was announced that they are going to play Fenway in July. Fortunately I am a memember of the little fan club that might help me to actually be able to get tickets to one night. Please pray for me. That would be a very cool 30th birthday.

Wednesday, March 22

More on Bronson and Such

So as I sit here in another exciting theatrical tech rehearsal I have been thinking about this whole Bronson thing a lot. Jere brought up a great point that I had forgotten about. Cornrow Boy had gone against the wishes of his agent when he signed his last deal with the Sox. His agent felt like he was taking no where near enough $$ from the Sox. Bronson wanted to saty in Boston and ot go anywhere else so he took the deal to stay in Boston. He loved it there. It was like the exact opposite of what happened with Johnny Damon. Cornrow boy was rewarded with his loyalty to the Sox by getting taded to the rocking Reds of Cincy. What a deal. I feel sorry for the poor guy. I've never really understood how that makes athletes feel when they get traded like that. It must be quite a shocker sometimes. When us avergae joe's move we usually plan for a while and take everything into account. Athletes have a few days. Of course they make a lot more then the average smoe so that probablly helps.
So I'll miss Cornrow boy. With the over abundance of pitching something was going to happen. Maybe Papi could give himself cornrows as a tribute to Bronson!
Hopefully Willy Mo can hit the ball onto the interstate like Manny did last year.
There's a very interesting little thing on about all the parts of the 2004 team and how many are gone now. It is a bit on the depressing side actually. Hopefully this new group of players can put it all together and become a magical baseball team again. The most interesting thing is that at the end there is ap ole to vote on which member of that team you would want back the most. Cabrerra, Damon, Pedro, or Nomar. Cabrerra was leading the pack with Damon and Nomar bringing up the rear. I think that tells you a lot about how people feel about Damon right now. I can't wait until that first Yankees/Sox game at Fenway when they boo the living crap out of him.
Almost time for the regular season. Yeah..Hooray.

Monday, March 20

So Long Cornrow Boy

It was fun.
I'll miss your cornrows.

Friday, March 17


Well the Sox ain' exactlly kicking butt in the pre-season. In fact they seem to have quite a hard time putting together a win at all. I know it's just the pre-season but it's kinda hard not to get a little nervous. I guess I am really missing the fact that Papi hasn't played, Manny has barely played, and many other folks are getting tryouts. So I guess I should stop being such a negative nancy.
I still think our pitching is really gonna be hot this year. Schilling and Beckett are looking good so far and it's pretty hard not to have faith in Wake. Bronson seem's to be the trouble spot at the moment and seems headed for the bullpen, he has even said that publicly. I think Clement will be the other starter and paperboy will also end up in the pen.
Hopefully we'll get some offense going and win a bunch. Winning is fun, third place is not.
The US is out of the WBC. I think that was quite a waste of time. It has taken all those players away from their teams and getting ready for the season. Now we can get Tek back at least. I think that Dominican is going to win it all so it will be a bit before we get papi back in action.
Couple more weeks and I get the see the Sox at Baltimore..horray for that.

Tuesday, February 21

Spring is here

Could this starting rotation be the key to the season?

So maybe I was a little bitter back in December about the whole Damon thing. I think it was angst that was legit. Damon has definitely dropped in my mind.
The biggest thing that happened while I was in blogging hiatus was the good old Theo has returned to the team. With the exception of a few individuals within the organization I don't think we'll ever really know what happened with that whole thing. I'm just glad he's back because we were making a real mess of things with the whole Tag Team GM deal. Hopefully he has put his gorilla suit away for a while.
To replace Mr Traitor we picked up Coco Crisp. I remember when I was playing the Indians on the X-box last year I always had a good time making fun of his name. Know I'm happy he's here, although I am still not high on having the same name as a chocolate cereal. I saw some comparison stats of him and Traitor a while back and he was actually a little better then Johnny in a lot of ways. I can see him and Manny having a good old time.
Speaking of Manny, he is still with the team but hasn't reported to camp yet. He is working hard and getting in shape for the season? Shouldn't he have done that in January. Ohh well. As long as he does come back and hit the ball all over the place and do funny things with Coco and Pappi I'm happy.
It will be a new look team this year, that's for sure. Youk at first, Grafanino at second, someone new at short and third, Nixon, Manny, and Coco in the outfield and good old Tek behind the plate.
I think we're gonna have a pretty rocking starting rotation too. Schilling is looking like he is in shape and ready to kick some ass. Cornrow boy is back to kick some but and so is Clement. I'm sure that Mr Wells will do a fine job. Wakefield is Wakefield and his knuckle floater will continue to keep people guessing. With the addition of Beckett that gives us 6 quality pitchers by my count. You also got Paperboy in there too so that makes 7. Sounds like someone is going to end up in the bullpen. Sounds like we will do all right for pitching though.
Foulke is back and seems to be better. He is still biter though. He's salty.
Then there's some other folks floating around.
After the whole Damon thing I didn't have a lot of hope for this season but now I am feeling pretty good about it. I think we got a good chance. The yankees have offense of course with there team made of all stars but do they have the pitching to match it.
I'd like to win it all. Hopefully Theo and the gang feel the same too.
I'm much busier at work these days but hopefully I'll have a chance to keep up with this at a decent pace like I did in the beginning last year. I've got tickets to two series in Baltimore which should be fun. I also look forward to going to see the Nats and the Yankees and heckling the crap out of Damon.