Tuesday, May 31

A lovely Weekend in NYC for the Sox...The trip home gets off to a rocky start

Weekends mean that I don't really get into the blogging news. So here's the run down of the last few games.
Although we had a good weekend in NYC I am still having mixed feelings about where the boys are headed this year. Sometimes I think we are unbeatable, sometimes I think I could hit a homerun off our pitchers. That would be quite a feat. I guess I just really need to adjust to the fact that we aren't gonna win them all and that it is going to be an up and down season.
Damn emotions.
Monday Game
BALTIMORE 8 (31-19)

BOSTON 1 (27-23) LOST 1

After two days of sizzling bats in the Bronx everything went pretty quiet last night as the boys finally got back to Fenway for a while. Pitching once again proved to be our downfall as Arroyo-Acornrow got rocked. He said later in the press that he felt like he was pitching in batting practice and that the O's seemed to know what was coming. Hmmm. That's not so good. After his little suspension things have gone a little downhill and he hast lost his last two starts. That after he hadn't lost in lie 17 starts. Maybe he should go back to the silly white boy with cornrows looks. The game was really over when he gave up a grand slam to one of the O's worst hitters. Oyyyy.
We didn't do too much of that whole hitting thing. I guess we used up all our hits for a few days. It was never really a game as the O's lead from the first inning and the Sox could not get anything going.

BOSTON 7 (27-22) WON 2
YANKEES 2 (27-23)

Two wins in a row in the Bronx taste very sweet. It does make me very sad when the Sox play within walking distance of my house and I can't go. Ahh if only I was rich and connected. Maybe I'll try and find my way into one of the other Sox games in the Bronx this summer. That would be grand.
This was a good game. We went up 2-0 in the first inning after a MONSTER HR by Big Pappi. It landed in the middle of the upper deck. That is quite a shot. Then big old David Wells strolled out to the mound for his part of the first inning. Jeter gets a lead off homerun and then Sheffield gets another one. All the sudden it is 2-2. I think a large portion of Red Sox nation was grumbling and saying that Wells might be past his prime. I was thinking if there was anyone good we could trade him for. Then he turned it all around. He pitched a hell of a game after that including several innings with pitch counts of less then ten.
The offense continued to look great. At one point Renteria, Ortiz, and Manny were 8-8 with a bunch of RBI's. Pappi hit another very long homerun and Edgar "ok maybe I don't really suck balls" Renteria hit one as well. It was a lovely game and it is always nice to hear the "LET's GO RED SOX" chants drowning out the Yankees fans.

BOSTON 17 (26-22) WON 1
YANKEES 1 (27-22)

A Saturday afternoon romp in the Bronx. 27 hits the boys had in the day. Renteria had a grand slam, there were Red Sox rounding the bases on a regular basis, most Yankee fans had left by the 7th inning. It was great.
Clement pitched another great game. He is really doing well. He needs to shave the bush that he has growing on his chin. It is UGGGGLLLLY.

BOSTON 3 (25-22) LOST 4
YANKEES 6 (27-21)

Remember how I had been keeping track of the left on base thing for the Sox. Last night was a classic example: LOB-13. 13 damn guys in grey jerseys that say Boston on the front hopelessly left wandering around a dirt path in the Bronx. Bummer.
This was definitely a game we should have won. Missed opportunities all around. The boys were up 3-1 in the sixth when they had two men tagged out at home for back to back outs. Instead of extending the lead and putting it out of reach for the Bombers we let them stick around. IN the next inning Gary "could I be anymore annoying when I stand at the plate moving my bat all around?" Sheffield hit a big time 3 run homer that basically put and end to this game.
I missed most of this game and that is probably a good thing. I would have ended up throwing things all over the place.
I hate leaving men on base like the Sox do. It sucks. I wonder if there is a stat line for that and if we would be leading the majors if there was?

Friday, May 27

Hate to Say I Told You So But.......

BOSTON 1 (25-21) LOST 3
TORONTO 8 (26-21)
I think if you look back a few posts when the Yankess where sucking the big one you will see that I was talking about how I wish the Sox were winning more games and building a bigger lead on the damn Yankees. Now it's few week later. The Yankees can't seem to lose and the Sox have a pretty hard time winning. After hanging out in second place for almost the whole season we are no in 4th place with only the damn Devil Rays behind us. What the hell is going on?
Last nights game was yet another pitching stinker. Wade Miller got rocked for 6 runs in the first inning and only lasted until the Second. When your down 6-0 after the bottom of the first it is hard to come back. We had little to no offense and the game was never in doubt for the Jays. The only time we threatened was when we loaded the bases in the 6th with one out. Take a wild guess what happened next? You guessed it, Payton hit into a double play. Rally/Game Over.
We got swept in Toronto.
We are in fourth place for the first time at this point in the season since 1997.
Schilling sounds like he won't be back until after the All Star Break.
Foulke is making mysterious trips to Alabama that may or may not involve having his shoulder looked at.
Manny is cold.
The pitching that was serving us so well a week ago has fallen apart.
The boys just look lethargic and crappy. There doesn't really seem to be much of a spark.
To top it all off we are headed into a three game series with the RED HOT Yankees in the Bronx. To say my hopes aren't high for the weekend would be an understatement.
Wakefield takes the mound for us tonight. He usually has his best stuff against the Yankees but he has definitely not looked all that hot in his recent days. We'll see.
We need some good wins, that's for sure. The media in Boston is definitely circling.
After a three week stint in the Bronx we go home to face the league leading Orioles for 4 game set.
If we aren't careful a week from now we could easily be ten games back from the Orioles and 4 games behind the Yankees. Of course if things go well we could be back in second place and nipping at the O's heals. Only time will tell. The road has not been good to us at all this year so getting back to Fenway will be a very good thing.
I am getting a little nervous. Have I metioned how stressful this whole following the whole season is?
I would like to post a picture but I can't seem to make this Hello thing work. Bummer.
God I hope the Red Sox can get it together for this weekend.

Thursday, May 26

Don't Look Now

BOSTON-1 (25-20) LOST 2

TORONTO-6 (25-21)

Don't look now but the Yankees are a half game behind us after we had another pretty crappy ass game last night. We were never really in it after Brosno hit the first batter of the game. We looked like crap.
If we lose tonight we will go into the weekend series with the Yankees in 4th place with only Tampa Bay in our rear view mirror. That is not ok in my book.
Someone has finally stepped up and said the boys need to get their act together. Johnny Damon had some good things to say.

"We need to win [Thursday]," Damon said about the series finale against the Blue Jays, who have taken the first two games of this three-game set. "It's a must-win. We need to get back to that stage where every game is a must-win instead of saying, 'Oh, we'll be OK,' because it's a different year. We need to start looking at every game like we have to win."

I don't like the mediocre Red Sox. I like the good Red Sox. It will be very good for the team to get back to Fenway next week.
Hey it could be worse. We could be the Astros (Trisha's Favorite Team). They really suck.
I like Canada. I just wish the Red Sox would play better there then they have this year.

Wednesday, May 25


BOSTON-6 (25-19) LOST 1

TORONTO-9 (24-21)

I hate losing. It stinks. A lot.

Wells didn’t do so hot, the bullpen did even worse.

We are starting to have the look of a team who likes to play mediocre baseball. ICK.
LOB-4 Not so bad.


Monday, May 23

The Tomahawk Chop Should Be Banned

ATLANTA 3 (23-18)

BOSTON 4 (24-17) WON 1

The first venture of the season into inter-leauge play was a very good one for the Sox. Wade Miller pitched a great game and got the win. Foulke tried his hardest to give it away but managed to get the save. I like winning so much better then losing. Have I mentioned that?

New state line to watch for the season-Men Left on Base-8.

ATLANTA 7 (24-18)

BOSTON 5 (24-18) LOST 1

I like winning, I don’t like losing. Tim Wakefiled just didn’t really have it tonight and the Braves just kept building a bigger and bigger lead. We made a good effort of it towards the end and even had the game tieing run at the plat in the ninth but it didn’t work out and we got the loss. The same problem we have been having recently was in full force tonight. We put lots of men on base but didn’t really seem to want them to score.


ATLANTA 2 (24-19)

BOSTON 5 (25-18) WON 1

Matt Clement was bloody great today as he pitched the first complete game for the Sox all season. Except for a little hiccup in the 4th inning he really pitched a gem. Seven strikeouts, 4 hits, and 2 runs. A very nice outing to say the least. In the early part of the game it really seemed like we were in for the same old same old. We put lots of people on base but couldn’t seem to get them to score. Edgar “I really suck balls” Renteria struck out with bases loaded and two outs in the 2nd. The Braves where able to get there first and second guys they put on base to score. If only we could do that sometimes. Then the offensese got it in gear. Youk started it all off with a clutch RBI. Manny had a nice two run shot later in the game which was good seeing as he has been struggling quite a bit here recently. It was an all around good game. We wore the Sunday afternoon Red home jerseys, which were very cool. They are very bright though.

Today was an off day then it is off to Toronto for a three game set. This weekend the boys are playing here in NYC. Would love to go to a game but it is not really an option.

The LCT softball team had to forfeit last week cause we couldn’t scrounge together enough folks to play. I was sad.

The 2005 X-Box team continues to play well. I think they are like 52-21 or something like that. Not a ton of offense but enough to get by and a bunch of really great pitching.


Thursday, May 19

Wells Throws a Piece of Crap

BOSTON 6 (23-17) LOST 1
OAKLAND 13 (16-24)

No your eyes are not tricking you. After two innings it was 9-0. That is fing awful. David Wells came off the DL and lasted a whole 1 1/3 inning giving up 7 earned runs on 9 hits. He looked awful. It was a dismal game.

That’s really all I have to say about that. It was pathetic.


Wednesday, May 18

Did I mention that the west coast is far away?

BOSTON 7 (23-16) WON 1

OAKLAND 5 (15-24)

I like winning much better then losing. Thanks to the much mocked Edgar Renteria we won last night. For a while it really looked like it was going to be another one of those nights of missed oppurtunites. People left on base and just not scoring runs when we had the chance. Then in the 8th that all change. Renteria came in with the bases loaded and hit a single to the outfield. It looked like a single that would score a run or two but there was an error on the play and three runs scored. He got a triple on the play. He ended up scoring as well to give us the final tally. A win is good, especially since those damn Yankees keep winning. Damn them.

I got to tell you, the NESN guys make me laugh. They are funny. When things get slow they just start talking about random stuff left and right. Last night Extra Innings cut away for a commercial but we stayed with the game and the guys. They were making jokes about how good they both smelled and how good they looked. It was very funny. They have there little wally doll who is there mascot. Early in the year there was a whole big thing about how they needed to get him a ring. So they did. Then one night it fell out of the booth into the netting below. They were able to fish it out with a stick but it was a pretty fun little scene.

Guess that’s all I have to say for now. The boys are getting spanked something fierce this afternoon. Looks like a 2-4 road trip. No good.


Tuesday, May 17

The West Coast is Far Away

This whole following the Red Sox on a daily basis could get VERY VERY frustrating. You only need to read the first line of that last entry then see the box scores I am about to put in. Dammit all. This has not been a good start to this west coast trip at all. When we started the series against the Mariners they had lost something like 8 in a row and the same with the A’s. We managed to fix that for them.

BOSTON 7 (21-14) LOST 1

SEATTLE 14 (14-21)

The boys got there first major ass kicking of the year on this Friday night event. The young inexperienced pitching staff came back and bit us in the ass. Gonzalez, Halama, and Meredith all got rocked. We lost by a touchdown. Losing by a touchdown in baseball is not good. Not good at all.

BOSTON 6 (22-14) WON 1

SEATTLE 3 (14-22)

God Bless Trot Nixon, God Bless him. With the sox down 3-1 in the 7th the bases were loaded. Manny came up and struck out. Two outs, bases loaded and here comes Trot Nixon. One Grand Slam latter and the boys are on top and manage to hang on for the win. Foulke even came on and got the save. These late night games really suck. I managed to watch most of this game online while playing poker. I like the fact that Trot also wears one dirty ass hat, just like me! He never cleans that thing. I remember last year in the World Series when everyone else was wearing there shiny new hats with the World Series patches and he had the patch sewn on to his dirty ass hat. It was funny. He also has the most pine tar on his helmet, well maybe he is tied with Manny for that one. Renteria continues to be one big ass disappointment. SI listed him as one of the free agent duds of the last offseason.

BOSTON 4 (22-15) LOST 1

SEATTLE 5 (15-22)

And we lose again. I thought for sure we would sweep this series or at least win in 2-1 but instead we lost the series. God Dammit. It was a history making day as Manny hit his 400th homer with a three run shot in the 5th. But that was the only real highlight of the day. The boys once again had chances to get the win but just couldn’t come through. Wakefield had a pretty mediocre day. He seems to struggle with the Mariners. I tried to watch part of the game because it was a nice Sunday afternoon tilt. The problem was the Seattle TV guys were the most boring I have ever heard. There would be these long moments of just silence. Then they would say a few words follwed by more silence. It was very boring and very conducive to a nice nap. This F’ed up west coast trip has made it hard for me to watch a game all the way through. I don’t like it when the sox lose. I am a much bigger fan of winning.

BOSTON 4 (22-16) LOST 2

OAKLAND 6 (15-23)

The flipping A’s, we lost to the flippin A’s. Not only did we lose to the A’s but we left 13 MEN ON BASE. Included in that was having the bases loaded with NO outs in the 4th inning. Bellhorn stuck out, Damon struck out. And Edgar “I really suck balls” Renteria hit a harmless pop fly to center. At that point we had a two run lead but I turned to the game off because I could just tell that it was going to be one of those nights where we don’t convert on our chances. Low and behold that’s what happened. Ortiz managed to tie the game up in the 7th only to have the bullpen blow it. One of the sad parts of the game was the winning single was by a guy who was called up from the minors on Saturday. Argggggghhhhhhh. I really don’t understand why we have Mike Myers in the bullpen. I feel like that is a position that could be better used. He is a left handed side arm pitcher who really only pitches against left handed batters. Last night he faced two batters which is the most I have seen him face all year. Usually he comes in for just one batter. I really don’t get that. Don’t get it at all. It really irks me when he comes in to face two batters and gives up two hits. No good.

So we swept the A’s at home and they had lost 8 in a row and they beat us. Not only did they beat us but they beat us in a game we should have won.

Don’t look now but the crappy ass Yankees are on a tear and have won 9 in a row. They are winning the games they should be winning and we aren’t. We should have won Sunday afternoon and last night and we lost both. That sucks.

We are still hanging out in second place and losing ground to the O’s and the Yankees are creeping up. Look at our road record, that sucks. It doesn’t suck as bad as the D-Rays though!

Word on the street in that Wells might come back and pitch on Wednesday. Here’s to hoping.


Friday, May 13

Walk off Homer #2

OAKLAND 5 (14-20)

BOSTON 6 (21-13) WON 3

Yes sir, the Sox are looking good these days. For the second day in a row the boys won with a walk off two run homerun in the bottom of the ninth. Matt Clement pitched a good game only to get screwed over by Keith Foulke who gave up 4 RUNS in the top of the ninth. That was topped off by a two out, two strike home run that drove in the go ahead run. Things didn’t look good for the sox but then Varitek came through with the clutch home run that sent Fenway into yet another tizzie. Manny also had a two run home run on the day and Damon continues to have the hot bat.

It’s just great that they are able to come back from such a crappy ass top of the ninth to win the game. The team’s got spirit and they don’t give up. If we can keep playing like this it could be a damn good year.

The team is off to the west coast for two series, one with the Mariners and one with the A’s. It is like a repeat of this last week except it is on the west coast. That makes the games really hard to watch which is very unfortunate.

We had another softball game yesterday, not our finest outing to say the least. We played the producers who are loaded with people who can play really good softball. It was a little ridclious. I had an OK day at first base. Missed two grounders that I could have had. Most of the time I wasn’t really getting to do anything though cause they would hit the balls eight miles away. We had a lot of error’s. Ick. I was 1-3 at the plate with one nice single into the outfield. I struck out once which was no good. Batting is hard.

Sadly the Yankees have put together a five game win streak. On Thursday they were down 5-0 after the top of the first and managed to come back and time the game at 5 in the bottom of the first. How can you do that? Then they won 13-9. Damn Yankees. We play them again in a couple of weeks.


Wednesday, May 11

Walk Off Homer #1

OAKLAND 2 (14-19)

BOSTON 3 (20-13) WON 2

A very exciting game last night, very exciting. For the most part the Red Sox were baffled by the A’s pitching. Until the ninth inning Damon had three hits and Renteria one. Kevin Millar was playing pretty sloppy at first base. He had two errors that both led to runs. But he made up for it in the ninth. With the Sox down 2-1 Manny struck out looking and Big Pappi walked. Millar steps to the plate and hits the fourth pitch over the Green Monster for the win. The first walk off win of the year for the Sox. Fenway was jumping to say the least. Things just seem to be going the Sox ways these days. Bronson pitched another good game only giving up three hits. He hasn’t lost a start since sometime last July or something like that. He didn’t get the win last night but still pitched great. Damon is on some kinda tear having hit in 16 straight games and getting many multiple hit games. Manny and Papi didn’t look so great but hey these things happen. Papi hit into two really ending double plays. You can’t hit big every day.

We’re gaining ground on the O’s. 1.5 games back. The Yankees have won a few in a row. Damn. The great thing is how well the pitching staff is doing when the first two pitchers of our lineup are out. I wish we had a few less errors in the games but hopefully that will improve. Today we go for the sweep with a nice afternoon matinee. That means I get to watch it at work! Yeah.


Tuesday, May 10

Seattle and Oakland come to Fenway

Missed a few games cause it was the weekend. Yesterday I should have updated but I was so focused on going to the DMB concert that I just forgot. Got to see DMB at Roseland, which was very very cool. It rocked. They released a new album today which is very neat. It is different then there old stuff and I like it. It is all new which is another plus.

So here’s what’s going on in Red Sox land.

SEATTLE 2 (12-17)

BOSTON 7 (17-12) WON 4

Another win, the fourth one on a row! Didn’t get to see this game as I was on a little journey to DC. Big Pappi had a another big night and Matt Clement got the win. I like this winning stuff, it is great.

The Yankees blew it again tonight. They were in the 10th when Tino Martinez had two errors in the same play giving Oakland the lead.

Saturday’s game was rained out so Sunday was a double header.

SEATTLE 3 (12-18)

BOSTON 6 (18-12) WON 5

Another day another win. The wind was blowing something fierce at Fenway today and there were three different shots that would have been homerun’s on any other day but that got batted down by the wind. Gonzalez had another solid outing for the Sox. These guys filling in while Schilling and Wells are gone are doing a great job.

SEATTLE 6 (13-18)

BOSTON 4 (18-13) LOST 1

We lost the second part of the double header. Wade Miller made his debut as a Red Sox and pitched pretty well. He got hosed when he was replaced by a rookie name Meredith Clae who loaded the bases on walks then gave up a grand slam. It was a very nasty day at Fenway. The grand slam got blown around like crazy in the wind and it kept the ball in play. These things happen.

OAKLAND 5 (14-18)

BOSTON 13 (19-13) WON 1

Well the first game in the series with the A’s was another win for the Sox. They got A LOT of help from the A’s as nine of the runs were unearned. The A’s had a lot of errors. Wakefield got another win. Manny got beaned in the head in the first inning and had to leave the game. He got hit by a pitch on Sunday too. Poor guy. Thankfully he had his big ass nappy dreads to pad the blow from the ball last night.

The Sox have looked pretty good the last week. We are six games over .500 which is nice. The pitching has gotten better and we are definitely not having any problems hitting the ball. We should be able to keep the winning up. After this series with the A’s we go out west to play the Mariners again and then Oakland again. Hopefully we can keep winning these series and maybe even sweep one or two. Those games out west are going to drive me crazy because they will be so late.


Friday, May 6

Yanks get pounded by D-Rays

The Yankees lost again to the D-Rays. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. The fans are getting pissed. Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo. The headline in the past today was Stinko-De-Mayo. Funny. I like it when the Yankees suck. Could this really be the year when the Yankees suck for the whole year and don’t make the playoffs? Now that would be priceless.


Thursday, May 5

Two More Wins

BOSTON 4 (15-12) WON 2

DETROIT 3 (12-4)

Another win for the Sox. I like it, I like it a lot. Tim Wakefield gets the win and Keith Foulke had a nice performance for the save. Manny made a great through that ended up getting the go ahead run out in the 6th or 7th inning. The Kevin Youkalis hit the go ahead RBI in the 8th. Good Stuff boys, keep it up. Meanwhile the Yankees continue to look like chumps dropping another one to the D-Rays. In the words of that bully guy from the Simpsons (Nelson I think?), HA-HA!

The boys played a nice Thursday afternoon game today. Always a bonus cause it makes the time go by at work as I watch the game online.

BOSTON 2 (16-12) WON 3

DETROIT 1 (12-15)

What do ya know? Another win! Yeah! Hooray! Bronson Arroyo pitched a great game. He had a no hitter through the middle of the 6th. The only run he gave up was on a homerun. Then in the top of the ninth Big Papi hit a double to center that scored Trot Nixon from first. Keith Foulke came in for the bottom of the ninth and got the Tigers to go down 1-2-3, all on pop-ups. Would have like a few more runs off 12 hits but hey, you can’t get everything you want. A good all around outing for the Sox, most importantly our third win in a row. Four games over .500 is nice too. Did I mention that the Yankees are sucking big time? They are.

The LCT softball team started the regular season today with a win over Rent. We lost all three pre-season games so this was our first win. We needed extra innings to get the win but hey it still counts. We got screwed by the ump several times which was not very cool. He said I bobbled a ball that would have been the third out which was not the case. They went on two get two more runs that inning. I was a little annoyed. Not my best day at the plate. I went 1-3 with a walk. I was up with runners on second and third and nobody out in extra innings. I hit a hard line drive to the third baseman. Bummer. Next time. I really should hit the batting cage sometime and work on my hitting. Had a pretty good day at first base making a couple of good grabs. I like our little softball outings. They are fun. I just wish I could so more with the bat.

Back to Fenway for the Sox and a weekend series with Seatlle.


Wednesday, May 4

Texas Series and Part of the Detroit Series

I had to spend a day at home with the cat and then I went to Virginia for a while. So I missed a few games in the old diary.

BOSTON 2 (11-11)

TEXAS 7 (12-12)

No offense=No win. Three hits for the game, not good. Wakefield did not look so hot either. .500 ball club, bummer.

BOSTON 9 (12-11)

TEXAS 2 (12-13)

Look MA, offense. 3 HR’s in the game including back to back by Damon and Nixon. Winning is much more fun then losing. Arroyo looked good again. Was able to catch pieces of this game. I like offense.

BOSTON 6 (13-11)

TEXAS 5 (12-14)

We won 2 in a row! Although Foulke tried his hardest to give this one away in the ninth we still managed to pull it out. Double digit hits for the second night in a row and Clement gets the win.

BOSTON 3 (13-12)

DETROIT 8 (12-12)

We left 13 men on base in this one, yes that’s right 13. We were something like 2 for a zillion with runners in scoring position. No good, no good at all. Jermi Gonzalez came up from Pawtucket to fill a hole in our pitching rotation and did pretty well. It was tied at 3 when he left the game. Then the bullpen had another fantastic evening and we lost again. I guess we don’t want to stray to far away from the .500 mark, that might scare too many folks. This is a game we should have definitely won and did not. Left way too many men on base, way to many. The crowds at Detroit suck. This was the smallest crowd to see the Sox play all season.

BOSTON 5 (14-12)

DETROIT (12-13)

Last night we were able to convert with the bases loaded, something we lacked the night before. Doug Mirrabelli was DH’ing and he hit a nice grand slam in the 5th. That pretty much put the game out of reach. John Halama got his first start for the Sox and did his job. Timlin did great coming out of the bullpen which was very nice. This one looked like it was going to be a blow out as we came out swinging in the first inning but we only managed to get one run. Their pitcher was actually able to pitch out of quite a few jams. Foulke came in and gave up a HR to his first batter but was able to settle down after that and get the save. Renteria had the two errors for the Sox, both of which were just botched plays. It was a good win.

In other league news the O’s and the Jays are beating each other up this week. The O’s had won 7 in a row coming into the series but dropped the first two. They are the two teams that are ahead of us in the division. The Yankees continue to look like piles of shit as they got pummeled by the D-Rays last night. They gave up 6 runs in the first inning. Ha Ha. To make it even better I guess this weekend was supposed to be free hat day but someone stole most of their hats, like 50,000 of them. Ha ha. I just wish that we could win some more of the games that we should be winning and build more of a lead on them. With the Yankees no lead in the division is safe. I’m sure they will come around at some point.

Two more games with Detroit, then back to Fenway. GO RED SOX!!!

On a side note I had a very nice trip back to VA. I always forget how pretty it is down there and I miss seeing that every day. I gotta get out of NYC