Wednesday, August 10


It took extra innings but we managed to win the game last night. Schilling did some nice work in the 9th and 10th only allowing one hit. With Wade Miller on the DL it wouldn't surprise me if we see a return to the starting line up for Mr Schilling soon. I feel like he might be ready for it to. I know he has stumbled a little bit here and there but for the most part he has done some good work out of the bullpen. I think he has piled up 8 or 9 saves an a couple wins.
In very good news the Yankees lost another game to Chicago today. If we can win again tonight we could build our lead up to 5 1/2 games. I like that.
Last night was another fine event at Yankee Stadium. Some rocket since teenager was sitting with his buddies in the upper deck and said "I bet if I jump into that net it will hold me!" So he jumped off the upper deck into the netting. How dumb can you be. He wasn't hurt but he did get arrested and charged with 4 various things. What an idiot.
Hopefully Cornrow boy can have a good outing tonight.

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