Wednesday, June 1

The Rockstar runs into a wall

BALTIMORE 1 (31-20)
BOSTON 5 (28-23) WON 1

A good basebal game last night in many ways. Things were not looking good in the early going. Wade Miller was struggling and a lot of O's were getting on base. The good thing is that not many of them were making it to home plate. Miller kept getting into jams but kept finding a way out of them. They managed to get one run but that was it.
Johnny Damon had to leave the game after the third inning. He went to make a play in the deep corner of center field and ran into the wall near the Sox bullpen very hard. He stayed in the game for the rest of that inning and seemed to be doing ok but he left the game when he went back to the dugout. I guess he had to get sticthes.
Meanwhile the Sox where getting No Hit at the plate by a very tall chap named Cabrera. The fifth inning changed all that. Bill Mueller got on base after a long at bat with a walk. Mark "I don't seem to be very good at batting" Bellhorn had a rare clutch hit as he hit a nice single up the middle. This was also the first hit allowed by Cabrera. John "I don't like to wear baseball caps" Olerud came up and had a nice little RBI single to deep center to drive in Mueller. He's been a good pick up, more on that later. Edgar "I guess I really don't suck balls" Renteria got another RBI. Ortiz and Nixon also got RBI's and all the sudden it was 4-1.
After that great inning Miller was in control of the game and the O's would score no more. Timlin and Myers finished off the game and it was another win for the Sox. We are hanging out in second by ourselves and are three games back of the O's.
The Olerud/Millar battle at 1st base might get interesting here soon. Millar was the spokesperson for the team last year and the guy who really made the Sox personality. This year he is struggling a little bit at the plate to say the least. Olerud has come in and done very well at the plate and has made some really nice plays at first. He turned a double play last night that I'm not sure Millar would have made the play. We'll see what happens. Should be interesting.