Monday, June 27

The Sox are in First and are SMOKIN' hot!

Manny goes Grandy! SOX WIN! (Widman/AP)

This is a fire. Fire's are hot. SO ARE THE SOX!

Was away for a while (I've been doing that a lot lately) so I missed a few more games. It's gonna be a hectic couple of weeks with this whole moving thing so that might happen again.
So here's what I missed.

BOSTON 12 (44-30) WON 7
PHILLIES 8 (39-37)

I actually got home from a little trip in time to watch some of this game. I heard some score updates on the radio and the Sox were up 8-1. I figured another easy win was on the way. Then I get home and turn the thing on and it is 8-5 with the bases loaded. Embree and Timlin seemed to be doing there best to give the thing away. Do I sense a bit of a repeating pattern? The Phillies tie it up at 8 and I figure oh no, another game blown by the pen. But the offense got back to work and after a nice bunt by Damon, a long shot by Bellhorn, a infield single by Ortiz, some great hustle by Trot and a two run shot by Tek the sox were back on top 12-8. I was thrilled. I love the fact that the boys shook off blowing the big lead and came back and just took it back. That is great. The Sox have now won 7 in a row and 12 of the last 13. That is damn good. Damn good.
Manny had a grand slam earlier in the day to bring his career total to 19. That ties him for second all time. That's pretty cool. Love them dreads.
While I spent quite a bit of time stuck in traffic on the GW yesterday I listened to Yankee's talk radio. I love hearing Yankee fans so mad about their team. Many people have all but given up hope on them making the playoffs this year. I think it might be a little early for that but it is a nice thought. I like that the Yankees are such a disaster at the moment. The D-Rays won 3 or 4 at the stadium last week and the Mets won 2 of 3 in the Bronx as well. Now that's cool.
We moved into first over the weekend as the O's have lost 5 in a row. We're now 2.5 games ahead of the O's and 6.5 in front of the Yanks. That's very cool.

BOSTON 7 (43-30) WON 6
PHILLIES 1 (39-36)

Matt Clement is the man. That's really all there is too say.
Another great pitching performance and another day of hot bats.

BOSTON 8 (42-30) WON 5
PHILLIES 0 (39-35)

Maybe that whole thing about Wakefield really needing Mirrabelli to pitch well was the truth. He was rocking in this game and the Phillies only got three hits all night. Homers by Manny, Pappi, and Mirrabelli made it even better.

BOSTON 5 (41-30) WON 4
CLEVELAND 4 (37-33)

The Sox got some spunk. They fell behind late in the game but put together a nice rally to come back for the win. Payton started it all off in the ninth and scored the winning run
Older-Dude (great nickname from Jere) was 3-4 with his first homer as a Red Sox.
Hooray. Ain't winning fun?

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