Monday, June 6

A Lovely Weekend at Fenway-Except for a little Bullpen stumble

A good weekend at Fenway. 2 out for 3 against the Angels. Not so Bad.

LA Angels 3 (32-24)

Red Sox 6 (31-25) WON 1

A good all around game. I saw parts of it, but not all of it. Have I ever told you how cool DVR picture in picutre is. I had NASCAR (yes I like to watch the cars drive around really fast)in one window and the Sox game in another. Switching back and forth was easy and I was able to keep track of both. Yeah for me. Miller pitched a good game. Got through almost seven innings and gave up three hits. He left with the game tied at three. After the horrible afternoon the bullpen had the day before I think everyone was a little nervous about this one. Our worries were for not though as Myers, Timlin, and Foulke finished off the game nicely allowing only 1 hit and no walks. The offense sealed the game with a three run seventh capped off by a Big Pappi double that drove in two. The Queer Eye guys threw out the first pitch and that seems to have bothered some folks. Get over it is what I have to say about that. One girl was complaining in the Globe that some Yankee fans were making fun of her about it. First off that sounds like the typical meat head Yankee fan and secondly I think the Yankee fans should be worrying about their team winning some games. They seem to be having a hard time with that these days. HA HA. They suck.


LA Angels 13 (32-23)

Red Sox 6 (30-25) LOST 1

Various bullpen pitchers gave up 11 runs including 6 in the bottom of the ninth. That pretty much sums it up. Kevin Millar had a lovely day though hitting two homeruns. Didn't get to see the game though. I live in NYC, I got to watch the Mets. Bummer.

LA Angels 4 (31-23)

Red Sox 7 (30-24) WON 2

I missed this game so I could drink some booze. A pretty valid excuse if you ask me. I saw the score at one point and the boys were down 4-1 so I figured we were going to continue our win one lose one process. But then later I saw the winning score. It was very nice. Damon had the clutch hit that sealed the deal. Winning is fun. Losing is not. The Yankees keep losing though and that is VERY fun.

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