Monday, August 28

Trying to hold out hope

I'm trying very hard to hold out hope for this years Sox but it just ain't going so well.
We got swept by the Mariners. Everybody who wasn't already hurt is now hurt.
More on my Sox sadness later.
FYI-Kickball is fun.

Tuesday, August 22

Hat's off to the stupid Yankees

I have been having all kinds of trouble with Blogger. Sorry about that.
Hat's off to the Yankees for kicking the shit out of us. They have made all the right moves and we haven't.
Stick a fork in the Sox. With 36 games left we are 6.5 behind the spankees for the division and 4.5 back in the wild card.
We have no pitching and sporadic offense.
Without Tek we are 6-15.
There's always next year.

Friday, August 11


We got swept by the Royals after losing 2 out of 3 to the D-Rays.
It's hard not to be a little worried about what is going to happen with this season that held such promise.

Wednesday, August 9


My boss really likes that saying. It stands for For Fucks Sake. That's kind of what I am thinking about the sox these day.
We did manage to win that last game I was talking about in a walk off fashion. The poor bird was eaten by a hawk. I guess it was really sick.
We lost to the Indians the next day as Beckett was giving out homeruns like they were crack on the corner in Roxbury. Bummer
Then it was off to Tampa Bay and there cool new tank in the outfield with big rays in it. Do you think they empty it during the off season? I would hope so. We won the first game but after that it was all down hill. Saturday night we tried to come back in the ninth but ended up losing 8-5. Sunday our crappy bullpen gave up a lead and we lost in extra innings when Tavarez gave up a homerun.
I have said this before and I will say it again. Why is Tavarez and Seanez pitching for this team? Why I ask?
At Tampa Bay this season we lost 7 out of 10. You can't do that and expect to win.
Now we're on our first trip to KC of the season. Guess what? We lost the first game? That's right. Thankfully the White Sox beat the Yanks so we didn't lose any ground. Would have been an awfully nice chance to gain some ground though.
We are 12-13 since the All Star break. We ain't going to win a world series with that kind of action going on.
Hopefully we can get our act in gear before the Yankees pull far away.

Wednesday, August 2

The Bird

I forgot to mention the poor black bird that was wondering arounf the infield last night. It was very funny. The NESN guys were having a really good time with it. It was obvioulsy very confused but seemed very intent on running the bases in the right order. Nothing like a nice little comic relief of a bird. Still up 4-3.

Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O

Trouble at Fenway! Trouble at Fenway!
Problem #1-The Sox did not make any moves at the trade deadline. Nothing what so ever. There was so many things that could have been done, but nothing happened. I really hope that doesn't come back to haunt us.
Problem #2-Wells returned to pitch on Monday night. He looked like an old man who had no business on the mound. He might get some more chances since his next start would be against the D-Rays and the Royals. Really he should just hang it up.
Problem #3-Trot Nixon on the DL
Problem #4-Tek having knee surgery, out 4-6 weeks.

That is 4 big problems.
Thanks for super papi we were able to pull out the win on the game on Monday. Wells pitched pretty awful and gave up 6 runs before he got booted. Snyder came in and did a nice job keeping things in check. The man of steel, Big Papi, came up in the bottom of the 9th with 2 men on. What do you think he did? He hit a game winning 3 run shot. Damn he is the man. Sadly I missed the end of the game because I was out playing soccer. Ohh well.
Last night was just ugly. The offense was MIA and didn't give the guy they called up from triple A (johnson) much help. I was wicked wiped out and managed to sleep through most of the game. Oops.
Tonight Lester is on the mound. He had a rough first inning but the Sox have pulled back into it and it is now 4-3 in the top of the 7th. Hopefully we can hold on.
While we lost last night the Spankees won and pulled into a tie for first place. We have been in possession of first place by ourselves since mid june. It is not fun to see the Yankees back up there. They seem to be peaking and we seem to be going down.
There is still a lot of season left, even better there are lot's of games with the Yanks. I hope we can hang in there. The latest injuries and the lack of picking anyone up at the trade deadline make me a little scared though.