Monday, September 4

Holy Awful August Batman

9-21 for the month of August. Ouch.
As the Sox hit the bottom of the barrel I lost my heart to do much of the blogging thing. It was all just to painful.
Everything that could go wrong for the Sox in the month of August did. Our very limited pitching staff got even thinner. Many of the names from the past got hurt. Varitek, Nixon, Manny, Papi, and many others got hit with various injuries. Some of them were much worse then just baseball. Ortiz had to go to the hospital to be test for heart problems. It appears that he will be back in the line up for the Sox tomorrow night which will be great to see. Jon Lester is out for the rest of the season with lymphoma (I'm sure I spelled that wrong). Those two things kind of put the whole playoff chase into perspective. It was just one thing after another. Now Paperboy is out for a bit and Schilling is going to miss a start.
Needless to say the Sox that played in August was a hodge podge team that cam from the minors and what not all over the place. They tried to hold there own but it just wasn't happening. We couldn't get any breaks. We couldn't get much hitting. We couldn't get much pitching. Really, not much good happened in August. We did manage to keep up our great defense though which is good, especially seeing as SS and 2B were always changing with the injury's.
Tonight Tek, Trot, Manny, and Gonzo are all back in the lineup. It's the first time we have seen this "regular" lineup in a long time. The bad part is that J Tavarez is pitching. Oyyy. We sent Wells to San Diego last week so now Beckett is the only remaining starter who isn't hurt. We seem to find pitchers in all kinds of random places to fill out the rotatation.
Another positive is that Dirty Sanchez was released. Thank God for that.
Manny got a double in his first at bat back. Too bad Mr. Lowell couldn't do anything with the bases loaded.
At the moment we are 9 behind the Yankees for the division and 6.5 back for the wild card. I think even if we went un-defeated for the rest of the season we would have a hard time making the playoffs. What a bummer. I think it has been a long time since the Sox were pretty much out of it at the start of September. I'm sure they'll come out and play well anyway. Maybe they could sweep the Yankees in the Bronx. That would be nice. It's just a big bummer to pretty much have no chance at the playoffs.
At least College Football has started to keep me distracted.
On a side note NAKID kickball is a lot of fun. I am working on my flip-cup skills.
Please pause for a moment of silence for Steve Irwin, the croc hunter. He was a man who had no fear. I remember watching one of his episodes where he was walking along a creek and in mid sentence he jumped in the water and came up with a crocodile. What a cool guy.
Our defense still kicks butt.