Tuesday, May 31

A lovely Weekend in NYC for the Sox...The trip home gets off to a rocky start

Weekends mean that I don't really get into the blogging news. So here's the run down of the last few games.
Although we had a good weekend in NYC I am still having mixed feelings about where the boys are headed this year. Sometimes I think we are unbeatable, sometimes I think I could hit a homerun off our pitchers. That would be quite a feat. I guess I just really need to adjust to the fact that we aren't gonna win them all and that it is going to be an up and down season.
Damn emotions.
Monday Game
BALTIMORE 8 (31-19)

BOSTON 1 (27-23) LOST 1

After two days of sizzling bats in the Bronx everything went pretty quiet last night as the boys finally got back to Fenway for a while. Pitching once again proved to be our downfall as Arroyo-Acornrow got rocked. He said later in the press that he felt like he was pitching in batting practice and that the O's seemed to know what was coming. Hmmm. That's not so good. After his little suspension things have gone a little downhill and he hast lost his last two starts. That after he hadn't lost in lie 17 starts. Maybe he should go back to the silly white boy with cornrows looks. The game was really over when he gave up a grand slam to one of the O's worst hitters. Oyyyy.
We didn't do too much of that whole hitting thing. I guess we used up all our hits for a few days. It was never really a game as the O's lead from the first inning and the Sox could not get anything going.

BOSTON 7 (27-22) WON 2
YANKEES 2 (27-23)

Two wins in a row in the Bronx taste very sweet. It does make me very sad when the Sox play within walking distance of my house and I can't go. Ahh if only I was rich and connected. Maybe I'll try and find my way into one of the other Sox games in the Bronx this summer. That would be grand.
This was a good game. We went up 2-0 in the first inning after a MONSTER HR by Big Pappi. It landed in the middle of the upper deck. That is quite a shot. Then big old David Wells strolled out to the mound for his part of the first inning. Jeter gets a lead off homerun and then Sheffield gets another one. All the sudden it is 2-2. I think a large portion of Red Sox nation was grumbling and saying that Wells might be past his prime. I was thinking if there was anyone good we could trade him for. Then he turned it all around. He pitched a hell of a game after that including several innings with pitch counts of less then ten.
The offense continued to look great. At one point Renteria, Ortiz, and Manny were 8-8 with a bunch of RBI's. Pappi hit another very long homerun and Edgar "ok maybe I don't really suck balls" Renteria hit one as well. It was a lovely game and it is always nice to hear the "LET's GO RED SOX" chants drowning out the Yankees fans.

BOSTON 17 (26-22) WON 1
YANKEES 1 (27-22)

A Saturday afternoon romp in the Bronx. 27 hits the boys had in the day. Renteria had a grand slam, there were Red Sox rounding the bases on a regular basis, most Yankee fans had left by the 7th inning. It was great.
Clement pitched another great game. He is really doing well. He needs to shave the bush that he has growing on his chin. It is UGGGGLLLLY.

BOSTON 3 (25-22) LOST 4
YANKEES 6 (27-21)

Remember how I had been keeping track of the left on base thing for the Sox. Last night was a classic example: LOB-13. 13 damn guys in grey jerseys that say Boston on the front hopelessly left wandering around a dirt path in the Bronx. Bummer.
This was definitely a game we should have won. Missed opportunities all around. The boys were up 3-1 in the sixth when they had two men tagged out at home for back to back outs. Instead of extending the lead and putting it out of reach for the Bombers we let them stick around. IN the next inning Gary "could I be anymore annoying when I stand at the plate moving my bat all around?" Sheffield hit a big time 3 run homer that basically put and end to this game.
I missed most of this game and that is probably a good thing. I would have ended up throwing things all over the place.
I hate leaving men on base like the Sox do. It sucks. I wonder if there is a stat line for that and if we would be leading the majors if there was?