Wednesday, September 28

Could this race be any tighter?

Wow. What a last five days of the season it is going to be. All I can say is wow.
After stumbling against the D-Rays the boys enjoyed their first day off in 30 days. Hopefully they had a nice time in Baltimore and went to some nice restaurants or something like that. The day off seems to have helped.
We swept the O's which was much needed. After having trouble with them all year we finally seem to have mastered them over the weekend. I'm sure the fact that the O's pretty much suck right now helped out the cause. Friday night Bronson pitched a decent game and got the win. Saturday was a much more dramatic game and Clement got the win.
I got to witness the Sunday game in person. It was great. I know this has been mentioned all over the place but playing in Baltimore is really like a home game for the Sox. There are Sox fans everywhere. It is great. I went with Trisha and we had seats up in the roof. I stopped at the ticket booth and asked if they had any better seats available, man am I glad I did. We ended up with 2 seats just behind home plate. They are the seats that are used for people who accompany handicap folks. So the seats were very spacious not to mention an amazing view. I'll put some pictures up later. In one of my last posts I talked about Hansen and his pink back pack. It appears the O's play that game as well. After BP and right before the game got started I look in the outfield and you see a bullpen pitcher headed out to the pen all by himself, toting a little pink roll along suitcase. Very funny stuff. A couple minutes later Hansen made his way out to the pen with his little pink backpack. Funny stuff.
I had a feeling this was not going to be a close game. Some guy named Maine was pitching for them and we were hungry. We got 5 runs in the first to confirm that. It was a great game to watch, lot's of offense. Older Dude had a big double and Damon had a nice homerun. The funny thing was right before his Johnny's HR I turned to Trisha and said "he really hasn't hit many home runs this year". It was a lovely day at the ballpark.
Then it was back home to finish off the season. Monday's night game got rained out which meant a double header yesterday. That would be god not really helping us out. Damn him. I thought JC was our homeboy!
Wakefiled continues to pitch like a mad man and he won the afternoon game for us. Tito was faced with some hard choices. It would have been nice to have Wake finish off the game and leave the bullpen for the night cap but at the same time Wake is slated to pitch one of the key games with the Yankees this weekend so he didn't want to over extend him. So Paperboy pitched the 8th and Timlin the 9th. That came back to haunt us in the night cap.
Things were looking pretty good in the night game. We had some decent offense going and shaky Schilling on the mound. I thought our 5-2 lead was going to hold up but I was wrong. Schilling stayed in the game a little to long and the game got tied up at 5. It would have been a great time to bring in Paperboy but he was out of action from the afternoon. So we went with Bradford, Myers, Hansen, Gonzalez, and the guy from the Astros and none of them could hold of the Jays.
The good news is that both the Yankees and the Indians lost last night so the division and the wild card. The yankess got spanked by the O's and had to use almost their whole bullpen. That could end up hurting them tonight.
The sad news is that last night was a very winable game and that would have put us in the lead by a game. That little cushion would have been nice.
2 more with the Jays then the showdown with the Yankess which is going to decide it all. We could win our last two with the Jays and they could lose their last two with the 0's. I wouldn't mind that. Then we would just need one win over the weekend to take the division.
I just hope it doesn't come down to Schilling on Sunday. I don't have a ton of confidence in that.

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