Wednesday, June 15

What if the Red Sox were Crab Fisherman?

Crab Fishing Looks Like FUN!
CINCY 0 (26-38)
BOSTON 7 (35-29) WON 3

David Wells looked frickin great last night. He threw a one hit game. The Reds had no answer for him what-so-ever. He was in complete control of his game. It was great. I wish he would do that every week. The bats defitnely like being back at Fenway. Manny hit a HR, Damon had a couple RBI's as did Bill Mueller.
I saw parts of the game but not all. I did happen to tune in when they were converting scoring opportunities. It was fun. I like winning three in a row, they should do that more often.
I missed parts of the game because I was watching The Deadliest Catch on Discovery. Crab fishing is pretty cool. I wish I could go do that. Nothing like freezing your ass off and catching thousands of tons of crab in Alaska. I would like to go to Alaska although I bet it would pretty hard to keep up with the Sox there. I bet you get pretty damn wet being a crab fisherman.
What if Manny or Big Pappi were crab fisherman? Now that would be funny. Manny would probably have to lose the dreads, they would get covered in ice and what not. I bet Wakefield and Millar would fit right in, probably Trot too. Wells probably wouldn't make it too long, he would get fired for eating the crab. Damon would probably get his hair caught in all the machinery. That could get ugly.
I bet Wally and the NESN guys would do a stellar job being the captains. They could sit up there and pretend they are calling a game. "Big Pappi steps up to the loader, he is 3-10 this week on good crab pots. Not his best Average. "
I'm funny.



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