Wednesday, June 22

On a roll

BOSTON 9 (40-30) WON 2
CLEVELAND 2 (37-32)

The boys from Boston are definitely in a bit of a groove at the moment. That is a good thing, a very good thing. Like I have said before, winning is your friend.
The game last night was never really in doubt. When I turned it on the boys were up 3-0 in part because of a Big Pappi 2 run homer. He added another solo shot later in the game and his good buddy Manny also added some insurance runs later in the game. Cornrow Boy looked good last night and the only run he gave up was on a wild pitch.
I am still holding my judgment on the bullpen. Halama came in for an inning of work and managed to load the bases and give up a run. I still feel that Theo needs to think about making some changes in the bullpen and bringing in some new folks.
But that's just my two cents.
On the Yankee front the damn Devil Rays lived up to their status as the worst team in baseball last night. The Rays were up 10-2 in the 4th after roughing up Randy "good god I'm tall" Johnson for lot's of runs. Final score 20-11 YANKESS. How could you lose that lead? How could you lose that lead and get BLOWN out. Ohh wait, the Devil Rays suck. The damn yankees scored 12 runs in the 8th inning including four homers. That's not so good.
It has to be pretty tough to play for a team like the Devil Rays when you suck that bad. The players must want to win but they just keep losing. That's got to be pretty frustrating. I kinda doubt that being a Devil Ray fan is that fun.
Being a Sox fan is fun though!


Melanie said...

But don't you love the fact that it was Randy Johnson, that got so tagged by the Devil Rays? I love that he has only 1 more win then David Wells, even though he's started in 3 more games and he's being paid over $11 million more this year.

Anonymous said...

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