Monday, October 24

Not Baseball

How did I manage to make such a miserable mess of my life? I sure have.

Wednesday, October 19


Unless you love under a rock you know the Sox are done now.
It was a series of missed chances. Blew a 4 run lead in Game 2 after a huge error by Tony G led to a three run homerun.
Then in game three we were down by one run in the 6th when we loaded the bases with no outs. We couldn't get that one run across the plate and in my mind that was when the season ended.
Thankfully the Yankess also lost in the first round. Ha Ha.
The White Sox are now in the world Series which makes me feel better.
Not having baseball to wathc every night is a little wierd.

Wednesday, October 5

The Playoff's Begin!!!

Clement should never have started yesterday. But that's just my opinion.

After Saturday's disappointing afternoon the Sox came back and beat the tar out of the Yankees on Sunday and claimed the Wild Card. The exciting part about the whole thing was because of us beating the Spankees and the Angels beating the Rangers the Yankees lost home field advantage in the first round. That sounds like a good plan to me. Yeee Haa.
Schilling looked pretty good on Sunday. He had some help from his defense but all and all I would call it a pretty damn good outing.
We ended up with the same record as the Yankees in the regular season. The Yankees beat us in head to head (10-9) so they ended up being the "Division Champs". I would call that a crock of shit. We should have played a playoff or something like that. Ohh well. Too bad I don't make the rules.
So our first round series is with the White Sox and it started in Chicago. The Yankees play the Angels with the series starting in LA.
A very interesting note, many of the experts on ESPN are picking the Astros to win it all this year, I thought that was pretty wild.
Yesterday afternoon was our first game with the White Sox. Clement was our starter. I was never really sure about that, and he justified my doubts when he gave up 5 runs in the first inning. I thought the game was pretty much over from there. I really thought that Tito should have given up on Matt earlier and gone to Bronson in the pen. I kinda feel like that was the whole point of putting him there. Wells is pitching tonight and Wake on Friday. You can look to those guys to usually have pretty strong and solid outings. So hopefully those two games won't really need a guy like Bronson.
But anyway, the game yesterday was all kinds of ugly. The final score ended up at 14-2. Yikes. Not much went right for the Sox, not much at all.
Fortunately it was only one game. Tonight we go back out and go for the split in Chicago. That was what I was hoping for. I think a win tonight will put us in a good place going back to Fenway. Let's hope Wells can make magic on the mound.
Sadly the Yankees won. Their dilapidated bullpen seems to come through when they really need to.
I wish we could do that.
I have to tell you, while I would like to jump around and say we are going to win it all this year I am just not really seeing it. Our biggest problem is that you have no idea what you are going to get out of a staring pitcher. Schilling might look like dog shit in game 4 after he pitched well last Sunday. Who knows? I think that is really going to hurt us.
Fortunately there are good Sox fans out there like JERE who have all the optimism in the world. It is pretty impressive.
2 hours till game 2.
Go Sox.

Saturday, October 1


Sox Lose. Wakefiled got roughed up.
Indians Lose.
the fucking yankees win the divsion again.
Need to win tomorrow to secure the wild card. If the Indians lose we would still be in as well.
Second place again. Bummer.

2 to Go!

Great win last night. Great effort by Wells and the bullpen shut them down. Clutch hitting and patient at bats at the right time.
All tied up with 2 games to go.
We're gonna sweep.
Go Sox.