Tuesday, September 20


1/2 game back. That's where the Yankee's tand right now. 1/2 of a game. Oyyy.
We manged to split the seried with Oakland thanks the David Ortiz. He had two crucial home runs in the two games that we won. He really is an amazing clutch hitter. He's the man in my book. Friday and Saturday's games were played in miserable weather. Friday night it was raining something fierce. I was worried that Wakefiled wouldn't be able to make his knuckle ball move aorund like he'd like it too. Thankfully he was on the ball again. He's also the man at the moment. In general we're having real problems with the basics of playing baseball. Lot's of errors, not the greatest hitting, mediocre pitching, and other things like that.
Sunday afternoon we just stunk up the place big time. Clement didn't make it through three innings and he gave up a pile of runs. We looked pretty sad.
Last night we continued the theme of looking pretty sad by losing to the damn Devil Rays. The Devil Rays. They are 20 something games out of first place! We should be able ot beat them with Pawtucket. Wells continued the theme of crappy pitching by not making it through three innings and giving up a pile of runs. We couldn't get runners in when we needed to and we had some more errors. In general we just lookedl ike crap.
The yankees on the other hand can't seem to be beat and are winnings all the games they are suppoused to. We should sweep the D-Rays and the O's and then the D-Rays again while the Yankess lose a game here and there. Instead we are playing like carp and the next thing we know we are going to be looking up at the division title and up at the wild card. The Indians are smoking hot right now and no one can seem to beat them. If they don't catch up with the White Sox and win the division they will defintely get the wild card.
That leaves us or the Yankees high and dry. I sure hope it's not us.
Hopefully Schilling will bring his A game tonight and we'll get back on track. Hopefully.