Thursday, August 25

Yeah Yeah, I'm a slacker

This is Marcus Vick. He's gonna lead my Hokies to the College Football Promise land. But that has nothing to do with the Red Sox.

This working hard all the time stuff takes some re-adjusting to. I used to do it, but life at LCT spoiled me!
So we won a few games and lost a few games since we last spoke. We won 2 against Chicago at home. We were losing the 3rd game but it got called because of rain. Then we went to Detroit where we lost 2 of 3. That's not cool.
Then it was off to play that team kinda called the Angels from LA. They're doing pretty well in the AL West. We split the series with them, wining 2 of 4. I was ok with that.
At the moment we are in residence at Kanasa City playing the not very good Royals. They are really not good and anything but sweeping the series is unacceptable to me. We won the first game 5-2. Timlin made in interesting the the ninth but managed to hang on for the win. I still think we have some serious bullpen issues that could end up causing some problems in the post season. But that's just my two cents.
Last night we lost 4-3. I was annoyed. We should have won the game, plain and simple. We left 13 MOB. That sucks donkey balls. We left the bases loaded three innings in a row and didn't score a single run out of the deal. We should have won the game.
We seem to have this problem. Every time the Spankees lose and give us a change to build on our lead we seem to waste the opportunity with a silly loss. The Spankess and all their evilness are still hanging around and that is making me nervous. We should be taking every chance we have to distance ourselves as far from them as we can. But we aren't.
I hate the Spnakees, they annoy me.
By the way, what is the deal with them being on ESPN like every week now? That is wack. Why aren't we on ESPN more. I sure do miss having extra innings. It was fun.
Schilling returns to the starting lineup tonight. I am a little nervous about it. I want to say that he is going to have some amazing performance but I am not so sure of that. I don't want to lose the series to the Royals, that's for sure.
Tomorrow nights game at Fenway has been moved back so the crew can have more time to work on the field after the Stones concert. I was wondering how the hell the field wasn't going to get trashed but putting a big ass heavy stage on top of it. That doesn't really seem like it was the smartest move.
I sure would like to build a bigger lead on the Spankees.


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