Wednesday, March 22

More on Bronson and Such

So as I sit here in another exciting theatrical tech rehearsal I have been thinking about this whole Bronson thing a lot. Jere brought up a great point that I had forgotten about. Cornrow Boy had gone against the wishes of his agent when he signed his last deal with the Sox. His agent felt like he was taking no where near enough $$ from the Sox. Bronson wanted to saty in Boston and ot go anywhere else so he took the deal to stay in Boston. He loved it there. It was like the exact opposite of what happened with Johnny Damon. Cornrow boy was rewarded with his loyalty to the Sox by getting taded to the rocking Reds of Cincy. What a deal. I feel sorry for the poor guy. I've never really understood how that makes athletes feel when they get traded like that. It must be quite a shocker sometimes. When us avergae joe's move we usually plan for a while and take everything into account. Athletes have a few days. Of course they make a lot more then the average smoe so that probablly helps.
So I'll miss Cornrow boy. With the over abundance of pitching something was going to happen. Maybe Papi could give himself cornrows as a tribute to Bronson!
Hopefully Willy Mo can hit the ball onto the interstate like Manny did last year.
There's a very interesting little thing on about all the parts of the 2004 team and how many are gone now. It is a bit on the depressing side actually. Hopefully this new group of players can put it all together and become a magical baseball team again. The most interesting thing is that at the end there is ap ole to vote on which member of that team you would want back the most. Cabrerra, Damon, Pedro, or Nomar. Cabrerra was leading the pack with Damon and Nomar bringing up the rear. I think that tells you a lot about how people feel about Damon right now. I can't wait until that first Yankees/Sox game at Fenway when they boo the living crap out of him.
Almost time for the regular season. Yeah..Hooray.


Anonymous said...

No blog on the pre-season loss to the Yankees? I thought at least a crack on Jorge's broken nose.

Anonymous said...

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