Thursday, May 25

Grrr Squared

Well I didn't get my wish. We ended up losing the game last night. And we lost the game because of missed opportunities...again. All time Mr Clutch was up in the eighth with the bases loaded and he struck out, struck out looking. I think that they had a chance to tie things up in the seventh as well but weren't able to seal the deal. If these two loses against the Yankee JV game come back to haunt us that would be bad. With the sweep we would have been up in the season series 6-1, instead it's 4-3. Schilling and Beckett are both doing well on a pretty consistent basis on the pitching front. Clement, Wake, and DiNardo/Wells aren't doing so hot. Wells returns to action tomorrow night.
It's got to be frustrating for the players to know they really should have won those games and didn't. It's a long season though so I'm sure they don't dwell on things for too long.
Looks like Cucko for Coco Puffs wil be back next week. Hopefully he'll get red hot in the process.
I am still working late so it's been far to long since I have watched a good baseball game. Maybe next week, oh wait, I'll be working late then too.
My stupid TIVO didn't record Lost last night. Very sad.
Up 2-0 on the Rays. 2 runs on 7 hits. Beckett looks good through 3.

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