Monday, May 1

Traitor Johnny comes to town

Well the second coming of Johnny is here. The traitor has returned.
He actually got a pretty cordial welcome from the fans at Fenway. He tipped his hat to the fans and then popped out to right. Good god does he look like a idiot with his new spikey haircut. What a wacko. When he got to the outfield there was lot's of heckling and the crowd chanted Traitor. I liked that.
It's cold in Boston tonight, I like that as well.
In really good news we have re-acquired Doug Mirabelli from San Diego. THANK GOD. He arrived at the ball park at like 7:00, got dressed in the car, and came out to the dugout at about 7:05. He waved to his buddies then went to warm up with Wake. Now that's cool. He was smiling like a drunk in a liquor store. He was very happy. Good for him. The funniest thing about it is the Yanks knew we were going after him so they put in an offer as well just to try and keep him away from us. Silly gooses.
We left the bases the first. We did manage to get one run and we lead 1-0 after 1 1/2. We didn't give up a bunch of runs in the first which is better then we have been doing lately.
I miss Boston.