Tuesday, May 30

Trouble on the mound

The boys had a nice weekend 4 game sweep of the D-Rays. Once again I didn't get to watch any of the games except for a crappy wireless connection wathing the gamecast. It was the D-Rays though. Schilling got his 200th win out of the deal which was nice. There was alot of leaving people on base during the whole thing though. We seem to have a little problem with that. Coco even made it back to play on Sunday. Willy Mo is on the DL for a while and it looks like Wells will return to that as well. He game back Friday after being on the DL for quite a while only to get beaned in the knee. He pitched a very solid game up to getting pegged. Bummer.
What seemed like a plethora of starting pitchers has now turned into a real problem. Wells is probably going to miss a few more starts. That leaves us searching for that 5th starter again. Lenny D is also hanging out on the DL. At the moment there is not starting pitcher for tomorrow nights game. Clement also took a ball in the ankle last week. He pitched again last night and got roughed up again. That makes two outing in a row that he has looked less then great. In fact he looked pretty crappy and looked like he has no confidence. It also looks like he might be heading to the DL as well. Oyy Vey. Even though Clement left us big time in the hole we were able to come back and almost get the win. Final score was 7-6.
Tonight was another hit for the pitching morale. Beckett got roughed up giving up a pile (5?) of homeruns. He didn't make it out of the 5th. We could still come back and win but at the moment we are down 7-2 with the game in the hands of the bullpen.
Ohh and Timlin is also on the DL, putting more weight on the shoulders of Dirty Sanchez.
So that leaves Schilling pitching pretty well and Wake pitching some good games and some bad games.
We got to plug the pitching problems. There was also a good story in the BG about how a large portion of our wins are against the D-Rays and the O's but not a lot of wins against big time teams.
Come on boys.