Saturday, May 20

I'm a slacker.

I've said it before and I'll say it again-winning is much more fun then losing

Sorry about the little break in the action. It's been a tough week at work.
So after we beat the crap out of the yankees we lost to them once and beat them once. I don't remember much more then that.
Randy Johnson is pretty much awful. The Yanks are having a tough go of things at the moment. The injury bug has bitten them badly. Matsui is out for a long time, Roids poster boy Shefield is on the DL, half there pitchers are hurt, Posada is hurt and so is Matsui's back up..bubba. Ohh well. I'm really sad for them.
After the Yanks we were supposed to play the Rangers. God apparently had other ideas. Out of the three games one kinda got played. That one was in the rain and only last 6 innings. We lost though. The other two were cancelled because New England turned into a lake.
Then it was off to Baltimore for a three game stint. I went to the game on Monday night. I have not been to ton's of baseball stadiums around the country but I have to say that Camden Yards really is a great place to watch a game. This is especially true when you get seats on the club level. There is great food everywhere, the seats are great, and if you are really feeling lazy you can even get waitress service. Even though I was in Baltimore I was surrounded by Sox fans and a huge group of Japanesee tourists. Beckett pitched a gem. He gave up 2 hits in seven innings and at one point retired like 13 in a row. The offense was kicking and we won 11-1 or something like that. Willy Mo went yard. Hooray for offense.
We won on Tuesday night although I slept through half the game. I sure am tired lately. We finally lost to the O's on Wednesday night. It was there first time beating us in 14 games or so. Ohh well.
Now we are doing that whole inter-league thing with a visit to Philly. We won last night 5-3 on a homer fest. Loretta hit a 2 run shot, Tek had a solo shot, and Papi had a 2 run shot to give us the win. Clement pitched solid which was nice to see. Foulke, Timlin, and Paperboy did the job for the pen.
Things are definitely looking up for the Sox. We are leading the Yanks by a game and a half. Our defense is the best in the majors which is really great. Loretta and Lowell were great pickups. Other then Dirty Sanchez and Willy "I like to hit people with baseballs" Tavarez our pitching staff is doing great. Willy Mo is coming around and I hear the equipment manger is doing hs best work ever. Let's hope we can keep it up!
The Yanks lost to the Mets last night in the bottom of the ninth and are losing right now. Mariano ain't doing much for em this year. Excuse me while I go cry big tears.

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