Friday, April 28


Not a good three days in Cleveland. Not at all.
Game 1 we came out with the W after some late inning heroics by Manny. His three run shot in the 7th or 8th ended up being the game winner. That bad part of that day was that Schilling threw something like 133 pitches and was not quite as sharp as had had been in the earlier part of the season. Final score was 8-6.
Wednesday night was another rough one for Wake. He is definitely off to a slow start this season. I'm sure it has something to do with the cold. The biggest blunder was a three run homer he gave up in the first inning. Mr Bard had some more trouble catching the ball and once again the offense didn't help him at all. I think every game that wake has lost this year we have only scored one or two runs. Bard's passed balls lead to a run or two. Final Score was 7-1.
Then there was last night. Double Ouch. Final Score 15-3. Basically nothing went right at all. Beckett gave up a grand slam in the first inning then two more home-runs before he was yanked in the 4th inning. We couldn't get any calls to go our way and had at least 2 errors. Then there is the fact that 6 of the runs were runners that got on base by walking. We gave up 9 walks total on the night. Not so good.
I think the last three days have really highlighted some problems. Our offense is very iffy. Of course Manny, Papi, Tek, and Nixon will provide but what about the rest of the gang? Willie Harris is batting below .100, Cora is around .150, and so is Gonzalez. There is not a lot of production in the bottom of the line up. Youk is doing a fine job as the lead off guy but we really need Coco back. Last year I used to think we could come back from any deficit, now we get down by three and I start worrying.
When our starting pitchers don't kick butt for 6 or 7 innings we get in trouble. Dirty Sanchez the bullpen man is useless and should be sent to single A. He sucks. Tavarez seems ok but not great. Foulke, Timlin, and Paperboy are holding there own but there is only so much they can do when the starting pitcher get's roughed up.
It's early so I'm sure things will turn around. I can see a lot of mid-season trading action this year.
the Yankees are creeping up on us.
Hopefully a weekend series at Tampa Bay will help us get our spirits up.
Can't wait to see what happens to Damon.

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