Tuesday, March 28

The Sox Take to the Ring

I would just like to say that I am very scared of the first Sox/Spankees series that Tavarez pitches in might be a scary one. I would like to go on the record with that right now.
So two days in a row the Sox got involved with bench clearing brawls. The first against the Phillies and the 2nd against the D-Rays. The Phillies one seemed like it might have actually been waranted. From what I read about Mr Tavarez and the punches that he threw that one seems like it might have been a little out of line. I can only imagine what might happen with him in a heated game in the Bronx. Oyyyy.
Graffanio is now back with the Royals. Another solid player who enjoyed his time in Boston bites the dust. Is there going to be anyone starting in the infield that was with the team last year?
We are still doing a lovley job of losing in the pre-season. Hopefully that tide will change.
A week from yesterday is opening day. Even better then that is a week from Saturday I am seeing the Sox in Baltimore (aka Fenway south). I got to get my Damon devil t-shirt from chowdaheadz before that.
On a random side note Dave Matthews has been my fave band since 1994. It was announced that they are going to play Fenway in July. Fortunately I am a memember of the little fan club that might help me to actually be able to get tickets to one night. Please pray for me. That would be a very cool 30th birthday.

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