Monday, May 8

Hooray for the Sweep!

Well after that Yankee fest I have been slacking a bit in blog land. Life has been crazy, but hey, what's new.
The 2nd game of the series with the Yankees got called because of rain. So now they will play a day night double header sometime in August.
the Jays came to town and we spilt a two game set with them. The first game was a big back and forth battle that ended in Paperboy giving up his first run of the season and getting his first loss of the season. Ohh well. We took game 2 off a solid performance by Clement.
Then the O's came to town for the weekend. Millar got a nice hand which is really great. Friday night was more good work from Schill and Papi sealed the deal with a bases loaded double. Hooray for winning. Saturday Wakefield finally got some help from the offense. 5 runs in the second inning pretty much sealed the deal and Wake finally got a win. Sunday was another route fest that began with Tek hitting a grand slam in the first. Final score was 10-3. The good thing to me about the whole weekend was that we put up 25 runs in three games. I like offense. Willy Mo is getting so good clutch hits as are Loretta and Lowell. Our defense continues to be very solid. Lenny Dinardo got his first win on Sunday. Good for him.
Now it's off to the Bronx for a three game series. The rotation got all turned around. Beckett is pitching tomorrow night, then Schilling and Wake on Thursday.
Another sweep would be just grand.

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