Monday, May 1

Stung by the Rays

So that was not a good weekend in the Trop. What a bizarre stadium by the way. Why do you have a dome in Florida?
We dropped 2 out of 3 to the Rays and dropped 7 out of 10 on the road trip all together.
Friday night tasted like vomit. We sucked. Clement looked very average. Of course there is the fact that the last time he played in the Trop he got beaned in the head. That could have something to do with it. Or maybe it was the fact that we left 14 people on base including twice with the bases loaded. Bleck. Let's move on.
Saturday we got the win with a nice come back in the ninth. I had turned the game off to watch a movie since the beginning of the game we looked just as crappy as we did Friday night. I guess that was good. I guess I should watch more movies when the Sox are playing crappy. When I turned the game back on we were winning. Good deal. We were helped a lot by there not so good bullpen. We actually tied the game on a walk. Tek got the winning run in for us. Winning is so much more fun then losing. But you can't have it all right?
Sunday afternoon was more dreck baseball for the Sox. Kazmir looked like a three time Cy young winner as he struck out Red Sox after Red Sox. I think he ended up with ten overall. Good for him. Schilling had a pretty going outing that went for nothing. He struck out nine on his own. Once again he got no help from the offense.
Then Tito pulled another head scratcher. In the 7th he replaced Schill with my favorite pitcher. That's right, he gave the Rays the old Dirty Sanchez. I was in my car listening to the XM at that point and I just started screaming. WHY TITO! WHY! With the windows down I got some funny looks. As predicted Seanez pitched like garbage and, you many want to sit down for this, he gave up some runs. He did strike out three but what counted was the one guy he walked and the other who hit the home run. He should be shipped to Single -AAA. He sucks. He's awful. He brings nothing good to the table. Grrrr.
We did manage to make it really close in the ninth and we really should have pulled ahead. We had the bases loaded with two outs. Ohh well.
Next post-The Yankees come to town.