Friday, April 7

Paperboy Delivers

Great game on Wednesday night with the Rangers. After Wake's sad pitching performance on Tuesday I was hoping to see some good stuff from Beckett. He sure did that. He gave up a run early but after that he was pretty dominating. I think the thing I liked the best was that he was showing a lot of emotions. There were several innings that he ended with a lot of fist pumping and screaming. That was good. Timlin was a little shakey but got through it. Manny helped make a nice play at home that saved the Rangers from tying the game. Paperboy came is as the closer and was solid as a rock. He struck out two (I think) and got the other one out on a fly ball. He looked very good as the closer. He also showed some nice emotional outbursts which I liked seeing.
The offense was provided by a 2-run HR by Trot.
The Rangers had some good pitching Tuesday and Wednesday. The 6-6 tall guy that was pitching on Wednesday did very well.
Manny has definitely not hit his stride yet. I think it's the hair and the goatee.
Two Side notes today: I got DMB tickets at Fenway. Hooray. I got the VIP package so we get a nice area with food and a bar. Should be fun. Looking forward to going back to Boston. It would be nice to see the Sox but you can't have everything.
I'm wearing my new Damon He Sold His Soul T-Shirt that I got from Chowdaheadz. Very nice.
Tomorrow it's off to Baltimore to see Schilling pitch against the Orioles. It's looking like a pretty crappy day weather wise but it will still be a fun day. I hope Miller gets some nice cheers.
The Yankees lost an error-filled game on Wednesday. Ohh darn.


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