Wednesday, May 10

A lovely stomping in the Bronx

Last night the Red Sox looked un-beatable and the Spankees looked like a last place team. It was a lot of fun.
The Big Unit didn't even last four inning and gave up 6ish runs. Can you tell that I am not as good at the details as some other folks are? I could go back and find all the right info on some web page somewhere but really I just like to give a vague summary. Anyway. Unit got rocked as did the rest of the pitching staff. Beckett started off slow but finished hot. He retired 11 in a row at one point. We got a lot of offense from all kinds of people. Gonzalez hit a 3 run shot that was a rocket. Loretta broke the game open. He was at 3-0 against the unit with Papi on deck. Everyone thought he would be watching the pitch go by for the chance to get Papi up. Instead of that he swung away and ripped a shot by fag rod that scored 2. Manny hit a monster shot in the 6 or the 7th and we added on some more runs in the 8th to really seal the deal. The Spankees had 3 errors on the night, they had the same number of runs. Fag-Rod had 2 and some new guy in right totally dropped a ball with two outs that led to 2 runs. Ha Ha Ha. Brokeback Jeter was striking out all over the place. Final score was 14-3, it was very nice.
I think it is so funny to watch Yankee stadium empty if the Spankees are losing. In the 6th it looked like half the fans had left. By the 7th that was up to 3/4 and I think the 8th and 9th were just the Red Sox fans. That is kinda of sad. I don't think you would ever see that at Fenway. Tells you how fair weather a lot of their fans are.
Tonight is Schilling vs Mussina. Something tells me we won't see as many runs as we did last night.
Next time I'll look back at my trip to Yankee Stadium last night which was truly awful.


Michael Leggett said...

I once remembered how quickly the "Bleacher Creatures" evacuated the Stadium to all the bars, behind the bleachers, around the 6th inning, or after their "Tortured Souls" rendition of "YMCA", consisting of Lyrics which could one day lead to DFyankees being sued for character defamation & worse.

Almost Empty-no one stayed for "God Bless America", the only civilizing quality in that "Toilet."

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