Tuesday, February 21

Spring is here

Could this starting rotation be the key to the season?

So maybe I was a little bitter back in December about the whole Damon thing. I think it was angst that was legit. Damon has definitely dropped in my mind.
The biggest thing that happened while I was in blogging hiatus was the good old Theo has returned to the team. With the exception of a few individuals within the organization I don't think we'll ever really know what happened with that whole thing. I'm just glad he's back because we were making a real mess of things with the whole Tag Team GM deal. Hopefully he has put his gorilla suit away for a while.
To replace Mr Traitor we picked up Coco Crisp. I remember when I was playing the Indians on the X-box last year I always had a good time making fun of his name. Know I'm happy he's here, although I am still not high on having the same name as a chocolate cereal. I saw some comparison stats of him and Traitor a while back and he was actually a little better then Johnny in a lot of ways. I can see him and Manny having a good old time.
Speaking of Manny, he is still with the team but hasn't reported to camp yet. He is working hard and getting in shape for the season? Shouldn't he have done that in January. Ohh well. As long as he does come back and hit the ball all over the place and do funny things with Coco and Pappi I'm happy.
It will be a new look team this year, that's for sure. Youk at first, Grafanino at second, someone new at short and third, Nixon, Manny, and Coco in the outfield and good old Tek behind the plate.
I think we're gonna have a pretty rocking starting rotation too. Schilling is looking like he is in shape and ready to kick some ass. Cornrow boy is back to kick some but and so is Clement. I'm sure that Mr Wells will do a fine job. Wakefield is Wakefield and his knuckle floater will continue to keep people guessing. With the addition of Beckett that gives us 6 quality pitchers by my count. You also got Paperboy in there too so that makes 7. Sounds like someone is going to end up in the bullpen. Sounds like we will do all right for pitching though.
Foulke is back and seems to be better. He is still biter though. He's salty.
Then there's some other folks floating around.
After the whole Damon thing I didn't have a lot of hope for this season but now I am feeling pretty good about it. I think we got a good chance. The yankees have offense of course with there team made of all stars but do they have the pitching to match it.
I'd like to win it all. Hopefully Theo and the gang feel the same too.
I'm much busier at work these days but hopefully I'll have a chance to keep up with this at a decent pace like I did in the beginning last year. I've got tickets to two series in Baltimore which should be fun. I also look forward to going to see the Nats and the Yankees and heckling the crap out of Damon.


Anonymous said...

Could it be that the big-wigs in the front office didn't want Theo-The Golden Boy to turn to coal when dealing with Milar, Miller and Damon? Or perhaps it was Theo who knew full well what was coming down the pike in the off-season and still wanted to be able to get a beer in the city of Boston.
Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

hope you are happy- although it's not his leg but his crappy throwing arm again!

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