Wednesday, April 19

Stern Saves the Day

A Fine Snow Cone Catch Saves The Day

Thank god for Rule 5 guy Adam Stern. Total side note-What the hell is a rule 5 player anyway? What a weird concept that seems like.
Anyway I did not get to see last nights game because our stupid cable was out. Thanks a lot to the top notch work by the cox cable guy who unplugged my cable while putting some one else's in. As Jere would say..Terrible Job.
From what I can tell the opener with the Rays was a back and forth game. They would take the lead and then we would come right back. Youk put us up for good in the 8th but then Paperboy had his first tough outing of the year. He loaded the bases off one hit and two walks. Then there was a line drive to center that Mr Stern took a chance on and he made this great catch that is shown above. Defense is definitely something that we seem to be doing better with this year.
Mr Schilling is in the process of getting another win tonight as the Sox are taking care of the D-Rays at the moment 9-1. The D-rays have 4 errors. Oucch.


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