Monday, April 24

A week from tonight

One week from tonight our old friend Johnny Damon returns to Fenway in what I'm sure will be a fun evening for him. I'm actually curious how he is going to be treated. I'm pretty sure he is going to get booed beyond all belief but part of me thinks it might be a mixed bag. Some booing and some cheering. Who knows. If I was there I would definitely be booing.
We lost the last game of the series with the D-Rays.
We lost two out of three to Toronto who seems to be our nemesis this year. We were up 6-2 on Friday but the pen blew the lead. With 2 outs in the 11th Tito pulled Foulke for Dirty-Sanchez guy which I knew meant we were going to lose. That guy ain't done jack for us all year. He sucks. Send him to single A.
Following the long game on Friday night no one showed up for the Saturday afternoon game. Lenny D got rocked in the first inning and we only managed to get one run in. Bahh. If only we still had Bronson.
We got the W on Sunday with a nice pitching outing by Clement, Foulke, Timlin, and Paperboy. Speaking of Paperboy he made some silly bet with someone and now has the Mohawk that Ricky Vaughn had in Major league. It's pretty damn silly. Papi had a 2 run HR as well as his first ever bunt for a base hit. It's pretty smart really when you think about the big ass shift everyone is always putting on him.
Now it's off to Cleveland for what is sure to be a tough series. They are playing well at the moment.