Tuesday, May 23

More Winning

Winning is so much fun.
Saturday we had our way with the Phillies once again. The coolest thing about it all is that Mr Beckett pitched a hell of a game AND hit a homerun. I love it when pitchers hit a homer, it's just so out of place. That's got to make the other pitcher feel really odd. The offense is getting spread all around these days. Beckett with him homer and another RBI, Trot had a key RBI, and Gonzalez hit a two run shot.
Sunday was Lenny D pitching, I had my money on a loss and I was right. He is not so good. He didn't make it through 4 innings. Abe "I look very goofy" Alvarez, Dirty Sanchez, and Tavarez didn't really help. I continue to ask, what is the point of Dirty Sanchez and Tavarez?
Last night we played to Yankess, or at least the team calming to be the Yankees. I had a late meeting so I was listening to the game on the way home (god I love XM). They kept saying people's names that came up to bat and I was like who???? I ain't complaining about that though. They are a very injury riddled team at the moment. We really have to take advantage of that and build up as many games of seperation as we can. You know it won't be long until they go out and bring in someone else for a nice pile of money. So last night we kicked to crap out of the Spankee's. Hooray for us. The final score made the game look a lot closer then it really was. Papi and Manny both had 3 RBI's to aid in the scoring affair. The hitting was spread all around, lot's of people got key hits. Schilling had a very nice evening. I like him much better this year. Foulke came in and tried to give the Yankess the game like the Mets did last Saturday. It was 9-1 in the ninth until Foulke gave up 4 runs just like that. He was able to get out of it eventually.
Tonight Wake takes the mound as we look to build on our 2.5 game lead. The only time that lead will ever be big enough is when we are up by 15 games with 16 to go.
I laugh at the Yanks and there current problems. Ha Ha.
Well except for Hedeki. I feel bad for him. He actually wrote a letter apologizing for getting hurt.
Speaking of getting hurt how about that whole Barbero deal? I think it's pretty cool how he seems to be doing a couple days after he almost got sent to horse heaven.
Hooray for him.
I really don't get to watch any of this Yankee beating, I mean series because of work. Silly Theater.

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