Wednesday, May 4

Texas Series and Part of the Detroit Series

I had to spend a day at home with the cat and then I went to Virginia for a while. So I missed a few games in the old diary.

BOSTON 2 (11-11)

TEXAS 7 (12-12)

No offense=No win. Three hits for the game, not good. Wakefield did not look so hot either. .500 ball club, bummer.

BOSTON 9 (12-11)

TEXAS 2 (12-13)

Look MA, offense. 3 HR’s in the game including back to back by Damon and Nixon. Winning is much more fun then losing. Arroyo looked good again. Was able to catch pieces of this game. I like offense.

BOSTON 6 (13-11)

TEXAS 5 (12-14)

We won 2 in a row! Although Foulke tried his hardest to give this one away in the ninth we still managed to pull it out. Double digit hits for the second night in a row and Clement gets the win.

BOSTON 3 (13-12)

DETROIT 8 (12-12)

We left 13 men on base in this one, yes that’s right 13. We were something like 2 for a zillion with runners in scoring position. No good, no good at all. Jermi Gonzalez came up from Pawtucket to fill a hole in our pitching rotation and did pretty well. It was tied at 3 when he left the game. Then the bullpen had another fantastic evening and we lost again. I guess we don’t want to stray to far away from the .500 mark, that might scare too many folks. This is a game we should have definitely won and did not. Left way too many men on base, way to many. The crowds at Detroit suck. This was the smallest crowd to see the Sox play all season.

BOSTON 5 (14-12)

DETROIT (12-13)

Last night we were able to convert with the bases loaded, something we lacked the night before. Doug Mirrabelli was DH’ing and he hit a nice grand slam in the 5th. That pretty much put the game out of reach. John Halama got his first start for the Sox and did his job. Timlin did great coming out of the bullpen which was very nice. This one looked like it was going to be a blow out as we came out swinging in the first inning but we only managed to get one run. Their pitcher was actually able to pitch out of quite a few jams. Foulke came in and gave up a HR to his first batter but was able to settle down after that and get the save. Renteria had the two errors for the Sox, both of which were just botched plays. It was a good win.

In other league news the O’s and the Jays are beating each other up this week. The O’s had won 7 in a row coming into the series but dropped the first two. They are the two teams that are ahead of us in the division. The Yankees continue to look like piles of shit as they got pummeled by the D-Rays last night. They gave up 6 runs in the first inning. Ha Ha. To make it even better I guess this weekend was supposed to be free hat day but someone stole most of their hats, like 50,000 of them. Ha ha. I just wish that we could win some more of the games that we should be winning and build more of a lead on them. With the Yankees no lead in the division is safe. I’m sure they will come around at some point.

Two more games with Detroit, then back to Fenway. GO RED SOX!!!

On a side note I had a very nice trip back to VA. I always forget how pretty it is down there and I miss seeing that every day. I gotta get out of NYC