Friday, May 27

Hate to Say I Told You So But.......

BOSTON 1 (25-21) LOST 3
TORONTO 8 (26-21)
I think if you look back a few posts when the Yankess where sucking the big one you will see that I was talking about how I wish the Sox were winning more games and building a bigger lead on the damn Yankees. Now it's few week later. The Yankees can't seem to lose and the Sox have a pretty hard time winning. After hanging out in second place for almost the whole season we are no in 4th place with only the damn Devil Rays behind us. What the hell is going on?
Last nights game was yet another pitching stinker. Wade Miller got rocked for 6 runs in the first inning and only lasted until the Second. When your down 6-0 after the bottom of the first it is hard to come back. We had little to no offense and the game was never in doubt for the Jays. The only time we threatened was when we loaded the bases in the 6th with one out. Take a wild guess what happened next? You guessed it, Payton hit into a double play. Rally/Game Over.
We got swept in Toronto.
We are in fourth place for the first time at this point in the season since 1997.
Schilling sounds like he won't be back until after the All Star Break.
Foulke is making mysterious trips to Alabama that may or may not involve having his shoulder looked at.
Manny is cold.
The pitching that was serving us so well a week ago has fallen apart.
The boys just look lethargic and crappy. There doesn't really seem to be much of a spark.
To top it all off we are headed into a three game series with the RED HOT Yankees in the Bronx. To say my hopes aren't high for the weekend would be an understatement.
Wakefield takes the mound for us tonight. He usually has his best stuff against the Yankees but he has definitely not looked all that hot in his recent days. We'll see.
We need some good wins, that's for sure. The media in Boston is definitely circling.
After a three week stint in the Bronx we go home to face the league leading Orioles for 4 game set.
If we aren't careful a week from now we could easily be ten games back from the Orioles and 4 games behind the Yankees. Of course if things go well we could be back in second place and nipping at the O's heals. Only time will tell. The road has not been good to us at all this year so getting back to Fenway will be a very good thing.
I am getting a little nervous. Have I metioned how stressful this whole following the whole season is?
I would like to post a picture but I can't seem to make this Hello thing work. Bummer.
God I hope the Red Sox can get it together for this weekend.