Tuesday, May 17

The West Coast is Far Away

This whole following the Red Sox on a daily basis could get VERY VERY frustrating. You only need to read the first line of that last entry then see the box scores I am about to put in. Dammit all. This has not been a good start to this west coast trip at all. When we started the series against the Mariners they had lost something like 8 in a row and the same with the A’s. We managed to fix that for them.

BOSTON 7 (21-14) LOST 1

SEATTLE 14 (14-21)

The boys got there first major ass kicking of the year on this Friday night event. The young inexperienced pitching staff came back and bit us in the ass. Gonzalez, Halama, and Meredith all got rocked. We lost by a touchdown. Losing by a touchdown in baseball is not good. Not good at all.

BOSTON 6 (22-14) WON 1

SEATTLE 3 (14-22)

God Bless Trot Nixon, God Bless him. With the sox down 3-1 in the 7th the bases were loaded. Manny came up and struck out. Two outs, bases loaded and here comes Trot Nixon. One Grand Slam latter and the boys are on top and manage to hang on for the win. Foulke even came on and got the save. These late night games really suck. I managed to watch most of this game online while playing poker. I like the fact that Trot also wears one dirty ass hat, just like me! He never cleans that thing. I remember last year in the World Series when everyone else was wearing there shiny new hats with the World Series patches and he had the patch sewn on to his dirty ass hat. It was funny. He also has the most pine tar on his helmet, well maybe he is tied with Manny for that one. Renteria continues to be one big ass disappointment. SI listed him as one of the free agent duds of the last offseason.

BOSTON 4 (22-15) LOST 1

SEATTLE 5 (15-22)

And we lose again. I thought for sure we would sweep this series or at least win in 2-1 but instead we lost the series. God Dammit. It was a history making day as Manny hit his 400th homer with a three run shot in the 5th. But that was the only real highlight of the day. The boys once again had chances to get the win but just couldn’t come through. Wakefield had a pretty mediocre day. He seems to struggle with the Mariners. I tried to watch part of the game because it was a nice Sunday afternoon tilt. The problem was the Seattle TV guys were the most boring I have ever heard. There would be these long moments of just silence. Then they would say a few words follwed by more silence. It was very boring and very conducive to a nice nap. This F’ed up west coast trip has made it hard for me to watch a game all the way through. I don’t like it when the sox lose. I am a much bigger fan of winning.

BOSTON 4 (22-16) LOST 2

OAKLAND 6 (15-23)

The flipping A’s, we lost to the flippin A’s. Not only did we lose to the A’s but we left 13 MEN ON BASE. Included in that was having the bases loaded with NO outs in the 4th inning. Bellhorn stuck out, Damon struck out. And Edgar “I really suck balls” Renteria hit a harmless pop fly to center. At that point we had a two run lead but I turned to the game off because I could just tell that it was going to be one of those nights where we don’t convert on our chances. Low and behold that’s what happened. Ortiz managed to tie the game up in the 7th only to have the bullpen blow it. One of the sad parts of the game was the winning single was by a guy who was called up from the minors on Saturday. Argggggghhhhhhh. I really don’t understand why we have Mike Myers in the bullpen. I feel like that is a position that could be better used. He is a left handed side arm pitcher who really only pitches against left handed batters. Last night he faced two batters which is the most I have seen him face all year. Usually he comes in for just one batter. I really don’t get that. Don’t get it at all. It really irks me when he comes in to face two batters and gives up two hits. No good.

So we swept the A’s at home and they had lost 8 in a row and they beat us. Not only did they beat us but they beat us in a game we should have won.

Don’t look now but the crappy ass Yankees are on a tear and have won 9 in a row. They are winning the games they should be winning and we aren’t. We should have won Sunday afternoon and last night and we lost both. That sucks.

We are still hanging out in second place and losing ground to the O’s and the Yankees are creeping up. Look at our road record, that sucks. It doesn’t suck as bad as the D-Rays though!

Word on the street in that Wells might come back and pitch on Wednesday. Here’s to hoping.