Tuesday, May 10

Seattle and Oakland come to Fenway

Missed a few games cause it was the weekend. Yesterday I should have updated but I was so focused on going to the DMB concert that I just forgot. Got to see DMB at Roseland, which was very very cool. It rocked. They released a new album today which is very neat. It is different then there old stuff and I like it. It is all new which is another plus.

So here’s what’s going on in Red Sox land.

SEATTLE 2 (12-17)

BOSTON 7 (17-12) WON 4

Another win, the fourth one on a row! Didn’t get to see this game as I was on a little journey to DC. Big Pappi had a another big night and Matt Clement got the win. I like this winning stuff, it is great.

The Yankees blew it again tonight. They were in the 10th when Tino Martinez had two errors in the same play giving Oakland the lead.

Saturday’s game was rained out so Sunday was a double header.

SEATTLE 3 (12-18)

BOSTON 6 (18-12) WON 5

Another day another win. The wind was blowing something fierce at Fenway today and there were three different shots that would have been homerun’s on any other day but that got batted down by the wind. Gonzalez had another solid outing for the Sox. These guys filling in while Schilling and Wells are gone are doing a great job.

SEATTLE 6 (13-18)

BOSTON 4 (18-13) LOST 1

We lost the second part of the double header. Wade Miller made his debut as a Red Sox and pitched pretty well. He got hosed when he was replaced by a rookie name Meredith Clae who loaded the bases on walks then gave up a grand slam. It was a very nasty day at Fenway. The grand slam got blown around like crazy in the wind and it kept the ball in play. These things happen.

OAKLAND 5 (14-18)

BOSTON 13 (19-13) WON 1

Well the first game in the series with the A’s was another win for the Sox. They got A LOT of help from the A’s as nine of the runs were unearned. The A’s had a lot of errors. Wakefield got another win. Manny got beaned in the head in the first inning and had to leave the game. He got hit by a pitch on Sunday too. Poor guy. Thankfully he had his big ass nappy dreads to pad the blow from the ball last night.

The Sox have looked pretty good the last week. We are six games over .500 which is nice. The pitching has gotten better and we are definitely not having any problems hitting the ball. We should be able to keep the winning up. After this series with the A’s we go out west to play the Mariners again and then Oakland again. Hopefully we can keep winning these series and maybe even sweep one or two. Those games out west are going to drive me crazy because they will be so late.


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